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The Trump Campaign Released an Ad After the Debate. It's 'Devastating.'

The Trump Campaign Released an Ad After the Debate. It's 'Devastating.'

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Democrats are in a full-blown panic after Thursday evening’s presidential debate. As Politico notes, the event will go down in history as the “most disastrous performance in a televised debate,” pushing Richard Nixon’s sweating incident in 1960 aside. And that’s what Democrats are saying. As for former President Donald Trump, all his campaign has to do is replay clips of President Biden, which is exactly what they did in one of their first ads since the debate.

In a 95-second spot, Biden does all the talking…and it’s brutal.

On Truth Social, Trump released another ad asking voters to think about whether Biden would make it another four years as president. 

"Vote Joe Biden today, get Kamala Harris tomorrow," it concludes. 

The Trump campaign released the following statement after the debate, saying Biden's performance showed the nation "exactly why he deserves to be fired."

“Tonight President Trump delivered the greatest debate performance and victory in history to the largest voter audience in history, making clear exactly how he will improve the lives of every American. Over and over President Trump highlighted common-sense plans to reduce inflation, bringing down the costs of groceries, housing, and gas, as well as his plans to bring back his successful first-term policies that kept our southern border secure and free from the wave of Biden Migrant Crimes currently sweeping our country.

“Joe Biden on the other hand showed exactly why he deserves to be fired. Despite taking a week-long vacation at Camp David to prepare for the debate, Biden was unable to defend his disastrous record on the economy and the border. Throughout the debate Biden lied, invented stories, and could not articulate a single plan to make things less expensive and keep our people safe, choosing instead to change the subject and dwell on the past. Even worse, Biden couldn’t explain why he took a week of vacation at Camp David while 50 ISIS terrorists ran loose in our country. President Trump is spot-on when he says that if Joe Biden is too incompetent to stand trial, then Biden is too incompetent to be President.

“Americans are struggling financially. The families of Laken Riley, Rachel Morin, Jocelyn Nungaray, and every other victim of Biden Migrant Crime are grieving. Our country is on fire at home and we stand on the brink of World War III because of Joe Biden’s incompetence. But we can turn it all around, and bring back the American Dream, starting on day one, by reelecting President Donald J. Trump.” 

–  Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles

Trump Vows to Combat Agencies Weaponized Against Christians

Trump Vows to Combat Agencies Weaponized Against Christians

WASHINGTON—Citing the federal arrests of pro-life activists, former President Donald Trump vowed to establish a task force to investigate anti-Christian bias if he is elected to another term. 

Joe Biden has weaponized the Justice Department to viciously prosecute pro-life activists,” Trump said of the current president on Saturday during remarks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s 15th annual Road to Majority Conference in Washington, D.C. 

“I will also create a new federal task force on fighting anti-Christian bias,” Trump later added. “Its mission will be to investigate all forms of illegal discrimination, harassment, and persecution against Christians in America. It’s taking place at a level that nobody can believe. This is not America any more that we are living in.” 

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Trump specifically talked about the case of Paulette Harlow, a 75-year-old woman sentenced recently to 24 months in prison for singing in front of an abortion clinic after she was convicted of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, or FACE Act. 

Harlow told The Daily Signal earlier this month, “I felt like it was a tremendous privilege to stand in the court on behalf of the unborn, who have no voice.” 

For its part, the Biden administration has said the FACE Act is in place to protect the health and safety of women seeking abortions.

Trump delivered a wide-ranging speech, talking almost 90 minutes about the border crisis, the economy and inflation, and crime. He also talked about his own legal problems, which he said were bogus. 

He was in front of an enthusiastic crowd that interrupted his speech several times with chants of “Trump, Trump, Trump,” and “USA, USA.”

Trump said he has more political wounds than any other president, but noted Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson come closest.

His remarks come days before the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden on Thursday. 

This was Trump’s ninth speech at the Road to Majority Conference.

He is banking on comparing the strong economy under his watch with the lagging economy and inflation under the Biden administration. Biden, meanwhile, is beginning to primarily campaign on Trump’s felony conviction in New York last month.

Trump began talking about the targeting of pro-life activists as a contrast with his position that abortion is a policy that should be decided by the states—not the federal government. 

He talked about the three justices he appointed to the Supreme Court who voted with the court’s majority in 2022 to scrap the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that made abortion legal nationwide. 

“Thanks to these justices, we have what the pro-life movement has fought for for 49 years and we’ve gotten abortion out of the federal government,” Trump said. “Now, the people will decide, and that’s the way it should be. Some states will be more conservative. Some states will be more liberal.”

Trump insisted Democrats don’t want people in the states deciding. 

“If the radical Democrat extremes get their way, they will have a federal law on abortion to rip the baby out of the womb in the seventh, eight, ninth month, or even execute the baby after birth,” Trump said. 

The “execute” reference, Trump said, was about former Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, who had seemingly supported the idea of allowing a baby who survived an abortion to be killed. 

Trump said he is pro-life, but made exceptions for the life of the mother, rape, or incest. 

“Every voter has to go with your heart and do what is right. We have to get elected,” Trump told the audience. 

Trump is scheduled for a rally in Philadelphia, and wasn’t originally on the conference’s speaking list. Trump said that his campaign staff encouraged him to cancel out of the Faith and Freedom Coalition event, and he joked, “I don’t have the courage to do that.”

Trump told the largely Christian crowd that not enough Christians turn out to vote. 

“Christians go to church, but they don’t vote that much,” Trump said. “Do you know how much power you’ll have if you vote? Just this time. In four years, I don’t care.”

Hillary Clinton Needs Some Serious Therapy

Hillary Clinton Needs Some Serious Therapy

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After losing to Donald Trump in 2016, Hillary Clinton has been desperately trying to remain relevant. Even in a time when questioning the results of an election makes you an enemy of democracy, she continues to beat the "Trump Stole the Election" drum for any audience willing to hear it and believe it. Worse yet, she is eternally obsessed with Trump — so much so that I think she needs psychological help.

I don't doubt that the 2016 election broke her and likely caused her some psychological damage. How could it not have? She was lulled into a false sense of confidence, and she saw her victory as inevitable. Media pundits had put her odds of winning at close to 100%, and then she lost. 

What kind of psychological damage does that cause?

Is she in therapy? I wouldn't be surprised if she is, but if so, it's not going well. We can see this clearly in the op-ed she wrote for the New York Times on Tuesday, where she proves once again that she can't let go of the 2016 election. In her piece, she proclaims that it would be a "waste of time" to attempt to debunk Trump's claims in his upcoming debate with Joe Biden.

“It is a waste of time to try to refute Mr. Trump’s arguments like in a normal debate,” she writes. “It’s nearly impossible to identify what his arguments even are. He starts with nonsense and then digresses into blather. This has gotten only worse in the years since we debated.”

Hillary also tapped into the narrative that the bar is so low for Trump that he'll inevitably win the debate. According to her, "expectations for him are so low that if he doesn’t literally light himself on fire on Thursday evening, some will say he was downright presidential.”

Mr. Trump may rant and rave in part because he wants to avoid giving straight answers about his unpopular positions, like restrictions on abortion, giving tax breaks to billionaires and selling out our planet to big oil companies in return for campaign donations. He interrupts and bullies — even stalking me around the stage at one point — because he wants to appear dominant and throw his opponent off balance.

These ploys will fall flat if President Biden is as direct and forceful as he was when engaging Republican hecklers at the State of the Union address in March. The president also has facts and truth on his side. He led America’s comeback from a historic health and economic crisis, with more than 15 million jobs created so far, incomes for working families rising, inflation slowing and investments in clean energy and advanced manufacturing soaring. He’ll win if that story comes through.

And then she attempts to set expectations even lower for Biden. "Unfortunately, Mr. Biden starts from a disadvantage because there’s no way he can spend as much time preparing as I did eight years ago," she claimed. "Being president isn’t just a day job; it’s an everything-everywhere-all-at-once job. Historically, that has led to weaker first debate performances for the incumbent."

This would be the first time anyone has ever argued that being the incumbent is a disadvantage in a presidential debate. Yet here we are. Worse yet, Biden is literally taking the week off for debate prep. She makes no mention of that for obvious reasons. Her goal here is to set the stage for Biden to rise out of the ashes of his faltering campaign like a newborn Phoenix during Thursday's debate. You can bet that media outlets have pre-written all the editorials praising Biden as the victor of the debate.

But Hillary's intense focus on Trump is what really sticks out. It's been nearly eight years since she lost in the biggest upset election in history, and she still can't stop obsessing about the man who defeated her. This isn't healthy.

Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Raging Among the Left

Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Raging Among the Left

GOP Plan for Democratic Convention: Make Chicago the Poster for Democratic Policies


GOP Plan for Democratic Convention: Make Chicago the Poster for Democratic Policies

AP Photo/Erin Hooley

Living in the Chicago area used to be a source of pride for me. It was the "city that works" under "The Boss," Mayor Richard J. Daley. Of course, it "worked" by keeping a lid on racial and ethnic tensions and using the Chicago police as enforcers to keep the peace and maintain the separation of whites from everyone else.

Later, it was still a grand place to visit, relatively safe for people to walk around most of the neighborhoods to sample the various ethnic dishes the city took great pride in.

It was the crack epidemic that started the city's collapse. Then, it was heroin, crystal meth, and finally fentanyl. Chicago has never had the open-air drug markets that plague other cities. But Chicago's central location in the United States made it a natural distribution point for the cartels and other international gangs. This led to turf wars that made Chicago one of the most murderous cities in the U.S.

Then there's been a series of bad city governments. Weak politicians like Rahm Emanuel and incompetents like Lori Lightfoot gave way to the weakest, most incompetent mayor of all: Brandon Johnson.

A bona fide tool of the teachers' union, Johnson has been in over his head since day one, blaming others for his mistakes -- including the powerful governor of the state, J.B . Pritzker. And Republicans looking to counterprogram when the Democratic convention hits town in August have a target-rich environment to choose where to put the bullseye.

Wall Street Journal:

Chicago’s ills—from the migrant crisis to pockets of violent crime to shuttered business—threaten to cast a shadow over the August convention in this Democratic-run city. Republicans plan to make sure they do.

The city’s embrace of some liberal policies in recent years has made Chicago, like San Francisco, a target for GOP attacks on progressivism. Former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has stoked that sentiment by repeatedly singling out the city for criticism.

Further complicating matters for Democrats, pro-Palestinian activists hope to attract 100,000 demonstrators from around the country to protest President Biden’s handling of the war in Gaza. Chaos in the streets could help Trump reinforce his core message of law and order.

“When a convention comes to a city, the city becomes part of the convention,” said Republican consultant Alex Conant, a White House spokesman during George W. Bush’s second term. “Chicago’s problems will become part of the Democratic convention.”

It really is a "can't-miss." Just a few blocks from the United Center, where the convention's main events will be held, are a couple of migrant shelters that, at the moment, are cesspools.

"Colleen Cella keeps an eye out for human excrement outside the building she manages less than a mile from the United Center arena," begins the Wall Street Journal article on the GOP strategy during the convention.

"'The messes started showing up last fall after hundreds of migrants were moved into a property down the block,' said Cella."

Blacks in the city are angry because the migrants are getting goodies that people who have lived in Chicago all their lives aren't getting. Goodies like free rent, free food, and assistance in getting a job. And Hispanics are no happier given that the newcomers are displacing many established Hispanic neighborhoods.

How can Democrats put lipstick on this pig? Mayor Johnson is going to blame everyone else for the city's problems. Other Democrats will follow Johnson's lead and lie.

Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson, speaking at a recent investor conference in Chicago, blamed his city’s challenges on those who ran it before he took office in May 2023, saying “not one crisis in this city right now” developed on his watch. The mayor’s office declined to make him available for an interview.

Chicago’s boosters point to positive developments such as the much-anticipated transformation of a state office complex downtown into a high-tech space for Google, which property and business owners hope will spur economic activity. The Obama Presidential Center is expected to open on the city’s South Side in 2026, boosting tourism and development in an area that has long struggled.

“When the world looks to Chicago this August, they’ll see a world-class city and a convention that showcases the progress possible under President Biden, and a stark contrast to Trump’s chaos, division, and extremism that will be on display in Milwaukee,” said Emily Soong, a Democratic National Convention spokeswoman, in a written statement.

That will be a damn site better than the Democrats showcasing shuttered shops, excrement on the streets, and protests that may or may not get out of control in the city known for chaotic conventions.