Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Don's Tuesday Column

               THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson    Red Bluff Daily News   5/16/2023

England made America; Trump rules

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A tongue-in-cheek summary of King Charley’s coronation: A man wearing a hat sat on a chair. Americans: What was that all about? Or, in Brit-cop speak: What’s all this, then?

America wouldn’t exist, via the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, without English history, British subjects’ demands for rights, and rigid class-based restrictions.

Documents, like the Magna Carta (signed under duress), said that the king and his government were subject to, and not above, the law. Let that sink in, as some 808 years later, our political ruling elites (ahem, Joe Biden and his administration) put themselves above the law in ways too numerous for this column.

A plurality of “Colonists” was grievously offended that, as British subjects, they were deprived of rights under British law that they could demand were they on English soil. Many were satisfied as British “subjects.”

Shedding British shackles included the understandable rejection of the yoke of class restrictions inherent in England itself; that can be traced to the Norman invasion by William the Conqueror in 1066. The Normans were French; England was an Anglo-Saxon land of kings, tribes and fiefdoms.

The English were thus subjugated by, and subservient to, French-speaking rulers maintaining their superiority through intermarriage and rigid, society-wide privilege. For 200 years, French was the language of the ruling class; to this day, while English has centuries of common usage, one’s accent conveys class distinctions. Around 25 percent of British people can still trace their lineage and ancestry to the French Norman rulers—the House of Windsor and King Charles, for example.

Colonists’ revolutionary fervor, against British class-based strictures, inspired the most intellectually gifted among them to declare God-given rights to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” (unattainable as “subjects” of kings, queens and ruling classes).

They then built on the Declaration by “constituting” America’s government so as to forestall, but unfortunately not prohibit, the reemergence of rule by powerful “factions,” or single-minded groups using devious means to overrule the (brilliantly) distributed powers of government by “the people.”

Emerging movements destructive to representative democracy have wormed their way into our governance. Factions of: race, open borders, climate, liberty-nullifying health mandates, abortion-until-birth, “transgender-ism” (read sex-change, child-mutilation), rule by the bureaucratic deep-state, fanatical public-school unions, gun confiscation—they all seek an “end run” around the people’s voted representatives. Reject the propaganda of those factions; reassert consensus-inspired legislation, and government “of, by, for the people.”


Republican James Comer, House Oversight Committee, outlined all the proof needed for objective Americans and impartial “press” (don’t laugh) to conclude that the Biden Crime Syndicate is a real thing. They “hoovered” up tens of millions of dollars, distributed it to extended family and associates, and—in all but direct, documented quid-pro-quo agreements with the payor nations—effected the largest “pay to play” corruption scandal in American history. Peons needn’t bother their little heads.

America’s corporate news reaction: One big yawn, or “look, George Santos squirrel,” or Trump-the-rapist, -liar, -insurrectionist, -destroyer-of-democracy. Furthering partisan outrage, New York’s Democrats conspired with Jean Carroll to temporarily cancel the “statute of limitations,” where someone must bring a civil complaint in a timely manner lest witnesses, memories, and evidence becomes unreliable.

Regarding Ms. Carroll’s accusations that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in the 1990s somewhere in a big department store, a Manhattan jury of Trump haters determined he didn’t rape the woman (her assertion) but did “something” unproveable. However, he “defamed” her when he denied raping her which wasn’t proven anyway. Whack jobs, cretins, and liars got their headline but no “conviction” for anything. Hysteria rules the media.


They now admit it’s a massive border “crisis.” Only fools ignore the evident design, thinly-veiled intention, the “feature” and “benefit” to the ruling class of having 10 to 15 million potential fraudulent votes in time for the 2024 election. Millions will be grateful for welfare, subsidies, and health care from “Uncle Joe.”


Readers must know that this column contains my words, and my choice of quotes. In two columns, words were added that I never wrote. In the April 11 column, I wrote “Ms. Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, denied in writing ever having an affair with Trump in 2018.” Added was “(However, she has since claimed that was a lie.)” Maybe she did so claim, but it’s irrelevant since she lied either then, later, or always regarding Trump. Her written denial stands as a factual document, as does my statement, needing no context.

Last Tuesday, I wrote, “Mike Morell, with Anthony Blinken, orchestrated the dirtiest trick in American political and electoral history; it helped steal the election.” The words “although Blinken denies it” were added, again in an irrelevant correction, since Morell and Blinken are documented in emails organizing to get signatories to dispute the “Hunter laptop” authenticity, which prompted the media blackout, which measurably boosted Biden’s vote and his win. That’s “The way I see it.”

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