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It seems a little late in the day, but Democrats are having second thoughts about renominating President Biden as their standard bearer. Politico reports “House Dems plot last-ditch effort to delay Biden nomination.” It’s serious: Nancy Pelosi is on the case.

This morning Politico also reports that “New polling bolsters ‘Dump Biden’ push.” As the man said in Blazing Saddles, “We’ve gotta protect our phony baloney jobs, gentlemen. We must do something about this immediately.”

At the same time the part of the Democratic establishment that is subservient to Biden has a plan. Cut the varmints off at the pass! Renominate Biden now, weeks before the Democratic convention is scheduled to touch down in Chicago. Axios reports that Biden himself is “leap[ing] left to survive.”

The cowering Democrats had the past year to address Biden’s patent senility. They tormented and stigmatized my cousin Dean Phillips when he tactfully raised Biden’s incapacity in his challenge to Biden’s renomination. Biden and the Democrats deserve each other.

At the same time, Biden’s incapacity raises serious issues of national security. Everyone can see he’s more than a few fries short of a Happy Meal. All those who have covered for Biden to date — including those plotting to oust him now — should take a long look in the mirror. Warning: This may induce nausea.

Biden refuses to submit himself to any cognitive test that would see the light of day. Even he knows he’s not all there. The chances that he will serve out a second term run from zero to zero. Biden administration officials are complicit in a cover-up that demonstrates incredibly low character at the same time that their policies have produced the adverse consequences we see all around us.

Biden cites his supposed record of success as the ground of his hold on the nomination and his campaign for reelection. Look at the past three years! Even if the past three years were a tribute to his genius — which they may be if his genius is for destruction — they are not an argument that bears on his future capacity.

We’ve looked at the past three years. Over the past three years Biden has gone from 78 to a very old 81. Everyone has seen it. We can’t unsee it. That’s their problem. In any event, past results are indicative of future performance, which suggests that Biden should get out now.

It’s up to Biden. They are in his hands and he is a stubborn kind of fellow.

The coming election gives voters the opportunity to choose between two candidates with records and results. As President Johnson put it in the 1964 campaign, “we should follow, the course of the prophet Isaiah, ‘Come now, let us reason together.'”

The Two Scariest Things About the Trump Assassination Attempt

The Two Scariest Things About the Trump Assassination Attempt

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The past twenty hours (as of this writing) have been surreal, even if I was able to sleep for some of it. Former President Donald Trump narrowly avoided death in an assassination attempt in Butler, Pennsylvania.

Leftist ghouls are angry that Trump survived; the mainstream media is doing its best to downplay the crime by deflecting to "retaliatory violence" and trying to blame Trump for his own attempt on his life; and we're left wondering what really happened, which is the first thing that unnerves me the most about this moment in history:

1. We Might Never Know the Full Truth

My colleague Jack Dunphy, a former LAPD officer, just wrote an excellent piece explaining how failures in intelligence and overlooked vulnerabilities will always happen.

That obviously does not excuse the conduct of the Secret Service and Butler law enforcement, and everyone who allowed the events to happen needs to be investigated and preferably fired, as Dunphy noted.

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But that is the thing: "allowed."

My other PJ Media friends have written about how Democratic officials and the mainstream media have been unironically comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler pretty much since he came down that golden escalator in 2015, and thus share blame in inciting this Crooks guy to try and kill him, taking the life of Corey Comperatore and injuring another in the process.

We know how much the establishment hates Donald Trump as well, especially as he has only come out stronger since his phony conviction in New York at the end of May, not even counting all the various other wrongs done to him.

So when you look at how Crooks was able to get decently close to the stage where Trump was speaking, the fact that law enforcement supposedly ignored multiple people trying to warn them of his presence (although RealClearPolitics' Susan Crabtree gave a decent explanation on this here), the repeated requests for better Secret Service protection were ignored, and the same FBI that was authorized to use deadly force raiding Mar-A-Lago in August 2022 and tampered with evidence is now investigating the shooting, what is stopping people from suggesting this was an inside job and Crooks was a patsy?

What is really scary more than saying one or the other is true is that both are equally plausible and are not mutually exclusive.

2. This Might Not Be the Last Attempt

Whether or not there was more to the Trump assassination attempt we saw last night, it marked the culmination of the previously mentioned years of media hysteria comparing him to Hitler and the Devil himself.

Now that someone had gotten the sick idea to actually try and kill him, what is stopping some other deranged leftist from trying to finish the job?

Hopefully better security (especially some that can be adequately trusted, as many are suggesting Trump should hire private security to beef up or replace the Secret Service), but until Trump is hopefully able to return to the White House in January, which is about six and a half months away, another mistake, assuming that is all that happened here in this case, could be even deadlier.

Man Predicted Trump's Assassination Attempt With Incredible Detail... Months Ago

Man Predicted Trump's Assassination Attempt With Incredible Detail... Months Ago

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

This might just be the craziest thing you'll see today.

Video of a man who saw a premonition of the assassination of Donald Trump is going viral on social media right now because he described the assassination in stunningly accurate detail more than three months ago.

"I saw Trump rising up, and then I saw an attempt on his life, that this bullet flew by his ear, and it came so close to his head that it busted his drum eardrum," Brandon Biggs explains to Pastor Steve Cioccolanti in the video. "And I saw he was—he fell to his knees during this timeframe and he started worshiping the Lord. He got radically born again during this timeframe. I'm talking—people say he's saved now, but he becomes really on fire for Jesus for what I saw coming."

For our VIPs: The Left Tried to Kill Trump. What Happens Next?

Sure enough, on Sunday morning, Donald Trump posted a new statement on Truth Social that, among other things, credited God with saving his life. 

"Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers yesterday, as it was God alone who prevented the unthinkable from happening," he wrote. "We will FEAR NOT, but instead remain resilient in our Faith and Defiant in the face of Wickedness."

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Biggs' premonition didn't end there, though.

"And then I saw people interceding when he—and I see him... I saw him winning the presidency through great. The Lord showed me he would go clear into the summer; great persecution would come on him through the judges, and through the... and through the law and all these people trying to sue him and all this stuff, but there would be a stop to it," he said. "And they're things would start to break free come toward the fall. And then I saw him winning the election through the Patriots coming out and voting."

It's a fascinating thing to watch -- and indeed, when you see the source video on YouTube, it was, indeed, posted back in March. Predicting an assassination attempt on Trump itself is hardly extraordinary. Tucker Carlson predicted last year that an assassination attempt was likely, and the rhetoric used by the left for years now seemed to make such an occurrence inevitable. 

Was this man just having a good day and making an extremely lucky guess, or did he have some kind of divine premonition? I can't say, but it's hard not to get chills watching this video.

He went on to predict a severe economic crash, worse than the Great Depression, bringing a dark period for America—which seems likely considering that economists have been predicting a recession could come later this year. However, he said that despite the initial crisis, a revival and good times would return. "It would be shaking to awaken" the country, he said. "And the Lord said do not call this judgment. It's not my judgment. It's a correction. There's a correction coming."

Thursday, July 18, 2024




I have been holding out hope that “Doctor” Jill and Hunter the Convicted Felon can convince Slow Joe to hang in there until November. And that still may happen: Lady MacBiden is strong-willed. But Karine Jean-Pierre said today that Biden has tested positive for covid, and is “self-isolating” in Delaware.

In what might possibly be a coincidence, Biden now says that he would drop out of the race if “doctors came to me” and encouraged it. So you can see how this might all come together. It would be ironic if covid, having saved the Democrats in 2020, should save them again in 2024.

Meanwhile, polls indicate that two-thirds of Democrats want Biden gone, and I assume the percentage among donors is closer to 100. And a hot off the press poll finds that Biden runs worse than every other Democrat they tested in swing states.

So the handwriting may be on the wall, although, as I have said many times, the Democrats’ leaders don’t have any way to force Joe out the door. They can only persuade. So: say it ain’t so, Jill!

Joe Biden Owes America (And Donald Trump) an Apology

Joe Biden Owes America (And Donald Trump) an Apology

Erin Schaff/The New York Times via AP, Pool

It’s hard for me to convey just how angry I am at Joe Biden right now. He literally had the nerve to sit in the Oval Office to address Americans on Sunday night and pretend to be the adult in room by calling on everyone to “lower the temperature."

It’s the third time since Saturday that Biden has made a public address to the nation, as he’s clearly attempting to politically navigate a situation that Democrat strategists believe has ended any hope of him winning in November.

He’s trying to rewrite history. 

Not once in his speech did he acknowledge that Democrats have taken things too far with their rhetoric against Trump. He brought up January 6, the assault on Paul Pelosi, and the alleged plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, but not the 2017 congressional baseball shooting, the BLM riots of 2020, or the attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. From his seat in the Oval Office, the only heated rhetoric comes from the right, and the only people he seems to think need to lower the temperature are Trump and his MAGA Republicans.

Why didn’t he mention any of that? 

FlashbackWhen Democrats Tried to Deny Trump Secret Service Protection

Joe Biden wants us to forget that just last week he said “we need to put a bullseye on Donald Trump."

He wants us to forget that couple of weeks ago, he tweeted this:

That's the kind of rhetoric that has radicalized people, and makes them feel justified targeting Trump for assassination. Indeed, several unhinged leftists took to social media to express their disappointment that Trump wasn't killed. How many more posts haven't been seen yet? How many more who feel the same way were smart enough not to post as much on social media?

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are the ones who raised the temperature in this country, and they think they can have the moral high ground by calling for everyone to tone it down? They are literally pretending to be above the fray so they can gaslight the public into thinking that they're the ones who want to return to civility. 

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"Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic," Joe Biden said during his infamous anti-Trump speech in September 2022. It's hard to forget the image of Biden at the podium, flanked by Marines before Independence Hall, which was ominously lit in blood-red, as he called pro-Trump Republicans a “clear and present danger” to American democracy, insisting they must be stopped.

Joe Biden's entire campaign strategy has been to demonize Trump and Republicans with some of the most hateful and violent rhetoric. How dare he claim a moral high ground.

Joe Biden should have apologized for the rhetoric he's been using for years about "Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans."

How the Trump Assassination Attempt Changes the Presidential Campaign

How the Trump Assassination Attempt Changes the Presidential Campaign

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

With red rivulets of blood trickling down his face, the once-and-future president gazed skyward and paused – just briefly – before suddenly raising his fist with unbowed defiance as the American flag unfurled itself, stretching her bright stripes and white stars until it engulfed Trump’s horizon. And the American people exploded in wild applause.

That was it.

The moment Donald Trump’s rally was transformed into the closing scene of "Rocky IV" was the seminal moment of the 2024 presidential campaign. All that was missing was "Hearts on Fire" by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band blazing in the background (honorable mention to Survivor’s "Burning Heart").

The true impact of the assassination attempt won’t be felt for weeks. When something profoundly shocking and emotionally uncomfortable happens, we psychologically deal with it piecemeal because it’s just too big and overwhelming to comprehend. So, we first try to analogize the attempt on Trump’s life by comparing and contrasting it to other events (JFK? The George W. Bush shoe incident? RFK? Reagan and Hinkley? Or maybe a foreign assassination, i.e., Shinzo Abe?), but these analogies fail to capture the sheer magnitude of what we all witnessed.

This was… different. 

In part, it was different because Trump is different. His life’s journey has been so bizarre – so utterly unpredictable – that a suitable comparison eludes us. But the other part is the faux intimacy of today’s media culture: Even if you’ve never attended a single Trump rally, you’ve probably watched dozens of them – via TV, social media, and online clips. Trump is an expert at forging personal relationships with large swaths of people via media platforms, but more than anything else, it’s today’s culture that fueled this sense of one-on-one familiarity: Trump isn’t just someone we watch – he’s someone we personally know.

And last night, the American people saw someone they personally know get shot in the frickin’ head on live television.

It changes the trajectory for both candidates: Trump has now cheated death, taken the slings, arrows, lawsuits – and even bullets – of his fiercest critics, and he’s still standing. (If anyone ever wondered why the UFC crowd has such an affinity for the ex-president, this moment answered it.)

Before, Trump was just a man. Now? He’s still a man, of course, but it feels different somehow. Like there are celestial forces at work that aren’t beholden to the trivialities of partisan politics. It’s the elevation of leader to prophet and from prophet to saint. As Nietzsche wrote in 1888, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” And today, Trump exudes strength, power, leadership, determination and defiance.

For Biden, his political calculus has also been permanently altered: When you’re trailing, you’re incentivized to attack. In fact, depending on how much you trail, you need to attack – it’s your shortest path for making up lost ground. And in binary elections – when your choice is either A or B – mobilizing your base to vote against your opponent is just as effective as getting them to vote for you. The more you can demonize your opponent, the better your chances will be.

Post-assassination attempt, Biden really can’t attack Trump the way he did before. He can’t use phrases like “target” or “crosshairs.” He can’t use dehumanizing language. He can no longer suggest that the world would be a better place if Trump – and the MAGA movement – didn’t exist.

The sharpest colors draw the cleanest contrasts. But now, the language Biden can freely use in public discourse has been dulled. Before, Biden was demonizing the Devil. Now, he’ll be demonizing not just a man, but a man who deserves our sympathy, respect, and admiration. (And if it turns out that the Biden administration wasn’t totally forthright in allocating Secret Service protection to their opponents, all hell will break loose.)

Age, fate, incompetence, and rapidly advancing senility have stripped the Biden campaign of its most potent ammo, but the one quiver Biden still has left is his thin veneer of likability. Despite what one (excluded) grandkid might say, Biden has built his brand as a likable family man who’s simply a “nice guy.” Alas, he’ll have to sacrifice that image if and when he demonizes a man who just stared the Reaper in the eye. He might bloody Trump, but he’ll bloody himself even worse.

Still, the number one takeaway from the Trump assassination attempt hasn’t happened yet. It’ll take a few more weeks for all the emotional angst to stop churning, stop marinating, and finally hit rock bottom – and when it does, the voters’ perceptions will undergo a dramatically different shift. 

There’s a machismo gap (or call it a toughness gap). On one side, you have an unbowed, unbroken, unrepentant Trump, hoisting his fist in the air and urging Americans to continue to fight the good fight. And on the other side, there’s Joe Biden… stumbling over stairs, falling off bikes, shuffling his feet, and looking like a stiff sneeze could send him to the ER. Whereas Donald Trump is channeling his inner Stallone and posing for a "Rocky IV" remake, Joe Biden looks older than the dust between Nebuchadnezzar’s toes. It’s a helluva contrast.

And it’s this contrast that will stay with the American people through November.

About Those Female Secret Service Agents Protecting Trump

About Those Female Secret Service Agents Protecting Trump

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

During all the insanity that happened on Saturday involving the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, there was a moment that stood out to many, and it involved the conduct of the female Secret Service agents. As one clip showed, the women protecting Trump looked jittery and slightly unsure of themselves. One of them tried to holster her side arm but kept missing the holster, eventually just placing it close to her until it was easier to do so. This resulted in many people questioning why there were female Secret Service agents in the first place. 

To be clear, I also spoke out about this, but I wanted to add something very specific that I think is important. It's my honest belief that women can, in fact, be Secret Service agents, however, I think there are specific places for them in any given detail, I just don't think they should be responsible for the immediate handling of the president. 

The knee-jerk reaction from this for some will be to assume I'm being sexist, but let's look at this logically. 

Men are larger than women in general, they're stronger than women in general, and they're quicker than women in general. When a threat approaches, you want the largest mass possible to shield the president. If a threat tries to come at the president directly, you want the strongest and fastest fighter you can get to take the threat down. If, for any reason, the threat needs to be pinned or the president needs to be lifted bodily to safety, you want people with solid muscle mass to be able to handle the weight. Men's lung capacity is also larger, as well is their ability to pump blood through the body faster, making them tire less easily, at least in terms of short-term action.

Women are generally smaller than men, have less muscle mass, aren't as fast, and can be physically overpowered far more easily as a general rule. 

When we're dealing with the leader of the free world, or even the once and likely future leader, the question about who should be at his immediate side isn't a question. It should be men strictly due to the biological advantages given to them by nature when it comes to physicality. 

This doesn't mean women can't be undercover in the crowd, or among the agents around the area keeping watch. Women are very good shots so, with their eye for detail and natural slow twitch muscle fiber making them less likely to jitter or jerk while aiming, they could be very good at overwatch, just to give you one example. They could blend in with the crowd as undercover agents, as women are less likely to be suspected of being agents giving them the advantage of surprise when a suspect lets their guard down thinking they aren't a threat. 

But when it comes to directly protecting the president, the male body is just better built for that specific job. 

Let's put it this way. Would it be sexist of me to say that there should be women on a team's offensive line in the NFL? No, of course not. They put heavy, burly guys in that position because that specific job requires a specific body type. If you were to put a woman on the O-line and put her against a male form you'd typically see opposite her, she would be overrun very easily and possibly injured severely. 

The O-line's job is to help protect one man, the quarterback so that he can enact plays necessary to move the team forward. If we're willing to understand that a specific type of body is needed in this situation to protect a man so that a sports team can win a game, then this same logic needs to be put forward when we're talking about the leader of the free world. A person so important and powerful that their death could trigger events that could literally change the world for the worse and throw it into chaos. 

This isn't sexism. This isn't looking down on women. This is just a logical take given the biological facts. 

Women are fully capable of doing a myriad of jobs and by all means, they should have them if they want them, but there are certain jobs where their inclusion isn't wise or logical. This specific detail of being the closest to the president when the worst goes down, is neither wise nor logical.