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A Thanksgiving Buffet of Bad News for Biden

A Thanksgiving Buffet of Bad News for Biden

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Thanksgiving is traditionally a time when family and friends gather across the country to enjoy a hearty turkey meal, celebrate one’s blessings, and, yes, discuss politics, mainly when the annual gathering takes place 12 months before a presidential election. This year was especially the case, coming the same week as the incumbent president faced a double-drumstick of bad news, notching a new low in his approval rating and turning a staggering 81 years of age, a record for his position.

With Biden’s reputation gone to the birds, political discussions in many homes at this year’s feast likely revolved around many front-of-mind concerns revealed in recent polling, such as inflation, crime, the border, and wars in Ukraine and Gaza. Yet, like a single item on the Thanksgiving menu, none of these issues explain Biden’s plunge in the polls as he approaches his fourth year in office.

Like a four-course Thanksgiving feast, understanding Biden’s unpopularity requires the whole picture, namely viewing his record through four distinct servings of issues that are borne out in recent polling. To talk business, in the eyes of many Americans, Joe Biden fills the plate – he had proved one the most incompetent, corrupt, divisive, and mentally unfit presidents in history.

First, Americans see him as incompetent. Bidenomics has fallen flat, as 78% of Americans have a negative view of the economy, and a total 47% rate the country’s financial picture as “poor,” a 19-point jump on the president’s watch. Inflation, in particular, worries the country more than any other issue, with 89% of registered voters saying they are “very” or “extremely” concerned about the rise in prices. 

Other issues top of mind for voters this fall include higher crime rates (82%), Hamas’s war on Israel (74%), Islamic terrorism (73%), gun laws (72%), and border security (69%). By double-digit margins, voters consider Republicans better qualified to handle the economy and these other issues than Biden’s party. This doesn’t even touch on Biden’s weak and woke military that has damaged recruiting and national security on his watch.

Second, to use the tired liberal phrase, the walls are closing in on the Biden family corruption. More than two thirds of the country says Biden “has acted illegally or unethically in his son [Hunter]’s business dealings,” with a majority of those saying the president broke the law. Sixty percent of Americans say the president lied when he declared repeatedly that he had no knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings and instead say he actually “helped and participated” in them. The Biden shakedowns are clearly coming home to roost.

Third, Americans have had enough of Biden dividin’ the country. Sixty percent say Biden pulled the country apart when he declared in a marquee Philadelphia speech one year ago that “equality and democracy are under assault” and that Republicans “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” forcing active duty Marines to flank him while serving up that plate of stuffing, no less. And this doesn’t take into account Biden’s calling 74 million Trump voters “semi-fascis[ts],” and weaponizing the Justice Department against his chief political opponent by telling his “inner circle” he wanted the former president “prosecuted” over January 6.

Last, Americans see Biden as mentally unfit for the job. The stumbles, the bumbles, the slurred speech, and Biden’s using the kiddie steps up to Air Force One – it’s all taken a toll on how Americans feel about the man with his finger on the nuclear trigger. More than half the country says Biden “no longer has the competence to carry out the job of president,” and 64% of Americans are “concerned or very concerned” about his “health and mental acuity.” 

Democrat leader David's summary earlier this month takes the cake on Biden’s literal state of mind: “In front of the camera, what [Biden’s] projecting is causing people concerns, and that is worrisome.”

As always, Americans at Thanksgiving this year have much to celebrate, but with such a buffet of bad news regarding their chief executive, it’s no surprise few are gobbling up the idea of returning for seconds on what Biden’s serving.

 Mr. Ullyot is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and former deputy assistant to President Trump.

David Limbaugh identifies the issue on which left floods us with the most 'useful idiots'

David Limbaugh identifies the issue on which left floods us with the most 'useful idiots'

AP Photo/Alastair Grant, File

On no issue does the left flood us with more "useful idiots" than "climate change," tweets David Limbaugh.

There are too many who carry forward causes engineered by the left without an understanding of the insanity and illogic they represent. These causes are peddled through panic-mongering messaging. Phrases like "act now" and "before it's too late" and "we can't afford" are often used to push them, and there is often a guilt-tag included in the sales process for not joining in the effort.

Climate change is, as indicated by Limbaugh's tweet, the issue that has perhaps been most used by Democrats to advance their agenda. Trillions of dollars in spending and piles of regulations have been pushed under the guise of stopping climate change. It is an oversimplification to ascribe a globalist motive to all who carry forward the banner of climate change. But those who do are either pushers of such a conspiracy or too low on information to reason.

Trump 'The Nominee' Before March 2024

Trump 'The Nominee' Before March 2024


AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been a bit out of my normal rhythm. I spent some time away celebrating a significant milestone, only to return last week to an abundance of work crammed into the shortened week before the holiday weekend.

However, something on social media caught my eye, and it reminded me that we’ve arrived. 

The primary season is here. 

You know that people are touting for their preferred candidates from all the endorsements. And since I have a microphone, a TV camera, and a keyboard, all the candidates have wanted me to know why they think they are left standing.

Nikki Haley’s team has mastered the art of texting me 78 times per day. Ron DeSantis zero texts, but quickly proffers current office holders and former Trump supporters’ endorsements as soon as they happen. Ramaswamy’s strategy to be the Trumpiest non-Trump in the race has sort of fallen apart (and his numbers reflect it.) And the disgraceful former Governor of New Jersey is still banking on down-splaining to the base why they’re wrong, and he’s right is going about as well as you’d think it would. 

The silliest part of it is that none of it matters because none of them will be the nominee and likely won’t even be on the ticket, in the cabinet, or even on the shortlist.

The media really tried hard to make their candidacies “a thing.” Radio and Television networks did contests to give away seats at the debates—the lowest watched in modern history.

Basically, everyone who wished it has tried everything they could wish for, and the result has had one outcome: Donald Trump has a bigger lead.

A TV network programming director asked me this week to rank the top ten news stories of the year, and then he asked me if I felt the POTUS debates were among them. 

I resolutely shot back, “nope.” 

“Unless you consider the fact that the man who won them all never participated.” 

And the truth is—everyone knows it.

This weekend, President Trump was invited to step onto the football field in South Carolina, and the place went nuts. An Instagrammer posting about it simply labeled their footage “SC loves Trump.”

But Trump had a similar moment in Iowa in New Hampshire, and he gobsmacked the DeSantis team with his reception in Florida.

So here’s how this is going to go.

Trump will win the Iowa caucuses on 1/15. This will likely dismantle the “Ron DeSantis as Ted Cruz” narrative for this cycle. 

On 1/23, President Trump will win New Hampshire. This will mercifully put down the Chris Christie “campaign.” But with two wins in a row, it will put pressure on Haley and DeSantis. Look for one (DeSantis) to endorse the other (Haley.) The thinking here is that South Carolina is where Trump can be stopped. 

But they forgot about 2/3 where Trump will win Nevada. Then, on 2/24, Trump will score a smashing win in South Carolina — a couple of weeks before Super Tuesday.

If Trump goes 4-0 out of the gate—and every bit of data I can find seems to point to it- then he is the nominee for all practical purposes. 

This is a good thing—for a few reasons.

The Democrats have really messed up their primary schedule, where they would benefit from the media interest in holding their primaries on the same days as the Republicans they have chosen because of internal bickering not to do so. This only aids Biden as challengers have no larger scrum to draw attention from.

They also have the low energy, low performing, least liked incumbent in the modern era.

When the field is cleared the Republicans can systematically begin laying out the general campaign narrative and driving it home. Define the economy, define the national security threats, and define the migration crises that the voters already intuitively feel.

Basically, the battle to win the middle gets a jump start for the man who can already claim with credibility that he fixed it once—now “give him a chance to fix it for good.”

Yes, by Super Tuesday, it won’t matter what the Steve’s (Deace & Cortes), Jenna Ellis, Congressional reps, or even the Governor of Iowa have to say. 

Trump will be the nominee quickly.

That’s good because that’s when the real work is just beginning.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Wow, the Democrats’ Backup Plan for Joe Biden in 2024 Really Sucks

Wow, the Democrats’ Backup Plan for Joe Biden in 2024 Really Sucks

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The polls show that Joe Biden is in trouble. He’s losing key Democrat constituencies, and he’s losing in national polls and battleground state polls. According to Team Biden, everything is fine. Other incumbents have shown weakness in the polls a year from the election and have gone on to be reelected, they say. But Democrat insiders are getting nervous, and, let’s face it, he’s not getting any younger. 

Biden would be 81 years old on Election Day 2024. He’s already the oldest man to serve as president, and his mental health is already in doubt. Before taking office, there was ample evidence that Biden was suffering from cognitive decline. Past presidents have shown to age more rapidly during their tenure due to the high-pressure nature of the presidency. Frankly, it’s almost surprising that Biden has lasted this long, but the stress of the job is clearly taking its toll on him.

So, what if Joe Biden doesn’t end up running? What if he finally acknowledges that he should drop out of the race? According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, 59% of voters think that Joe Biden shouldn’t run for a second term, including 33% of Democrats, only 42% of voters believe that Biden is “mentally fit” for office, and 58% have doubts about his fitness.

These are concerning numbers for Biden and the Democrats, especially since we’re now less than a year away from the next election. If Biden’s poll numbers get worse, and his mental and physical fitness become even larger liabilities for the Democratic ticket, replacing Biden may be the party’s only way to have a fighting chance in 2024.

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Is it possible that Joe Biden would drop out? It’s unlikely, but before he declared his candidacy Biden conceded that his health would be a factor in that decision: “If I’m in the health I’m in now—if I’m in good health—then, in fact, I would run again.”

Biden ultimately chose to run, but his health remains a legitimate excuse for him to drop out—one that he’s still likely to use if he’s ultimately backed into a corner, assuming his poll numbers continue to decline.

It wouldn’t hurt Democrats to have a back up plan for 2024, and there are plenty of Democrats who clearly have an eye on the White House. Should Biden drop out, it will be up to Democrat primary voters to choose who will carry the baton in the race to hold on to the White House. So, who exactly do Democrat voters see as their backup for Biden if he drops out?

In the Harvard-Harris poll, Democrat voters were asked, "If President Biden decides not to run again in 2024, who would you prefer to be the Democratic candidate?” The results were pure comedy. Seriously, you’re gonna laugh.

Believe it or not, Vice President Kamala Harris comes out on top with 24% selecting her. Then, would you believe it, Hillary Clinton comes in second place with 13%. Coming in third place is Bernie Sanders with 10%, and in fourth is California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who’s been a running a not-so-secret shadow campaign, at just 7%. 

That’s right -- the top two choices of Democrat voters are the most unpopular vice president in the history of polling, and the severely unliked Hillary, who already lost to Trump once before. Are Democrat voters really going to gamble the 2024 election on either Harris or Hillary Clinton if Biden has to leave the race?

That would be hilarious.

Things Are Getting Worse for Joe Biden

Things Are Getting Worse for Joe Biden

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Despite the contentious 2020 election, Joe Biden took office with majority approval. He was up double digits, I might add, showing that Americans clearly were willing to give him a chance to prove he was going to be the  "uniter" he claimed he would be on the campaign. It helped that the media was on his side, pushing a pro-Biden narrative. It helped too that COVID cases were on the decline, and Biden was taking credit for that. His approval ratings immediately started trending downward, albeit slowly, and with his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, they hit negative territory for the first time, where they have remained ever since.

Despite his negative approval ratings, hypothetical match-up polls between him and Donald Trump have long been very competitive. The spread between them has generally been within a couple of points, with both men occasionally having a lead, and polls generally being mixed, showing one or the other ahead, and maybe a few showing a statistical tie.

But, there’s been a remarkable pro-Trump shift in the polls that has all the Biden boosters in a panic. The last ten polls tracked by RealClearPolitics have shown Trump ahead — with a lead ranging from one to six points, and a current average of +2.3 points for Trump.

A small lead for sure, but considering Trump never had a lead in the RealClearPolitics average during the 2020 cycle, and Trump outperformed the polls on Election Day, there’s ample reason to be panicking if you’re a Democrat.

"Trump’s vote share in national polls is higher than at any time in the past year,” observes Steven Shepard at Politico. "President Joe Biden’s poll numbers keep getting worse."

November started with New York Times/Siena College polls showing Trump ahead in four of the six swing states, but more indicators of Biden’s electoral peril soon followed. The president’s standing in head-to-head matchups with Trump is falling: Among the latest surveys this month from 13 separate pollsters, Biden’s position is worse than their previous polls in all but two of them.

And while polls suggest most of the movement comes from voters abandoning Biden — who might become undecided but not swing to supporting Trump — the Republican has also started to gain steam. Trump’s vote share in the national polling average is higher now than at any point in the past year.

Shepard also observes that state-level polling is just as bad for Biden. "In addition to those New York Times/Siena polls, within the last week and a half, other surveys have shown Trump ahead by 8 points in Arizona and 5 points up in Michigan.” Polls continue to show Biden losing young voters — a constituency that has long been reliable for Democrats and that Biden simply can’t afford to lose. Sure, there are some polls showing Biden, but, as Shepard notes, they’ve become the exception, not the rule. He tries hard to make excuses for Biden’s poor showing with younger voters, but you can read the panic between the lines. 

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Young voters may still end up voting for Biden, or they may just sit out the election. Who knows at this point, but there are some many other factors that are looking good for Trump that no matter how you slice it. His vote share is spiking, and it’s not just Biden's bungling of the Israel-Hamas war that’s to blame.

One could argue that the election is still roughly a year away and that anything can happen. This is certainly true. But, there’s no denying that Biden’s failed presidency is weighing down his candidacy and, considering that the 2020 election came down to a few thousand votes in a few select states, Trump’s current lead in the polls tells us that this election won’t look anything like 2020 — or even 2016, when Hillary Clinton consistently lead Trump in the polls, and her chances of victory were measured at between 90 and 99%.

The Descent into Barbarism—Why?

The Descent into Barbarism—Why?


Julio Rosas/Townhall

A descent into barbarism is easy and fast; you only need to let yourself go.  The animal part of all of us is just below the surface and constantly has to be controlled, or it will bubble to the top, and we will sink into savagery.  Rising into civilization is difficult and slow because the masses must know the difference between right and wrong, constantly be sober and vigilant about it, urged by universally acknowledged societal mores and virtues to pursue the excellent and reject the decadent, and, above all, individually conquer themselves, something few people are ever capable of consistently doing, and rarely when fulfilling the pleasures of the flesh.  When it becomes socially acceptable to be a barbarian, as is increasingly the case in America, there will be more and more barbaric activity.  When national, state, and community “leaders” encourage such conduct—which they are wont to do because there is power for political tyrants in social chaos—and when one’s peers and associates actively engage in such animal behavior, this promotes such pursuits.  There is a reason why Hollywood and America’s inner cities are full of darkness and not light—few are shining the light and leading the way out of darkness.  The Democratic Party and American media certainly aren’t doing it, nor do they intend or even want to.

Some “civilizations” have never completely arisen from barbarity.  We see this today in the pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas movement in America and around the world.  This crowd is still stuck in a seventh-century philosophy that doesn’t teach them how to, or that they even should, lift themselves to a higher and more excellent plane.  As long as life goes okay, they will behave okay.  But, again, just beneath the surface lurks the savage, and it doesn’t take much to let it escape, especially when associates, friends, and leaders encourage such, when the message is that the right thing is being done.  

Barbarism never elevates anyone.  It took Europe several centuries of the “Dark Ages” to get out of it.  We appear to be descending into it again, as law, religion, traditions, and social order no longer hold back the tide.  The government isn’t helping to restrain this tide; the government never helps do so.  It either leads the wolfpack or follows it, which amounts to the same thing.  This is exactly why a government can never be trusted, especially one elected by an increasingly degenerate—barbarian—population.  Lafayette reportedly said during the French Revolution, “There go the people.  I am their leader.  I must follow them.”  Joe Biden and Democrats see votes and power in America’s descent into barbarism.  They are not only boosting it, they are welcoming it into the country in massive numbers.  

Interestingly, there is often a code of honor among thieves and sometimes among savages.  Gavin Newsom cleaned up San Francisco when somebody of equal barbarity and degeneracy came to that city.  The Chinese laughed at him.  Not even the horde of mass murderers called the CCP is decadent enough to allow people to defecate on their streets.  This isn’t “freedom,” folks, this is...barbarity.  Gavin Newsom wants to be president of the whole country and might be so.  Then, the Chinese can laugh at all of us, especially as they continue to conquer us.  “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has [first] destroyed itself from within.”  (Will Durant)  

In the Grenada Television production of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Cardboard Box,” upon discovering the savagely beaten remains of two people, Sherlock Holmes said to Dr. John Watson, his long-time friend and companion, “What is the meaning of it, Watson?  What is the object of this circle of misery, violence, and fear?  It must have a purpose, or our universe has no meaning, which is unthinkable.  But what purpose?  That is humanity’s great problem, to which reason, so far, has no answer.”  Human reason will never find an answer to that problem because human reason can never fathom the depths of the mind of God.  And that is because every human has his own “reason.”  Human reason has, does, and can only continue to lead humanity into barbarism because humans, without God, are nothing but animals living in the jungle.  Ask the Darwinists.  Human reason offers us nothing more excellent to strive for than—human reason.  And whose “reason” should we pursue?  A seventh-century ruffian?  That of a 19th-century German economist that has led to the greatest mass murder of innocents in human history and has brought more misery, poverty, slavery, and violence than any theory the world has ever known?  Hitler’s?  Tojo’s?  Yours?  Mine?

Yes, which human philosophy should we follow —and why?  And if atheism is true, then no, Mr. Holmes, there is no purpose to it all, as “unthinkable” as that might be to truly rational people.  Eternal nothingness awaits us all.  And thus, why is “civilization” better than “barbarism”?  Why, indeed?  Obviously, to Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, it isn’t because they continue to encourage the latter and denigrate the former.

When one removes from a man that which separates him from the animals when we teach man that he is nothing more than a glorified ape, we mustn’t be surprised when he acts like one, and when we take God out of man, we leave nothing but the animal.  The jungle.  China.  Communism.  Chicago and San Francisco. 

The Answer is above us.  Above academia.  Above human reason.  Above even the government.  Far above the government.  But That—He—is the one answer mankind never seems to want to accept.

Because it interferes with our descent into barbarism, which apparently is mankind’s greatest desire, only look at current America to see that this is so.

We are descending into barbarism because we are rejecting the only One who can keep us from doing it.