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Solution to Biden’s Southern Border Catastrophe – Simple, Cost Effective, Quick

Solution to Biden’s Southern Border Catastrophe – Simple, Cost Effective, Quick

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Solution to Biden’s Southern Border Catastrophe – Simple, Cost Effective, Quick

“1,500 active-duty Army troops to augment the 2,700 National Guard to enforce the sovereignty of the US Border with Mexico.”  So screams current headlines in multiple and lengthy stories in our corrupt 5th Column media.

Without congressional approval, Brandon ordered 1,500 more soldiers to bring the military augmentation for DHS and our hard-pressed Border Patrol to 4,200 soldiers to stop 18,000 to 20,000 migrants per day surging across our southern border when Title 42 ended midnight yesterday,  May 11th, is an absurd mobilization. If the proper congressional authorization were made for use of military force on the border, the number mobilized would need to be 42,000 or more and not 4.200.

Because the Biden government has refused to enforce the many effective immigration laws currently on the books, Governor Greg Abbot of Texas has acted against the invasion of his state by mobilizing more than 2,400 Texas National Guard soldiers now augmented by an unreported number of Texas Tactical Border Force of specifically trained National Guard soldiers.

The official Texas State governmental website reports:

Texas has deployed thousands of Texas National Guard soldiers and DPS troopers to the border and apprehended more than 373,000 illegal immigrants, arrested over 28,000 criminals, and seized more than 400 million lethal doses of fentanyl—enough to kill every man, woman, and child in America. The Texas Tactical Border Force and Operation Lone Star are part of Governor Abbott’s comprehensive border security strategy that includes providing relief to overrun border communities by busing migrants to sanctuary cities, as well as building our own border wall. 

The current augmented troops on duty at any time would be less than 2,100 at the most due to 12-hour rotations, sick call and authorized military leave. Granted all the troops are currently asked to do are administrative tasks to support the Border Patrol and not actual “policing” to stop illegals in droves crossing into the USA. 2,100 troops could not sufficiently police the border within the city limits along the border of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas.

What is really needed will never be implemented by the gutless criminals of Biden’s administration. Here is what should be done:

Mobilize 30,000 to 40,000, minimum, troops, Infantry, Armor and Special Forces of all appropriate services to include sniper teams, military police, psychological operations, civil affairs, and Judge Advocate General units along with sufficient logistics tail to support all the troops. Create, publish and broadcast in multiple media and appropriate languages, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin and Cantonese for the Chinese, French for the Haitians, and other translations for the more than a dozen other nationalities of foreign illegal immigrants now crossing our border. Release printed copies, perhaps with dramatic color illustrations for the illiterate, by Psychological Operations aircraft and broadcast over all appropriate radio, television and social media on both sizes of the border. 


Thirty (30) days from today, any immigrants crossing into the USA by other than a legal, designated crossing portal will be shot. There will be no exceptions.

This strong, clear, unequivocal message could be further augmented with the statement:

All foreign nationals requesting to immigrate to the United States through designated border crossing points, must have pre-approved, by our State Department, immigration permission in writing. All other immigrants attempting to cross the United States border will be detained for as much as two years to afford time to review their appeal for any justified asylum. 

Yes, inevitably some immigrants will die. I estimate less than 10 would die by military action before all on the Mexican side of the border would clearly understand the United States means exactly what was announced. However, far fewer would be killed than have already died in horrendous and increasing numbers. Those gross numbers of  fatalities will end. 

CBS News and other MSM report that from 1998 to 2021 the average number of illegals who die crossing our southern border is 350 to 400. In 2022, that number doubled to 853 or more than 16 per week. Reuters reports more than 1,000 died in 2022. CBS admitted that their number was most assuredly low.

Such is the cost of true and essential national sovereignty after so much inept failed enforcement specifically directed by the White House perpetrating the gross mismanagement of our border laws. As stated, I believe that number would be quite low before it is clearly understood deadly force is in use. The number would assuredly be less than the ten or more that die weekly now attempting to cross the border illegally. 

In less than a week following implementation, there will be NO illegal border crossings – zero, nada…guaranteed.

This plan will never be implemented. Biden and the Democrats have not the courage or the resolve to take the necessary steps for border sovereignty. Moreover, the utter chaos and tragedy of the crisis on our southern border is only one of many premeditated and consistently expanded actions by the liberals to systematically destroy what little is remaining of our constitutional republic.

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