Thursday, May 18, 2023

Why Republicans Lose All the Time

Why Republicans Lose All the Time


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You can have all the facts on your side and still lose an argument. How? Because the other side is not bound by facts, they’re arguing emotion, and emotion always overrides facts. It sounds stupid, it is stupid, but it’s also true. Think about the things you’ve apologized for in your life – I’d give you odds it was for things you said in the heat of the moment, not after thinking about the situation in a cool, rational way. That emotion factor is a big part of why Republicans always seem to get rolled when it comes to policy debates, but it’s not the only reason.

When your opponent isn’t bound by any sense of decency or reality, defeating them in debate is like boxing a cloud. That’s what Democrats are – a cloud – big and empty. But all too often Republicans feed them, arm them, seemingly do things someone interested in winning would never do simply because they want to be liked.

Congressman James Comer, who this week laid out a damning case of corruption and influence peddling against the entire Biden family, for reasons unknown, decided to toss in a “this is a bipartisan problem” at the end of his presentation. He threw in, “It is not ethical. And this is why we need legislative solutions. Our purpose here is to provide legislative solutions to prevent this unethical behavior from ever happening again.”

No, the purpose should be to weed out the corrupt and, whenever possible, remove them from office and prosecute them. More laws won’t prevent people inclined to break laws from breaking laws, only consequences will. Has Chairman Comer not been paying attention to cities with progressive prosecutors?

When you change the focus of an investigation from exposing the corruption of certain people to “everyone does it, so we have to make it harder to do it in the future” you lose your audience, and Republicans already have a hard enough time gathering an audience. 

Otherwise unemployed and unemployable members of the Biden family were paid millions upon millions of dollars by foreign entities (companies and governments) for reasons no one has even bothered to try to explain, that should be Comer’s only focus for every word that comes out of his mouth. All three nightly newscasts, which reach more than 20 million people collectively, did not mention the story at all. Neither did the Washington Post. The New York Times, amazingly, looked at a situation where at least 20 different shell companies were set up to hide those payments and headlined their story, “House Republican Report Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by President Biden.” 

It shouldn’t have been, but it was a little unbelievable, even for the Times. What they think people who run no company that provides any good or service to anyone could do for foreign nationals that is worth $10 million is a question that remains not only unanswered, but also unasked. That’s a problem for Republicans.

The situation on the southern border is just as bad. Millions of illegal aliens have been welcomed into the country already, with millions more set to invade in the next few weeks, and this administration is lying about it. 

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is lying when he tells interviewers that illegals will be “removed” if they do not have a legitimate asylum claim. They will be released into the US and given a court date, years from now, that they’ll never show up to because why would they? No interviewer even pressed him on it, leaving viewers to believe the lie that illegals will be immediately deported. 

What can you really expect from a media that has swallowed every left-wing talking point offered up on the subject? Even “conservative” television outlets use the term “migrant crisis” rather than the accurate “illegal aliens.” Migrants migrate, they flow with work – in for planting, then out, then back in for the harvest, etc. – the invaders aren’t going anywhere, they have no intention of “migrating” away from their destination. 

You can’t win a debate when you can’t even define its terms.

Republicans lose because Republicans refuse to fight. They – the party and candidates – should be on the air right now with 30 second spots designed to educate the public, giving them “What the Democrats don’t want you to know” ads that inform the public and shame journalists. The second part may be impossible but it will serve a purpose, and the first point is not. 

Someone has to inform the public of what Democrats are doing, be it at the border, in corruption, in health care, in advocating for the mutilation and sterilization of kids, and it sure as hell isn’t going to be their cheerleaders in journalism. It falls to Republicans, or conservatives (to be more specific). Unless losing is the plan. Because that seems to be what they’re all working toward right now.

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