Friday, May 5, 2023

Forget the War on Stoves. Here's What the Left's Coming for Now.

Forget the War on Stoves. Here's What the Left's Coming for Now.

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The war on gas stoves is real, and we have emerged victorious for now. The left knows they can’t bum-rush this insane policy initiative to ban these kitchen appliances nationally, so they rolled it out slowly in California. The courts blocked it, paving the way for legal challenges to strike down similar attempts to ban gas stoves nationwide. But that doesn’t mean the environmental left has given up; their end game is to ban the internal combustion engine. So, they’re moving onto other devices.

While liberals tried to destroy our kitchens, they’ve now moved on to leaf blowers. No, I’m not kidding. Leaf blowers and lawnmowers could be the next items on the hit list to save Mother Earth. Another bad idea pitched by people who don’t get that we’re never going to revert to a neo-paleolithic lifestyle (via USA Today):

Your lawn may be the next climate change battleground. And parks. And playgrounds. 

Regulators and clean-air advocates are increasingly eyeing the pollution emitted by small gasoline engines used to power lawn mowers and leaf blowers as they seek to blunt climate change. Environmentalists say using a commercial gas leaf blower for an hour produces emissions equal to driving from Denver to Los Angeles. 

Among cities and states with bans or limits: California; Burlington, Vermont; and Washington, D.C. Vancouver, British Columbia, also has restrictions in place. 

While many critics first attacked the small engines for the noise they make, experts say these small, two-stroke engines release shockingly large amounts of pollution – two problems that modern and increasingly affordable electric-powered equipment solves. 


Washington, D.C., has a much stricter ban, barring the use of gas-powered leaf blowers by anyone within the district as of Jan. 1, 2022, and levying $500 fines for violators, unless they're on federal property. The ban also allows anyone who sees or hears a gas-powered leaf blower to file a complaint – they don't need a city inspector to witness it. 

Denver-area regulators are considering restrictions that primarily target large commercial and municipal users but provide exemptions for homeowners. The Denver-area ban is focused on reducing ozone pollution, which causes breathing difficulties and contributes to climate change.

And to no one’s surprise, the electric equipment to maintain one’s yard is more expensive. To landscapers and those wishing to start similar businesses, expect a three-times increase in the cost to purchase such equipment to comply with these acts of green authoritarianism. 

Another aspect of these new local ordinances against efficiency is that they’ve grandfathered in those who already own gas-powered lawnmowers and landscaping equipment, so spare us the saving the planet nonsense. What’s the point? It’s about control and the left being nuisances and busybodies about what we do in our homes. The only exception is when someone gets pregnant. Then, it’s no one’s business, but they should totally be allowed to kill the baby because regulating that is somehow a bridge too far for these tone-deaf, out-of-touch Marxists.

I’m glossing over the nuances here; the abortion debate is messy. But Lord have mercy, what a terrible idea: declaring war on lawns. What’s next? Even more embarrassing is that the GOP has yet to find a message that’s a true election killer when it comes to defeating Democrats.

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