Sen. Rick Scott (R-Florida) uses a graphic to illustrate U.S. debt, as he warns about ignoring the consequences of continuing reckless spending.

We cannot as a nation continue to spend dangerously. It is an affront to those who founded the nation based on a prudent set of practical virtues. It is an affront to those who contribute and have contributed monetarily to our nation through taxation, which has resulted in less take-home pay from work; a higher bill when making a purchase; less opportunity per capital when investing; and other reductions. It is also an affront to the next generation of Americans who will consequentially be left with a larger financial burden.

One of the most significant harms inflicted by out-of-control government spending is the devaluation of government spending. The wasteful spending renders other dollars spent by the government, which might be allocated toward a useful project or initiative, literally worth-less.

There are other issues that are just as pressing and present just as much potential cataclysm, such as the national security disaster that has been allowed as a result of open borders policies. There is, though, not a more urgent problem facing the U.S. today than out-of-control government spending. The fix-it can for that problem has already been kicked miles down the road.