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What Is to Be Done?

What Is to Be Done?


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Vladimir Lenin saw degeneration in Czarist Russia and wanted a Marxist revolution. He eventually got one.  In 1901, in his most famous book entitled “What Is to Be Done?”, he laid out his plan, which catapulted him into a leadership position among revolutionaries in his country.

2023.  We see degeneration in America, caused largely by Lenin’s Marxist ideology that ultimately destroyed the Soviet Union.  We know our country is in serious trouble, heading decidedly in the wrong direction, a path that will lead only to weakness, misery, and subsequent oblivion (as happened to Soviet Russia).  But what can we do?  Permit me to borrow Lenin’s famous question.  What is to be done?  Is there a path to salvation, and what might it be?  I can make only a few suggestions in this column; the reader can determine their worth. 

1.  First and foremost, and without which nothing else will work:  back to God and the values He established for humanity.  The nuclear family, proper child rearing (meaning discipline and education), honesty, integrity, love, spirituality.   There will be absolutely no truly positive renaissance in America until this happens.  It is a sine qua non.  No hope exists otherwise.

Of course, the heathenist Left will fight this viciously.  Atheism (in the guise of Darwinism and Marxism) is being rigorously indoctrinated into our children.  Our cultural “leaders” (in politics, media, entertainment, education, even in some churches) are groveling in an immoral slime pit.  They aren’t going to spearhead a new “great awakening.”  Even if some huge cataclysm struck (nuclear war, hordes of Mongols sweeping across the land), the current mentality among the “intelligentsia” is to blame God for all human-caused misery, not turn back to Him in humble repentance.  But we conservatives can, and must, be as flint-headed as they are.  God.  Family.   Country.  No compromise on any of these essential values.  That is the foundation for recovering our nation.   Without it, we lose.

 2.  Political involvement is also necessary.  Corrupt elections are becoming the rule, not the exception nowadays.  The Democrats are past masters at stealing elections, and they intend, with the help of the Chinese, to pilfer next year’s, too.  The Republicans have suggested no plan to stop it.   

We must be a politically-active people.  No more “just voting.”  Get out and knock doors.  Make phone calls.  Stand in the malls and pass out flyers.  If you live in a solid blue district, send money to help a conservative candidate in another district.  Then volunteer to watch the vote counting to make sure Democrats don’t cheat.  Be merciless in that regard.  No more Mr. Nice Guy when it comes to elections.  Get involved!  EVERYBODY do their part.  McDaniel and McConnell aren’t going to help so we must do it ourselves.  Which is the way it is supposed to be anyway.  That’s democracy.    

3.  Some of us are sitting back, wringing our hands, waiting for someone else to tell us what to do or take the initiative, or waiting for the Democrats to self-destruct.   The latter will eventually happen (never forget the Soviet Union) because Leftist ideology is contrary to every aspect of reality (science, history, economics, God), and hungrier mouths always exist elsewhere.  We are already seeing signs of the eventual destruction in Democrat-run cities (San Francisco, St. Louis, Philadelphia, New York, Detroit, Chicago, etc.), and in the failure of every single one of Joe Biden’s policies, all of which are based on Leftist delusions.  Leftists cannot build, they only destroy.  And they WILL ultimately destroy themselves.  But how much of America will they take with them in the process?

There has been a beginning here, however.  Leftists in America are pushing very hard, too hard, as the recent backlash against Bud Light and transgenderism demonstrates.  Keep pushing back.  Keep boycotting, and let companies know you ARE boycotting until they reform.  The Left will never give up, of course.  They must be annihilated—either by self-immolation or by patriotic Americans—if the country is ever to be totally secure.  It will be a long, difficult fight, but we will win if we deem our country worth saving.

4.  But, what if the deterioration continues despite all our efforts?  A national divorce?  Save what we can while there is still time?  This option has been mentioned more than once recently, and I intend to write about it soon, at least from a historical standpoint.   Nobody wants this.  We love America and we want to save our nation.   But we are clearly (at least) two peoples now and agreement appears impossible.  

I have nothing in common with drag queens, pedophiles, abortionists, child mutilators, welfare bums, atheists, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, or any other Leftist ideologue. Maybe I could live in the same country with them if they would mind their own business and let me mind mine, and if they wouldn’t try to ram their putrid philosophy down my throat and use my money for their godless and anti-American causes.  But that isn’t Leftism.  They have to rule, and they demand obedience.  I don’t want to live in a country like that.  I did, for ten years (China), and I finally got fed up with it and left.  But the Left also doesn’t want us in control, and we shouldn’t ram our beliefs down their throats, either.  A national divorce might be the only solution, and as sad as it would be, it may become necessary.

But let’s make every effort to save the country first.  

Involvement by every conservative possible is essential, and that means you and me.  If we do nothing but gripe, we are as much as giving the country to the Democrats.  

Freedom and righteousness are worth fighting for and there will always be tyrants and heathen trying to take them away from us.   It’s past time for patriotic Americans to get involved and act.

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