Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Don's Tuesday Column

      THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   5/23/2023

    Normalizing corruption, rot, lies

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” Credited to Sir Walter Scott, 1808, the adage applies to the 7-year long political, judicial, criminal, and even cultural, campaign of corrupt motives and practices by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Congressional Democrats. Likewise, to the rotten and deceptive collaboration of federal law enforcement with major news and media behemoths to turn what amounts to a mountain of lies into a molehill of “so what.”

It's like the despicable “dirty trick” by then-Sen. Harry Reid, who told a nation, via the sycophantic (to Barack Obama) left-leaning news media that “someone” told him that candidate Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in years, challenging Romney to prove that he did. The accusation threw a bombshell into the 2016 presidential campaign, with non-skeptical “journalists” parroting the “when did you stop beating your wife” type of gotcha questions at Romney.

In a candid admission during a post-election interview, Reid essentially admitted to the bold-faced lie but dismissed it with a blithe “Well, he lost, didn’t he?” News media reaction was predictably “move along, nothing to see here,” not unlike the quasi-admiration they harbored over Bill Clinton’s fallacious, lying habits.

Kudos to the editor for picking up columnist Michael Reagan’s “Examining the real ‘biggest threat to America.’” Reagan put the rowdy, riotous-but-not-insurrectionist Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol protests into perspective compared to the interference—intended to keep Donald Trump from winning in 2016, help remove him while President, and prevent his reelection—in our representative democracy’s elections. It’s still posted at Redbluffdailynews.com, click on “Opinion.” The link: https://www.redbluffdailynews.com/2023/05/20/examining-the-real-biggest-threat-to-america/.

To the extent voters have been informed about the Durham Report—which, like the Mueller Report, found no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion, conspiracy or coordination—polling will reflect their disapproval of the massive perversion of justice, and vilification, inflicted on Trump, his presidency, his personnel, and his Make America Great Again/America First supporters. Columns and letters on this page have spewed baseless attacks and demonization of this writer and Trump in ad hominem castigation fueled by lies.

Recent polling showed inconvenient voter beliefs that the 2020 election was compromised, including a plurality of Democrats and most Independents; they believe the results were affected by fraud and irregularities.

The impact of the government/national security (CIA et al)/news media suppression of the Hunter laptop revelations, regarding Biden family corruption, was such that 15-17% of Democrat voters would not have voted for Joe Biden had they known. Take just 10 percent of Biden’s votes away and, all else aside, Trump would have won the popular vote, most “swing states,” and a solid electoral college win. I see a stolen election.

With the release of the long-awaited results from Special Counsel John Durham's investigation into the FBI's targeting of the 2016 Trump campaign, the sobering reality of the rot embedded inside U.S. federal “law enforcement” agencies has become crystal clear yet again. The Clinton campaign coordinated with the Obama administration—including CIA Director John Brennan and Attorney General Loretta Lynch—to tie Trump to Russia in the minds of the American people. What more do you need to conclude that “the fix” was in?

“The objective facts show that the FBI's handling of important aspects of the Crossfire Hurricane matter was seriously deficient. Based on the review of Crossfire Hurricane and related intelligence activities, we conclude that the (Justice) Department and FBI failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law,” Durham wrote in his final report. “FBI records prepared by [Peter] Strzok in February and March 2017 show that, at the time of the opening of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI had no information in its holdings indicating that at any time during the campaign anyone in the Trump campaign had been in contact with any Russian intelligence officials.”

And yet, the false accusations of “Russian collusion” continued for years. “What the Durham Report teaches us about election denial,” Katie Pavlich, Townhall.com:

“Once the FBI failed to stop Trump from getting into office—with FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Special Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page leading the way—they wanted revenge and to redeem themselves. The FBI's 2016 spying was only the beginning and the first step of endless, snowballing and false accusations. Crossfire Hurricane was the first step toward a fruitless yet destructive Mueller Special Counsel investigation—which was launched in May 2017 to investigate Russian collusion, months after the FBI admitted there was no Trump connection to Russia—and eventually, two impeachments. It tore the country apart and made our politics and distrust of public institutions more toxic than ever.

“The left and their allies in the media never accepted Trump's 2016 victory and worked for years—by using the power of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies—to undermine and damage his presidency, not to mention the people who voted for him. And yet, they somehow get away with classifying themselves as election realists and ‘saviors of democracy.’ In reality, they're just liars who are perfectly fine with undermining elections for their own political benefit.”

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