Mitch McConnell
“Cocaine Mitch” graphic. Image via Team Mitch.
On Tuesday night, when the word was spreading quickly that a shift had occurred within the GOP Senate caucuses and now the members were looking to hear from witnesses, I was mildly shocked. When word came out that the Senate Majority Leader himself had said that he lacked the votes to stop witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial I was seriously shocked. I went to bed perplexed and when the sun had risen over the east coast Wednesday morning the buzz was still loud about the votes not being there to stop this charade.
When mid-afternoon hit and Senator Cory Gardner from Colorado said he didn’t feel the need to hear from more witnesses and his seat is up this year, I suddenly realized what I had forgotten ever so briefly.
Mitch McConnell knows how to play this game.
In less than 24 hours, the momentum swung back to this trial ending on Friday after a day of gotcha questions on the Senate floor between the House impeachment managers and the President’s defense team. This was a roller coaster cycle that went from weeks to months of this trial to being done in 48 hours.
Evidently, former RNC Chair Michael Steele knew all along that McConnell had been screwing with us all.
From Raw Story
Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on Wednesday said that the Senate trial of President Donald Trump is “over” for all practical purposes.
“At the end of the day, there will be no more witnesses added to this conversation,” Steele told an MSNBC panel. “This is pretty much over. I mean, I think we just need to wrap our heads around that and think about the longer game to come.”
Well, how about that?
The Bolton book controversy is shaping up like most New York Times exclusives to be pretty much a dud. Bolton and his team could very easily just give a thumbs up that the story that the Times was given on Sunday is 100% accurate. That would make it nearly impossible for the GOP to not call at least Bolton. Yet they have stayed silent and you have to wonder why.
Maybe it was the whole “Mueller Report is gonna sink the President” leaks every 2 or 3 weeks.
Michael Steele is an MSNBC contributor and no fan of Donald Trump — hence, why he is still an MSNBC contributor. If Steele and his sources are telling him the game is about ready to be called he is probably spot-on. The only people who would be talking with him are the moderates and they have seen this MSM leak BS gone astray one too many times. Plus, with some Democrats now speaking out loud about how much longer this is going to go, you have to believe Mitch knows the count.
It looks like in the impeachment game being played by  McConnell and Nancy Pelosi, Mitch has one-upped Madame Speaker once again. Of course, there is a national election coming up and both the House and the Senate are up for grabs so yet again another fight will be had.
Yet if you had to pick a strategist between the two I don’t know how you do not go with Mitch.
I’m not betting against him on anything right now.