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As DeSantis Decision Nears, Media Ramps Up the Smears

As DeSantis Decision Nears, Media Ramps Up the Smears

The Morning Briefing: As DeSantis Decision Nears, Media Ramps Up the Smears
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Top O’ the Briefing

Things are about to get a lot spicier in the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. As Matt wrote last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to finally announce that he will be challenging former President Donald Trump. Of course, DeSantis has been the other candidate in this race all along, pretty much living rent-free in Trump’s head these last several months.

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I should repeat for the millionth time that I will be all in on Trump if he’s the nominee. People have so many FEELINGS about this election and anything less than complete worship of Trump isn’t tolerated by his hardcore fans. I will also repeat that I don’t worship politicians — they work for me. I’d be happy to help give either Trump or DeSantis the job. Not so much with the rest of the potential field, though. Schlichter has a great takedown of the rest of them in his latest Townhall column.

The Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media are afraid of both Trump and DeSantis and — because they’re not very crafty anymore — they don’t do anything to hide it. Athena wrote yesterday about a recent Politico panic piece about a potential Trump return to the Oval Office:

Politico ran a story on Friday, and I must say, the title quickened my pulse. Tellingly titled, “Hurricane Trump Is Coming — And Washington Hasn’t Bothered to Prepare,” the story ran with the subhead, “After 2020, reformers vowed to erect guardrails against a rogue chief executive. They ran into a wall of complacency, partisanship and distraction.”

As if Leftists would have done a single thing to curtail executive overreach while they held office. Puh-lease.

Good Lord, the vapors these people get when writing about Trump. It’s as if they’re all taking a freshman composition class and the homework is a horror story. If only he’d been the Slayer of All Things Swamp that they make him out to be. I really hope that he does become “Hurricane Trump” if he gets back into office. This is from a column I wrote the first week of this year:

After all of the Beltway backstabbing that Trump endured from both sides of the aisle, I sincerely hope that if he returns, it is with a single-minded focus on righting wrongs, real or imagined. I told a friend of mine the other day that I want him to show up to his second inauguration wearing nothing but a codpiece and carrying a flamethrower. Just to set the tone.

The leftist press hacks are going to have to work double time during the Republican primaries because they fear and hate DeSantis as much as they do Trump. Sometimes the hit pieces will be subtle, as with the recent news about Disney canceling a huge project there, which Chris wrote about:

In 2021, then-Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced an ambitious plan to move the company’s Imagineering division from Glendale, Calif., to the Lake Nona area of Orlando, Florida. A favorable business climate in the Sunshine State, paired with a similar atmospheric climate to California, made the idea sound like a no-brainer to Chapek.

The project would have uprooted all the Imagineers and their families, forcing them to move across the country, an idea that was unpopular among the Imagineers. Former-CEO-turned-new-CEO Bob Iger saw the writing on the wall, and, as he has done with many of Chapek’s decisions, he reversed course.

The project was doomed, but it’s being spun that it was to spite DeSantis for his “war” with Disney. After years of lying about DeSantis killing people during COVID, they’re lying about him killing jobs.

The execrable Dem advocates at Politico struck again, this time going after DeSantis’s wife. My colleague Sarah Arnold covered the story at Townhall:

Politico piece faces significant backlash after posting a scathing report on the wife of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla)— Casey DeSantis. 

Titled “The Casey DeSantis Problem: His Greatest Asset and His Greatest Liability,” is receiving hate for its sexist and misogynistic tone. The article quoted anonymous former DeSantis staffers, alleged insiders who supposedly have “dirt” on the couple, and Democratic strategists who accuse DeSantis’s wife of being “blindly ambitious” in an effort to help her husband be elected as the next president. 

The article also refers to Casey DeSantis as “Lady Macbeth,” the Shakespearean character who conspires to have her husband kill the king so that he can ascend to the throne.

Subtle, no?

Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ghostwrite this thing?

The rule in American political reporting is that a candidate’s family is off-limits unless the candidate is a Republican. All of leftist media conspired to keep Hunter Biden’s laptop out of the news in 2020. As those of us who aren’t delusional have known all along, Hunter Biden is one of the biggest sleazebags in presidential family history. But he’s off-limits for the likes of Politico writers.

The American mainstream media has been plumbing new depths since the 2016 presidential election. The cheerleaders were even worse in 2020. Sadly, they’re almost certain to go even lower trying to tear apart Trump and DeSantis. This is going to be ugliness on a Jill Biden dress scale. Both men are going to have to balance fending off unhinged attacks in the media and attacks from each other.

By the time one emerges victorious, he’ll be plenty battle tested.

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