Sunday, May 7, 2023

Soros Henchman Attacks NY Post for Exposing Billionaire’s Ties to Radical DAs

Soros Henchman Attacks NY Post for Exposing Billionaire’s Ties to Radical DAs

May 2nd, 2023 4:32 PM

A former George Soros lackey sought to defend the leftist billionaire and his efforts to undermine the criminal justice system in a series of tweets, relying on a surprising source. 

Patrick Gaspard, the president of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress and the former president of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, on Thursday laid into an article by the New York Post Editorial Board, which criticized Soros-backed district attorneys and highlighted their negligence. Bizarrely, Gaspard cited a report from an institution that has received millions of dollars from Soros’ Open Society Foundations to back his pro-Soros talking points. 

To bolster his defense of Soros-funded prosecutors, Gaspard cited the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (Munk School) at the University of Toronto, writing, “‘We found no evidence to support the claim that progressive prosecutors were responsible for the increase in homicide during the pandemic or before it.’” The former Soros executive failed to mention that the Open Society Foundation, the group he once led, gave eight grants amounting to a whopping $2,777,763 to the University of Toronto from 2016 to 2021.  In 2016, $66,755 was explicitly earmarked for the Munk School, while a $1,368,350 donation was given “to establish Inside Justice, a peer support resource for government officials who design solutions to persistent problems in criminal justice” in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean in 2017.  In 2018, the Open Society Foundation spent yet another $77,510 to establish a fellowship at the Munk School. 

One fellow at the Munk School, Todd Foglesong, helped write the report that Gaspard cites. Foglesong’s personal faculty page notes that, “In cooperation with the Open Society Foundations, he [Folgesong] is developing a peer-based system of support for government officials that seek to solve persistent problems in criminal justice.”

Gaspard did not respond to the cases mentioned or decry excesses of the prosecutors Soros has enabled. Instead, he looked at general statistics comparing states and cities run by Republicans with those run by Democrats, as if all Democrats in elected office shared the same views as Soros-funded Alvin BraggAndrew Warren or Kimberly Foxx. The closest Gaspard came to responding to the heinous cases cited in the New York Post article was his remark that, “Those statistics are cold comfort to communities fearing for their safety.” 

Bongino Report Content Manager Matt Palumbo roasted Gaspard for blaming rising crime on the pandemic. “If the likes of Gaspard and Soros want to blame the pandemic for rising crime nationwide, that begs the question of why a global pandemic only caused a crime surge in America and not the rest of the world,” Palumbo said. “There’s no equivalent crime surge in Europe, for example.”

“Gaspard further showcases his statistical illiteracy in claiming that murder rates soared more in red states than blue states - while ignoring that the increase is concentrated in blue cities,” Palumbo continued. “Soros and his minions know more than anyone else that crime is local, which is exactly why they’ve funneled millions into local DA races, so he has no excuse in making such a weak argument. Of the 20 most violent cities in America, 19 are run by Democratic Mayors (the one non-Democrat is in an officially-nonpartisan office). Furthermore, while Gaspard paints the rise in crime as national, it rose above the national average in cities that have Soros-backed prosecutors and/or defunded their police departments during the 2020 mass racial hysteria.”

This is more than a Soros-funded university department can paper over.

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