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Kamala Harris Is Beyond Fixable

Kamala Harris Is Beyond Fixable

Kamala Harris Is Beyond Fixable
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Joe Biden spent the 2020 election in hiding, but once he assumed the presidency, it was impossible for him to hide his cognitive problems. Unwilling to leave the presidency on his terms, he’s decided to run for reelection, and now, even the media is unable to ignore the liabilities that his advanced age and cognitive decline present.

Even the White House is aware of this issue and is aggressively trying to address it. That’s no easy task. Joe Biden is the oldest person to ever be elected president of the United States, and there were concerns about his age and mental acuity since the beginning of his 2020 campaign. But the pandemic made it easier for him to conceal just how bad things were. That’s not an option anymore, and Biden now faces the rather tall order of having to defend his disastrous presidency and convincing persuadable voters that he is able to serve a second term.

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But since they can’t exactly prove that Biden is physically and mentally fit (because he’s not) and more voters will see voting for Biden in 2024 as a de facto vote for Harris, the bright minds at the White House have concluded that it would be far easier to focus their efforts on improving the image of Vice President Kamala Harris, whose poll numbers are even worse than Joe Biden’s. In fact, she is the least popular vice president in the history of polling.

Even Joe Biden is trying to make her look good now.

“I just think that Vice President Harris hasn’t gotten the credit she deserves,” Biden told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle in an interview that aired Friday. “She is really very, very good. And with everything going on, she hasn’t gotten the attention she deserves.”

That’s an interesting take. Frankly, she gets plenty of attention, but the problem is that it’s a lot of negative attention. Her incompetence is on display whenever she speaks. She has been widely criticized for her tendency to laugh at inappropriate times and her inability to answer even basic questions about important policy issues without descending into a nonsensical word salad.

According to USA Today, despite the efforts of the White House and even Joe Biden personally to improve her image and tout her so-called record, her poll numbers have been so bad for so long that several Democrats “expressed concern that they may be beyond repair” and believe the reason is that the White House didn’t do enough to address this problem it early on.

How exactly can you fix Kamala, when, at 58 years old, she’s barely more coherent than the 80-year-old Joe Biden? The reality is that the only person that can fix her is herself, and if she was capable of being a substantive and strong leader, she would have achieved that at this point of her own volition. She hasn’t done that because she can’t. It was clear during the 2020 Democratic primaries that she was a terrible candidate who only managed to stand out when she implied that Joe Biden was racist, and she still only maxed out with single-digit support before dropping out ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

Kamala Harris might be Joe Biden’s insurance policy from getting ousted by means of the 25th Amendment, but she’s also a liability who fails to assure voters that, if Biden is unable to serve a full second term, the nation will be in good hands. And there’s nothing the White House can do about that.

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