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Spectator USA has posted Patrick Basham’s column “Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling.” Subhead: “If only cranks find the tabulations strange, put me down as a crank.” I’ve asked our friends at Spectator USA to make the column accessible, but at the moment it is behind their (semipermeable) paywall. Basham is not a crank. He is founding director of the Democracy Institute and was an adjunct scholar with Cato’s Center for Representative Government.

In his Spectator column Basham first spells out anomalies in the stated results of the 2020 presidential election. He observes, for example, “President Trump received more votes than any previous incumbent seeking reelection. He got 11 million more votes than in 2016, the third largest rise in support ever for an incumbent. By way of comparison, President Obama was comfortably reelected in 2012 with 3.5 million fewer votes than he received in 2008.”

The anomalies may be just that, but Basham then turns to nine peculiarities that “lack compelling explanations[.]” Here are the first six of the nine:

1. Late on election night, with Trump comfortably ahead, many swing states stopped counting ballots. In most cases, observers were removed from the counting facilities. Counting generally continued without the observers

2. Statistically abnormal vote counts were the new normal when counting resumed. They were unusually large in size (hundreds of thousands) and had an unusually high (90 percent and above) Biden-to-Trump ratio

3. Late arriving ballots were counted. In Pennsylvania, 23,000 absentee ballots have impossible postal return dates and another 86,000 have such extraordinary return dates they raise serious questions

4. The failure to match signatures on mail-in ballots. The destruction of mail in ballot envelopes, which must contain signatures

5. Historically low absentee ballot rejection rates despite the massive expansion of mail voting. Such is Biden’s narrow margin that, as political analyst Robert Barnes observes, ‘If the states simply imposed the same absentee ballot rejection rate as recent cycles, then Trump wins the election’

6. Missing votes. In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 50,000 votes held on 47 USB cards are missing

Basham’s “peculiarities” include a mix of phenomena differing in nature. Some may be explicable, some may not be “peculiar” at all. Each requires a citation of states (as in number 6) and evidence beyond mere assertion, but what does Basham have wrong?

It's a Coup. Just Say It!

It's a Coup. Just Say It!

Political science types have a word for every happening.  One is the Overton Window.  Like lots of these terms, it is not too scientific, but it well describes things observed every day.

For instance, the idea that an eight-year-old boy decides to be a girl, because he feels like it, and is then medicated with hormone therapy to look as close to a girl as science enables was once a preposterous idea.  Then it was possible, then probable, and now, voilĂ !  A boy is now a girl, and if you use the wrong pronoun, you lose your job!

Meet the Overton Window: that period of time when something seemingly quite impossible becomes mainstream.

This is a game two can play.


Say it: "This is not just election fraud, it is a coup." 

Say it, and it will start to sink in.  As it does, at least for you, your Overton Window opens up.  The impossibility that the election of the president of the United States of America can be overthrown by preprogrammed, organized election fraud — that a likely landslide was turned into a loss — happened.  You saw it.

That window is about to open up for our nation.

What's a coup feel like?

We are all accustomed to seeing tanks around a white palace and palm trees.  Lots of them.  The streets are quiet and the means of communication controlled by the new junta types.  There are corpulent generals with white uniforms and lots of medals.  That seems to be our picture.

This week may be the first time a sophisticated modern society had a coup.  There, I said it again.  Not so startling after you read it a couple of times.

A modern-day coup, where Big Media, Big Tech, a political party, and likely the intelligence agencies gather to change vote counts, both electronically and physically, has much the same result without the tanks and fat generals in white uniforms.  The first result is that everyone, or about everyone knows it was a coup.  They don't use that word as it does have an edge to it. 

Some stay silent in collaboration.  Some do not want to be singled out.  Some protest.  Many benefit.  Most just acquiesce.

We'll see.

Coups sound really cool to the people who instigate them — in this case, those noted above.  They justify it in their end-justifies-the-means minds and move on.

It works in third-world countries because for them, there is no tomorrow.  The armed forces just mandate compliance, and life moves on.

In a sophisticated society like ours, that is a little stickier.  Let's go there.

Overwhelming evidence has already come out about institutional voter fraud — for example, here and here.

You will see many more math geeks showing that there was massive voter fraud, and you will not see a single deeply researched math person saying their math is wrong.  That's important.

OK, you met Overton above.  Meet Occam.

Occam's razor is the name given to a critical thought shortcut, which dates back to the Middle Ages, saying that when you are looking at a really complicated problem, for which there are many causes, the simplest explanation is likely to be the correct one.

Our pal Occam describes how people come to reason through a problem.  Americans, particularly 71 million of them, see all the complicated stuff about voter fraud yet see that it isn't that complicated at all.  Votes were stolen from Trump by many means.  They read articles like the two above.

Applying critical thought, let's bring in another old, dead white guy, Bayes.  Bayes was an 18th-century reverend who had a thing or two to say about how people reason.  Bayes's Theorem measured something like this: if someone knows something with incomplete information, when more information comes in, this happens.  "This" is how new info impacts the person's conclusion.

Well, folks, let's just sit down at the poker table with Occam, Overton, and Bayes.  Together they conclude that as more information appears about organized election fraud, people's conclusions are likely to move from "election anecdotes" to "election fraud" to "WTF, this was a coup!"

Some of us are already there.

Why is this important?

As long as we continue to screw around, acting as though we are dealing with voter fraud rather than an organized coup, we are playing their game — the fat generals in Big Media and the coup-instigators.  When we start calling this event what it is, a coup, we impact everyone's Overton Window.

Want to have great fun?  Just watch the Chris Wallace and media types go wild when we say "coup." 

When one is in the middle of a historic event, one does not know it.  Seems like just another day.  In hindsight, wow, I was there!  I saw our country fake the vote and put an early dementia patient in the president-elect column.

The question for us all is how this story ends.  We were there.  We were at the axis of history.

What did we do?

It's a coup.

Audible Gasps and Laughter From Crowd and Panel at PA Hearing When Witness Says Vote “Spikes” Went Nearly 600,000 For Biden and 3,200 For Trump (VIDEO)


Audible Gasps and Laughter From Crowd and Panel at PA Hearing When Witness Says Vote “Spikes” Went Nearly 600,000 For Biden and 3,200 For Trump (VIDEO)

Some big numbers are being tossed about in the election within the state of Pennsylvania. For one thing, the state sent out 1.8 million mail-in ballots but they counted 2.5 million. That makes 700,000 votes that must be illigitimate.

The most recent number that has been exposed, caused the audience to gasp when they heard it.

In one series of votes, the total tally was 603,200. Biden got 600,000 votes to just 3,200 for Trump. That’s virtually impossible according to many experts.

That number was revealed at a meeting in Pennsylvania on the possible voter fraud in the recent election. When it was said, there was an audible gasp from those watching the proceeding.

On election night, President Trump led by almost 700,000 votes but somehow the Democrats came up with over 1 million votes for Biden after election night.

They halted the counting of votes and when they began again in a couple of hours, they suddenly had a huge number of votes to put Biden in the lead.

From The Gateway Pundit

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh counted the massive ballot dumps for Joe Biden without allowing GOP observers to look at the ballots.

On Wednesday a witness described the huge “spikes” in Pennsylvania during the hearing and the crowd gasped.

“Normally you would see a smooth curve going up, not any big spikes…that’s what [the other witness] was talking about, the anomalies of loading and uploading those votes so that big spike that occurs there is a prime indicator of fraudulent voting,” the witness said.

“And that’s 604,000 votes in 90 minutes? Is that right?” Giuliani said to the witness.

“Correct. This is 337,000 votes in that period of time,” the witness said.

“When you look at this curve with all of these spikes, can you calculate how much of a vote that accounted for Biden and how much for Trump?” Giuliani said.

“Close to 600,000…”I think our figures were about 570-some-odd-thousand.”

A judge has halted the certification of the vote in Pennsylvania so that the President’s lawyers can present the case for a crooked election. Let’s face it, the numbers are not realistic and the 700,000 extra mail in ballots are enough to reverse the outcome of the election.

You Want Evidence of Voter Fraud? The Trump Campaign Will Present it in Court Next Week

You Want Evidence of Voter Fraud? The Trump Campaign Will Present it in Court Next Week

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

This week, a judge granted the Trump campaign an opportunity to present evidence of alleged widespread voter fraud in Nevada. The campaign will get the opportunity to present 15 depositions at a Nov. 3 hearing to make its case.

“BIG news in Nevada: a Judge has allowed NV Republicans to present findings of widespread voter fraud in a Dec. 3rd hearing,” White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows announced on Twitter Tuesday night. “Americans will now hear evidence from those who saw firsthand what happened—a critical step for transparency and remedying illegal ballots. Stay tuned.”

Trump officials told The Washington Examiner that the judge is allowing 15 depositions. The campaign plans to present evidence that could result in the rejection of tens of thousands of mail-in ballots in Democratic Clark County where Joe Biden ballots outnumbered Trump ballots by 91,000 in unofficial results. According to preliminary results, Biden won 703,486 votes to Trump’s 669,890 votes, roughly a 34,000-vote spread.

“It gives us a real chance, if to do nothing else, to begin to show this historic level of fraud,” Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union and one of those leading the Nevada case, told the Examiner. “Our filing said we have over 15 individuals and tens of thousands more from mail-in fraud. We have enough to switch the outcome.”

The Trump campaign’s lawsuit, filed November 17, included several allegations of voter fraud, including votes from nonresidents and the dead. The lawsuit claimed that election officials used a machine to verify the signatures on hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots, in violation of state law, which requires human verification. The campaign claimed the machines are plagued with problems.

“A lot of people in the national media have said, ‘If you have evidence of voter fraud, show it.’ Well, we have thousands and thousands of examples of real people in real-life instances of voter illegality,” Schlapp said on Fox News Tuesday night. “If we get a fair hearing, I believe the results in Nevada should be switched.”

“The biggest thing which is true in all of these states we’re talking about, including in Georgia where a third of the ballots were cast in the mail, in Nevada half the ballots were cast in the mail, with no legal signature verification, certainly not in Clark County, that is the big treasure trove of illegal balloting in all of these states,” Schlapp added.

The campaign also mentioned a corrupt cash-for-votes scheme perpetrated by Native American groups in the Silver State. Some groups, like the Nevada Native Vote Project, have bragged about giving voters “gas cards” in exchange for their votes and holding raffles for people who send in their ballots.

This blockbuster November 3 hearing will be essential viewing for Americans concerned about voter fraud in the 2020 election. Skeptical journalists should pay close attention.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Don's Tuesday Column

THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson   Red Bluff Daily News   11/24/2020

His Fraudulency, Mr. Joe Biden

The title follows from Mr. Biden’s assertion that “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” The same ones rationalizing Biden’s endless gaffes and dismissing any errant statement he utters, did the same for Obama’s dissembling (“57 states,” “keep your doctor/health plan” ad infinitum, ad nauseam), AKA lies. “But Trump said…”

Trump’s opponents, deranged haters and enemies—encompassing nearly all news media—have zero credibility defending Biden, or being taken seriously by President Trump’s supporters. Let the Democrats’ hypocrisy be shouted “from the rooftops.”

Greatest Democrat/media hits of fantastical, malicious and ultimately baseless charges directed at Trump: Russian collusion to cheat Hillary in the 2016 election, demanding that electors not vote for Trump even if he won their state, groundlessly urging his cabinet to use the 25th Amendment to remove him, justifying an impeachment trial over a routine leader-to-leader phone call to Ukraine’s new president, and on and on.

They—including local Democrats who believed it all without evidence (that never existed)—clung to the conspiracy theory that we now know was hacked up from the bowels of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle, and gained traction from Obama to Biden, Comey, Brennan, Clapper er al. Yes, some of you probably still pride yourselves in “knowing” that Trump associates met and colluded with Russians serving Putin’s interests. A couple hundred thousand dollars of internet content were spent for and against Trump, before and after the election. Mueller spent $40 million, finding nothing. Keep hating; another reason will pop up.

Brain-dead partisans and their media propagandists—justifying their “by any means necessary” and “ends justify the means” jihad against Trump, his family, political allies and supporters—fill their dark, cold hearts and empty souls with the devil’s own will to destroy. Now their vile appetites support a collectivist/socialist/race-based crusade against the economic and ideological foundations of America’s magnificent Constitutional Republic, the world’s beacon of liberty.

The political/media megaphone asserted that Trump’s tsunami of votes would be a “red mirage” on election night, yielding to an avalanche of mail-in Biden votes. Hence, Hillary’s advice/instruction to Biden: “never concede.” Some not-so-funny things happened, however, as the analysis of those mail-in voters found around 40 percent supported Trump, undermining the narrative; statistically, that doesn’t add up to a Biden win. He underperformed Hillary outside of 4 corrupt Dem cities, where hundred of thousands of “Biden-only” votes magically showed up overnight—with no observers. Fraud on its face.

The same partisan “hack-tivists” deny President Trump’s legitimacy even now—Biden agreed publicly with a woman last year that Trump was not a legitimate president; Hillary recently repeated her baseless assertion that the election was “stolen” from her. They told us that 1) Al Gore’s legal challenges to the 2000 Florida vote results should be given time to finish; 2) George W. Bush stole the 2000 election; and 3) that Barack Obama, emperor-elect, should have been allowed to assume the presidential mantle a month early.

Republicans are right to support Trump; and justified in suspecting fraud on the scale it would take to reverse the results. Consider: No president gets defeated who has positive job approval; or when a solid majority of voters say they’re better off than 4 years before; or who expands his support among minorities; or who has massive, tens-of-thousands strong rallies; or whose “coattails” sweep his party into more House seats and governorships, while holding the Senate. There’s no “Blue Wave,”

“The last time a Democrat ‘won’ the presidency while his party sustained a double-digit loss in the House was in 1960, during an election tainted by probable vote fraud in Illinois and Texas. Still, we’re expected to believe that Joe Biden achieved the same feat in 2020 with no skullduggery?...that, despite the worst showing among minorities of any Democratic nominee since JFK, Biden surpassed Barack Obama’s record-breaking turnout by 10 million votes?” (From “What We Must Believe to Believe Biden Won; We must accept a perfect storm of implausible anomalies and brazen irregularities” David Catron,

For 40 years, only 19 counties picked the winner of every presidential election; only one backed Biden this election. So, the basement campaign of Joe Biden attracted no crowds, and less enthusiasm from his party’s voters, but had a massive win? He lost the bellwether state of Ohio; ironically, the AP explains that Ohio must no longer have a bead on who is the winner. Me: not buying it for one minute.

Catron: “This brings us to ground zero for election fraud — Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth illegally changed its election rules before and during the voting process…[and] ignored the General Assembly and the U.S. Constitution to rig the election on behalf of Joe Biden.

“The American Spectator’s Paul Kengor and Jeffrey Lord have covered this chicanery…We are expected to believe that such stories are conspiracy theories, despite videos showing Democrat election officials evicting Republican election observers from vote-counting locations and erecting physical barriers to prevent them from watching.

“Finally, we come to the Smartmatic/Dominion software that was used to tabulate votes in the swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin…As Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani reveals, this software was developed in Venezuela and banned from the U.S. a decade ago.

“It’s now been brought back into the country under the aegis of a subcontractor. Its major design feature is that it allows the vote counters to calculate how many votes they need to win. Jeffrey Lord has more. The Democrats want you to believe this is a conspiracy theory. It isn’t. The Democrats knew they couldn’t beat Trump honestly, so they’re stealing the election.” (Links at “

INFOGRAPHIC: The Shocking Allegations of Mass Vote Fraud Made by Sidney Powell in Georgia

INFOGRAPHIC: The Shocking Allegations of Mass Vote Fraud Made by Sidney Powell in Georgia

So easy to consume, even Democrats can understand...

UpdatesNEW INFOGRAPHIC: Michigan's Bombshell Allegations of Rampant Vote Fraud.

Hat tips: Mark Levin and

Sidney Powell’s Allegations in Georgia Serious Enough to Alter the Election Results: Expert

(L) Mariah Gondeiro Watt of the Freedom Foundation, (C) plaintiff Bethany Mendez, and (R) Harmeet Dhillon of the Dhillon Law Group, on March 11, 2019. (Ted Lin/NTD)

Sidney Powell’s Allegations in Georgia Serious Enough to Alter the Election Results: Expert

 Harmeet K. Dhillon said that former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell’s allegations in her lawsuit filed in Georgia are serious enough to change the results of the election.

“These are serious allegations. … Either of these big themes would be enough to change the election results given the narrow margin for Biden,” Dhillon said in a lengthy tweet on Thursday.

Powell filed a lawsuit in Georgia on Wednesday night alleging massive election fraud during the state’s 2020 election.

Dhillon, who specializes in First Amendment rights and election law matters, classified the allegations into two groups. One is “numerous irregularities in vote-counting” based on procedure changes.

The allegations under this category, according to Dhillon, include “putting ballots in the wrong stacks en masse, pre-printed ballots that were ‘pristine’ and unlined; blocking Republican observers from vote-tabulation tables; counting votes after the so-called ‘pipe burst’ election night even though there were no Rep. Observers and more.”

The second group of allegations, she says, involve the Dominion voting machines being easily hackable.

The machines “are easily hackable, and experts have written scripts to show how one can manually manipulate vote tallies, alter settings so as to put more ballots into a ‘question’ pile, and then just delete them,” Dhillon wrote.

“Given the narrow margin for Biden,” Dhillon suggested that the easiest way to reach the goal of the lawsuit—to reveal “massive election fraud” and “multiple Constitutional violations” (pdf)—would be to allege a massive amount of “specific, identifiable voters” who cast ballots after they moved out of the state and may have cast votes in their new states too,  which could be easily checked by comparing the voter registration data.

Thousands of registration fraud cases with fake addresses such as P.O. boxes, nonresidential, etc., which political analyst Matt Braynard found and listed in Powell’s complaint as evidence, may disqualify a sufficient number of ballots, and would affect the outcome of the election too, Dhillon said.

Rep. Mo Brooks: Trump Could Win Second Term Through State Delegation Votes

President Donald Trump, left, and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in file photographs. (Getty Images)

Rep. Mo Brooks: Trump Could Win Second Term Through State Delegation Votes

President Donald Trump could win a second term if the 2020 election goes to the secondary system set up to support the Electoral College, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) said this week.

If neither Trump nor Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden get 270 or more electoral votes, then the House of Representatives would pick the next president.

“So many submissions of Electoral College votes by state have been rejected, that no candidate has the required 270 Electoral College vote majority, in which case the presidency would be decided by the House of Representatives.”

But the system has each state delegation getting a single vote. Republicans have the majority in that scenario.

“In the House of Representatives, there are 26, maybe 27 delegations that have a majority Republican congress, and then there are 20 delegations that have majority Democrat members of Congress. So, that’s the breakdown, with three or four being a tie. We’ve got one undecided race in Iowa that could flip that from the undecided column, or tie column, to the GOP,” Brooks said on FM Talk 1065.

“I can’t speak for any other senators or any other congressmen. But in my judgment—having been involved in politics now for a number of decades, and having seen the things that I have seen—in my judgment, Joe Biden did not win the Electoral College, if there was some way we could limit the determination of the winners of the Electoral College to lawful votes cast by eligible American citizens,” Brooks added.

If the House ends up choosing the president, the Senate picks the vice president. Republicans have a 50–48 majority with two runoffs in Georgia taking place in January 2021.

Epoch Times Photo
Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) speaks during the District of Columbia March for Jobs in Upper Senate Park near Capitol Hill in Washington, on July 15, 2013. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Others have also floated the secondary path, including Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz.

“What he’s trying to do is to deny Joe Biden 270 votes, by challenging in Pennsylvania, Georgia, in Nevada, in Michigan, in Arizona,” Dershowitz said recently, referring to lawsuits filed and recounts requested in the battleground states.

“If he can keep the Biden count below 270, then the matter goes to the House of Representatives, where, of course, there is a Republican majority among the delegations of states, and you vote by state if it goes to the House. He’s trying to follow the playbook of three elections of the 19th century.”

The indecisive election scenario first played out in 1801, ending with Thomas Jefferson being chosen as president.

In 1825, both candidates failed to win enough electoral votes, triggering the House vote. The House chose John Adams even though he received fewer electoral votes than Andrew Jackson.

The last time the situation took place was in 1877. No House vote was needed because Republicans and Democrats made a compromise to award controversial ballots to Rutherford Hayes in exchange for the removal of federal soldiers from southern states.