Monday, May 15, 2023

Biden Bottoms Out

Biden Bottoms Out


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That crusty freak masquerading as our president got some bad news the other day, not that it penetrated the fog of senility that clouds what’s left of his never-too-sharp mind. It was not just that a recent ABC/WaPo poll had him at a mere 36% overall approval. That’s bad. There are random toe fungi that poll better, which is not shocking since the vast majority of Americans understand that random toe fungus would make a substantially better chief executive (Coincidentally, I saw Random Toe Fungi open for Grandpa Badfinger at the 9:30 Club in DC in 1986). But what’s worse, for Joe Bidet and his garbage crime party, is that Donald Trump is beating him in a head-to-head matchup. So is Ron DeSantis. And, I suspect, though it was not polled, so is Random Toe Fungi.

The poll went on to note that only 36% of Democrats want him as their nominee. This is pretty damn bad, even understanding that the polls from these regime outlets are about as trustworthy as a Bulwark staffer’s poolboy. You can read between the lines and see that these guys desperately want the Deadbeat Grandad to get out of the way and allow a new, younger, less manifestly senile generation of commie sympathizers take over the transformation of America into a Third World Marxist cesspool. 

But you cannot deny that this buffoon, who would have to perform exponentially better to merely equal the gawdawful Jimmy Carter, has had a bad few weeks. Let’s review…

He went to Ireland and made a fool of himself, then skipped the coronation of our closest ally’s king. Yes, royalty is utterly ridiculous, but maybe don’t insult our best friends by sending your pretentious wife, the doctor (sic), in your place. 

The debt ceiling is coming and default is looming and the Republicans have passed a plan and he is stuck at “Just give me endless more money to squander.” His position is untenable, and he couldn’t negotiate a second bowl of gruel.

Millions of illegals are going to flood the border in a couple days and he’s too afraid of the pinko alien-huggers to defend the border from the hordes. The footage, which the regime media may well show to its viewers as part of the increasingly-desperate left’s Operation Dump the Dementite, will be horrifying.

The economy is in shambles, and he’s having to bail out his banking bros at the hoity-toity lib banks that keep going under. And, on individual level, voters are finding that bacon, eggs, milk, and other staples cost an arm and a leg and, in the case of his trans constituents, a genital.

Speaking of trans, people are getting sick of having to conform society to the needs and wants of weirdos who pretend to be the opposite sex. The tide is definitely turning against the trans trend, yet Biden is standing athwart it yelling “Transition!”

Oh, and that piece of crap in Nashville who went on a murder spree ruined a perfectly good opportunity to demand we normal people disarm by being trans and screwing up the narrative. Biden’s allies have made a brave attempt to label the latest one, the Latinx murderer in Texas, as a “white supremacist” but that’s weaksauce. What Mushmind really needs right now is a good, old fashioned cisgender Christian Republican NRA member of pallor to go on a killing spree, but the only people these inhuman monsters ever seem to kill are scumbag Democrat constituent mass shooters.

Overseas, there was the aforementioned snub of our ally the Brits. The Saudi have ditched us for the Iranians while Israel is getting sick of the administration interfering in its internal affairs. China is openly mocking us, and it’s actually inexplicable that Xi has not yet simply grabbed Taiwan – of course, with our Navy composed of drag queens and drag queen fans who cannot seem to keep from running ships into other ships, the Chi Com-in-Chief not worried about US push-back even if Biden was man enough to provide any. Oh, and Biden has managed to pick the worst possible path in Ukraine – don’t supply enough to win the war, but also do not force the parties to negotiate, and instead trickle in just enough weapons to let this dangerous stalemate grind on indefinitely. 

Hunter’s troubles are coming to a head. He may get charged and slapped on the wrist, which will cause a firestorm. Worse for the Matlock superfan, congressional Republicans are tracking down evidence of outright bribery. And let’s not forget his grotesque refusal to acknowledge his grand-daughter via Hunter’s stripper tapping.

Finally, there’s the fact that he’s decaying before our eyes. Never the sharpest knife in the drawer, he’s getting worse. The big problem for his band of idiot wranglers is that Biden thinks he’s fine and loves to chat. But we all know he’s not fine. He’s on an express train to Senile City and he just passed through Incoherenton.

This will only get worse. Biden is as evil as he is stupid, which is very, and he will try to distract and deflect by blaming normal people for his myriad failings. Everyone is to blame but him and his ilk. He will divide and destroy, and we can only hope that he does not damage our country fatally before he finally goes away for good. Yeah, Biden is hitting bottom, but now that he’s there, count on him to start digging.

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