Thursday, May 11, 2023

All This Failure Is Deliberate


All This Failure Is Deliberate


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I recently had a reader ask, “Why is Joe Biden still President?”  While I’m sure there was some facetiousness in his query, it’s actually worth pondering.  The simple answer is, he was elected (ahem) for a four-year term and still has about a year and a half left.  So, he is President because our Constitution allows him to be, and he hasn’t died yet.  But let’s examine the question a little deeper.

Everything Biden has done has been a disaster.  The economy is teetering.  The border is non-existent.  The banking system and the dollar are crumbling.  Our enemies are taking advantage of the weakness they perceive in the White House.  Crime is out of control in most of our once-great cities.  Traditional morality and decency are in the toilet.  Our children are being butchered and groomed for the hedonistic pleasure of a cadre of sexual deviants.  Women athletes are losing hard-earned rights because of the “transgender” movement, something that almost no one had heard of five years ago.  Government spending is without restraint and, as a result, inflation has soared, and America’s middle class is being squeezed into near oblivion.  The education system continues to produce semi-literates who will do—what?—in the future.  No patriot wants to join the military anymore.  The list of Joe Biden’s cataclysms is endless, but my space in this column isn’t, so I mention only a few of the most egregious catastrophes this man and his ideology have foisted upon the nation.  Why is he still President indeed?

Biden is President, but he is far from in control.  The Marxist, Leftist global movement, whatever groups are ultimately behind it, are using Biden and the Democratic Party as pawns in the supreme game of human domination.  Biden does everything he is told to do.  He is nothing but a puppet, a “useful idiot” as I explained recently—totally unable to think for himself.  The Far Left, the Marxist Left, manipulates him and his ideological band.  Biden doesn’t realize it, but some Democrats do.

But this is why Biden—health permitting—will win the Democratic nomination next year.  Why would the Leftist oligarchy want anyone else, since he is doing exactly what they want him to?  When he has expanded his usefulness, he will be tossed “into the dustbin of history.”  They will have no further need for him, and probably won’t even give him a gold watch.

What is critical to understand is that all the failures of the Biden administration are choreographed.  They are deliberate, exactly what Soros, the WEF, the Deep State, i.e., the Marxist Left covet.  They WANT failure.  We must understand that.  Some of them are intelligent enough to know that Leftist policies never succeed because they contradict basic human nature, economic laws, history, science, God, and every other reality.  This is the horror we are witnessing in America and around the world today—designed, intended collapse.  Those who are engineering this are aware of it and, again, need the failure.  As societies crumble and dissipate into total chaos, someone, echoing Hitler, will have to step forth and restore order again.  The Left certainly doesn’t intend for Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis to do it.  The Marxist Left will be able to assume all power, and the people will gladly give it to them in order to restore some measure of peace and stability to their lives.  The masses will obey whatever orders are given to them under the threat of terror, and out of fear of a resurrection of the madness that brought about the totalitarian state in the first place.  Most Americans sense something is dreadfully wrong, but don’t know enough history to understand it.  That is a supreme tragedy.  

This societal chaos and ultimate takeover are what Leftists have been scheming, actually, since the French Revolution.  It is the world Utopia, with them in charge, of course.  The movement was provided greater emphasis and philosophic buttressing by Marx, and while it failed in the Soviet Union, it’s working in China.  And it is about to conquer the United States, especially if Biden (or any Democrat) is given four more years in the White House.

What I’m basically describing is George Orwell’s novel, 1984.  Orwell portrayed the end result; what we are witnessing today is the movement that will terminate in a 1984-type society.  Again, it is deliberate, planned, and, so far, working almost to perfection.  They will win unless our will is stronger than theirs.  With Ronna McDaniel and Mitch McConnell in control of the (supposed) opposition party, one is not hopeful.  The enemy and its goals must be comprehended in order to be defeated, and the Republican establishment in Washington is utterly clueless.

We bemoan the deterioration and destruction of our country.  But do you think Barack Obama and George Soros are sorrowful about the current trends in America?  Of course not.  It is exactly what they desire and designed.  Things are going according to blueprint.  Oh, there are a few obstacles (traditional, conservative Americans), but they are mostly old geezers who will die off in the next decade or two.  Then who will stand in the gap to defend traditional America?  I tremble for our children and grandchildren.  With the millions of illegals now in, and soon to enter, the country, there is a ready-made mass of humanity to organize into a revolution.  There aren’t enough “crops” for them all to “pick.” What are they going to do?  They will soon discover that America, because of Leftist policies, isn’t what they were promised it would be.  Most of them can’t speak the language well enough to perform skilled labor.  They will live on the streets, or in shantytowns, Venezuelan-retreads; huddled together, miserable, waiting for a Lenin or Mao to lead them.  They will be a revolution waiting to be organized, waiting to happen.  

Ten years ago, we would never have believed this could happen in America.  Too many still don’t believe it.  By the time they do, it will be too late.

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