Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Lies, Lies and More Lies

Lies, Lies and More Lies


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Lies, lies, and more lies flowed from the mouth of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas at a press conference on Wednesday.  It does not matter if you are a Republican or Democrat; if American blood and Texas pride are part of your makeup, you must be appalled.

Those of us living in Texas have watched the daily flow of illegal people walking across our southern border.  Governor Abbott has used Texas tax dollars to ship thousands of these illegals to so-called "sanctuary cities."  Those cities are now screaming foul.  

I guess the welcome mat is not on their front steps as advertised.

In typical Mayorkas fashion, the cause of the flood of people is not his fault.  He never takes responsibility for his actions.

Our border was secure and functioning as designed prior to Mayorkas and Company taking over control.  They are the ones that changed the operation of the border that now allows busloads of people to cross into Texas every day.

Mayorkas and Company can fix this issue overnight.  Simply change the control of the border to the status it was before they got their hand on the handle of political power.  If changes are needed in immigration law, let the people who have that responsibility, the US Congress do their job.

Sadly, our two major political parties have moved away from debate and discussion of the issues to one of blatant political power.  Congress is supposed to debate, compromise and knead different ideas into a final product.  Many times the good points supported by each side are put together into a product better than either side of the argument standing alone.

When a person with the authority of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas stands before an audience of reporters prepared or so ignorant to ask only softball questions and tells one lie after another regarding a closed border, our country is in huge trouble.

We, as Americans and Texans, must stand up against this travesty.  Legal migrants are welcome in our country.  Perhaps the word LEGAL should be in capital letters.  And that's where the big rub comes in.

What is the Biden administration and the Democratic party's desired number of additional votes?  As the Democrats control the Senate and the House Speaker has a slim 9-vote majority, the likelihood of advancing voter ID is about as likely as finding a seashore in West Kansas.

The Democrats, including Biden, are against requiring voter ID.  They prefer to keep the voting process open to allow anyone to cast a ballot, regardless of their legal status.  This may result in a seemingly legitimate voting process, but it also increases the likelihood of fraudulent activity.  Folks in the graveyard in Chicago have been voting for years.

Several Democratic Congressmen in South Texas agree with their Republican counterparts about the urgent need to close the border.  Their constituents are experiencing numerous problems, including cut fences, loose livestock, scattered trash and debris, buildings being broken into, and the contents being stolen.  Additionally, there is a concerning influx of fentanyl and other drugs being brought in by the truckload.

Regardless of political party affiliation, being a true American means putting your country first and your political party second. The southern border issue is a problem that affects all Americans. We need more statesmen who prioritize God, country, community, family, and then themselves. Where are these individuals?

Many members of Congress have prioritized their own interests above all else, which is unacceptable. While newer Congressmen and women are making efforts to change this, they face resistance from long-time politicians who are deeply entrenched in the system. Removing these individuals is crucial, but the question remains: how can we accomplish it?

Currently, Congress is not actively engaged in any true legislative work. As we patiently wait for someone to take a stand against the current situation in our country, we can expect to continue hearing falsehoods from the White House. These lies are amplified by the mass media and could gradually lead our nation astray from the desires of the majority.

And that begs the question, are true Americans still the majority?

Mr. Mayorkas, open your eyes, see what is reality, and then put the lie machine away and do the right thing to re-establish a southern border.  Stop the lies, playing with Americans' lives, and let Congress do its job.  

We, the people, not political appointees, have the obligation to let Congress know what they should do regarding border law.  

Laws so critical to America's safety and future should not be the current political football it has become.

Lies are not the answer.  They are the problem.

Stop the lies, open your eyes, and do your job


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