On Monday, the Justice Department announced that it was blocking Texas’ new voter identification measure – claiming that the law was discriminatory under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

Yes, Attorney General Eric Holder and the ideologues at the DOJ think its wrong for states like Texas to ask you to prove your identity to vote – but don’t object to the fact that you need a photo ID to get in to the actual Department of Justice building.

As the Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky observes: "[T]o exercise your First Amendment right to ‘petition the Government for redress of grievances’ by talking to anyone at the Justice Department, you have to present a government-issued photo ID if you want to get into their headquarters in Washington. How discriminatory!"

Holder claims that the Texas law goes against the "arc of history," but he has yet to build a convincing case that state voter ID laws actually disenfranchise Hispanic voters.

When the Supreme Court voted to uphold Indiana’s voter ID statute, it was the liberal Justice John Paul Stevens who wrote the majority opinion. Steven’s cited a excerpt of the lower court’s decision, penned by Judge Terence T. Evans, which stated, “The motivation for the suit is simply that the law may require the Democratic Party…to work harder to get every last one of their supporters to the polls.” Stevens concluded, "[I]f a nondiscriminatory law is supported by valid neutral justifications, those justifications should not be disregarded simply because of partisan interests."

And let’s not overlook the Carter-Baker Report, a bipartisan study co-chaired by former President Jimmy Carter, which recommended identification as a way “to make sure the person arriving at the polling site is the same one named on the registration list.”

Not only do those on the left see validity in voter identification laws, but public opinion also favors them. Sixty-nine percent of Americans say photo ID laws "make sense," and according to a Resurgent Republic poll, a majority of Hispanic voters in the swing states of Florida, Colorado and New Mexico support the law.

And numerous studies have shown that voter ID does not depress voter turnout as Democrats claim. A study conducted by the University of Delaware and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln said that concerns over voter ID laws and turnout are "much ado about nothing."

Despite this, the Obama administration is hell-bent on making voter ID a major controversy leading into the 2012 election. After seeing his numbers soften among Hispanics who are dissatisfied with his leadership and the direction of the country, President Obama and Eric Holder are doing what the Left does best: manufacturing controversy and using a complicit media to make this an issue about race to demagogue Republicans and scare Hispanic voters.

For our Machiavellian President, Hispanics have only becomes a means to an end. And that is a true injustice.

Alexis Garcia is a political producer and correspondent for PJTV.com. She also worked as a communications aide for the Giuliani and McCain-Palin 2008 presidential campaigns.