Tuesday, May 30, 2023

MAGIC! Presto-Chango, See Which Democrat Attack Transforms Into 'Republicans Pounce!'

MAGIC! Presto-Chango, See Which Democrat Attack Transforms Into 'Republicans Pounce!'

MAGIC! Presto-Chango, See Which Democrat Attack Transforms Into 'Republicans Pounce!'
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“Republicans Pounce!” is the prestidigitation the Mainstream Media performs when they want to distract you from what Democrats are actually doing. Never mind the left hand reaching into your pocket to lift your wallet. Focus instead on the right hand pointing at the pickpocket that the press insists isn’t there.

And so we come back once more to the Left’s War on Gas Stoves and Politico’s latest “Republicans Pounce!” article to make you believe it isn’t happening.

There’s just so much to unpack in Kelsey Tamborrino and Alex Guillén’s brief, 12-word lede that I barely know where to begin.

Here it is: House Republicans are relighting the flames of their gas stoves culture war.

Local Democrats in various cities actually are banning gas stoves (and sometimes gas furnaces) in new construction, and New York has banned both in most new buildings, statewide, starting in 2026. I can’t wait to see what happens to upstate homeowners’ utility bills during the first deep cold snap when they’re trying to heat 3,000 square feet with electricity.

Gooder and harder, New York.

Anyway, with all that going on, it’s easy to see a time when local and state Democrats pass laws requiring that existing homes switch to all-electric before existing owners will be allowed to sell them. And given that today’s local and state Democrats will become tomorrow’s congresscritters, cabinet officials, and even presidents, it’s impossible to take seriously when Presidentish Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm deny that anyone is coming after your gas stove or your gas furnace.

Just this week, Congresscritter Cori Bush (CPUSA-Mo.) played the race card as part of her effort against gas stoves. “I wish my Republican colleagues were as concerned about Black and brown communities on the frontlines of our climate crisis as they are about an appliance,” she said in a hearing on Tuesday. “St. Louis ranks among the highest across our country in rates of asthma, with rates significantly higher for Black residents than White residents.”

Gas stove fumes cause more harm to black people because reasons.

I just assume all these people are on China’s payroll. If not, then I assume they’re getting paid off by electric appliance makers, solar panel manufacturers, etc.

Politico dismisses all these legitimate concerns as a GOP “culture war” meant to inflame Neanderthal passions against Democrats just trying to do the good work of preventing gas stoves from murdering black children in the night.

“Efficiency advocates say the attack on DOE’s proposed rule — which includes no outright ban on gas stoves — is based on a willful misunderstanding of the facts,” write Tamborrino and Guillén. Those so-called efficiency standards, like Biden’s impossible new CAFE restrictions on gas-powered cars and trucks, are intended to make it nearly impossible to afford gas appliances or buy a new gas car.

So it’s a neat trick Politico is trying to perform here. The MSM has gone from claiming that the gas stove ban:

  • Is just a figment of paranoid Republican imaginations.
  • Is maybe a good idea, ackshully.
  • Is needed because gas stoves are literally killing children.
  • Is still just a figment of paranoid Republican imaginations because, pinky swear, we’re just trying to make gas stoves safer.

Left unsaid is that the new and improved gas stoves will be improved so much that the only people who will still have them are the rich and celebrity chefs with special carve-outs from the law.

Meanwhile, I’ll glumly prepare for the day that the all-electric kitchen I was so happy to leave behind just as soon as I could afford a nicer place to live becomes the Democrat-mandated norm.

I guess I’m just crazy and pouncey like that.


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