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Democrats’ plan of transitioning America to a one-party state

- The Washington Times - Monday, September 25, 2023

The Democratic Party has lost interest in America as a nation.

Instead, Democrats and their radical and violent base, their mega-monied leftists, have three central goals for one party, not one country: Ideology, power and money.

To achieve this, they are now gutting America, scooping out the working parts and replacing them with Marxist-inspired controls. “Equity” dumbs everybody down. Critical race theory obliterates individuals. Environmental, social and governance policies rope everyone in to be agents of the Democratic Party state.

Check your retirement account. It’s an ESG donor now.

Democrats now depict the United States as such an awful place that it can’t be redeemed. Keyword: “racism.” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, son of the late Joseph Buttigieg, a leading American Marxist professor, states without doubt that roads are racist. The liberal media write that lawns are racist, as are Black conservatives, school choice and dissenting parents. And anyone who disagrees with them.

Leading the charge is President Biden. He characterizes America as frothing with White supremacists. They lurk everywhere, causing chaos and havoc, according to his fanciful mind. He is a grumpy president whose motive is to keep Black Americans as angry and resentful as possible.

The rampant urban crime destroying neighborhoods — thefts, carjackings, murders. Yep. White supremacists.

Underwriting this restructuring of our country are socialist oligarchs led by George Soros, who funds every aspect of the left and the party.His agenda for us peasants: open borders, no sovereignty, no criminal prosecution and defunded police. All of these have been disasters, but that’s the objective. (Mr. Soros, a billionaire currency trader, lives a life of comfort in a town that has a robust police force right down the road.)

He hates sovereignty — the right of the United States to govern itself.

“The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions,” he wrote in his 1998 game plan, “The Crisis of Global 

A political party, if truly dedicated to American greatness, would shun such a financier as Mr. Soros. But since the Democratic Party is dedicated to the troika of 

The United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization and other global power wannabes are circling, waiting until the Soros regime takes firm control so they can pounce. They want our money, billions of it, and our sovereignty.

Mr. Biden is the Lenin in all of this. To achieve a one-party state, he first opened the southwestern border to suck in millions of future voters. The vicious drug cartels are organizing and transporting them. All Mr. Biden needed to do was change immigration rules to usher them in as fast as possible.

Never missing a chance to weaken the U.S. as a nation, left-wing groups argue that citizenship laws are filled with racism. Local blue jurisdictions are moving to let noncitizens vote.

In the District of Columbia, Democrats have prepared a law to take over federal elections now run by states. The Democrats’ proposal, which is blocked in the Senate for now, requires that states register everyone to vote who has an address.

This goes back to the Biden grand plan: Flood us with illegal migrants and weaken citizenship.

The goal of transitioning America to a one-party state permeates the left 24/7.

The Justice Department brazenly targets Mr. Biden’s political adversaries. Pro-life people are surveilled for any chance to charge them with a crime and bolster Democrats’ abortion politics. Free spirit Elon Musk took away Twitter (now X), the Democrats’ personal information playground. Mr. Biden promptly targeted him for investigation.

A growing censorship industry, including the FBI, harasses conservative media under the fake title of “fact checkers.” They target views with which they disagree and press advertisers to cut off money.

Why does Mr. Biden go soft on China? Why does he say he will not “contain” China and wants China to succeed economically?

Because Chinese money makes its way not only into the Biden family but also into Democratic Party campaigns via middlemen. Michael Bloomberg, for example, is a giant Democratic donor. He also does extensive business in China. He says China is not a dictatorship.

Mr. Biden’s campaign committee and dedicated PACs spent $1.6 billion in the 2020 election cycle, according to Then-President Donald Trump spent $600,000 less, at $1 billion.

Only one force has enough money, organization and intellectual power to stop Democrats, billionaire oligarchs and the liberal press.

It’s the Republican-conservative alliance.

Out of that movement, conservatives chose the only person they believed was tough enough to lead to a new American freedom.

Donald Trump, flawed as he is, is a natural counter-Democrat who enjoys expressing a love of America as a nation. His supporters view him as genuine. Mr. Biden brands them as terrorists. Mr. Trump exalts in their presence.

Unfortunately, in the Jan. 6 riot, Mr. Trump gave Democrats the political gift of a lifetime. He chose to listen to uninformed conspiratorialists. Thus was born the ill-fated “Stop the Steal.”

The FBI’s crimes against his presidency made him reflexively paranoid. He was not prepared for Washington’s liberal viciousness.

Who knew in 2016 that at FBI headquarters sat an angry cabal of left-wing anti-Trump activists? To destroy him, the FBI conspired with the press and Democrats to rally around a Kremlin-fed, Hillary Clinton campaign-financed hoax called the dossier.

Because of this history, he came to believe the 2020 election was just another fraud by the Democrats to deny him office.




Opinion polls indicate that the vast majority of Europeans have drunk the global warming kool-aid, at least in theory. But things change when they are confronted with “green” realities. The Wall Street Journal reports:

For years, Europe has been at the forefront of the global drive to curb carbon emissions and slow climate change, pledging to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Overwhelming numbers of Europeans say they like the idea.

Now, however, a small but growing backlash suggests a more complicated truth: Voters may like the idea more than the reality.

Because the reality is ridiculously expensive and represents a degradation in quality of life. In Britain, the Conservative Party has been sinking in the polls, largely because of Boris Johnson’s foolish “green” policies. Now Rishi Sunak is backing off, and as a result, the Tories are again looking competitive:

This week, the U.K. said it would delay a planned ban on the sale of new gasoline-powered cars and vans to 2035 from 2030, and ease plans to force households to scrap their gas-powered boilers for pricier but cleaner heat pumps. It also promised never to impose a carbon tax on meat or aviation, two other sources of emissions.

A carbon tax on meat? Try to sell that to Americans! Crickets and meal worms just aren’t the same.

Germany has been the “leader” in the rush to adopt bad energy policies. Its policies have caused Germans’ standard of living to plummet.

Germany has passed a new piece of legislation mandating energy savings measures across every sector of the economy.

“The new law, called The Energy Efficiency Act, would regulate energy savings in public buildings, industry, and data centers in hopes of reducing energy consumption by 26.5% by 2030 compared to 2008,” reports “In August of last year, Germany banned swimming and bathing pool heat, and capped heating above 66F in office buildings, and banned heating in certain public areas. Hot water was turned down for handwashing in restrooms, and monument and advertisement lighting was mostly prohibited.”

According to Oilprice, Germany’s energy consumption fell to its lowest level since 1990 last year, but the country is unlikely to meet its goal of cutting emissions by 35% compared to 1990.

Declining energy consumption = declining standard of living. So now, even the German government sees how the wind is blowing:

Germany, run by a coalition that includes the Green Party, also recently watered down its plans to ban new gas heaters for homes after a backlash from homeowners and opposition politicians.

“Green” policies include inflicting electric vehicles on the people, by bribing and requiring manufacturers to build them, and consumers to buy them. But this, too, is not going well. In England, electric vehicle sales are pretty much limited to heavily-bribed companies:

The vast majority of new BEV registrations this year — more than 75 per cent — were with fleets and business owners, which can take advantage of company car tax breaks, the benefits-in-kind regime and salary-sacrifice schemes that mean running an electric car attracts dramatically less tax.

In the first half of this year, 37,000 new electric cars were registered to private retail-buying motorists, or just 24.2 per cent of all BEVs. That is down from the 41,800 BEVs sold to private motorists in the first half of last year when retail buyers accounted for 36.3 per cent of all electric car sales.

The fall coincides not only with the cost of living crisis but also with the scrapping of the “plug-in car grant”, which at one stage was worth up to £5,000 off a new electric car.

People only buy electric vehicles if you pay them to.

The entire “green” enterprise is one of the most corrupt phenomena of world history. The goal is to use the coercive power of government to shift trillions of dollars in wealth from disfavored industries and people to favored industries and people. Naturally, the governments engaged in this effort receive lots of support from the people and industries that expect to receive the trillions of dollars. If the beneficiaries don’t get their subsidies, they get impatient. Thus, when the U.K. pushed back its ban on gas-powered cars to 2035:

Ford Motor sharply criticized the move, saying the company and industry were investing billions in making their cars fully electric. “Our business needs three things from the U.K. government: ambition, commitment and consistency. A relaxation of 2030 would undermine all three,” Ford U.K. chair Lisa Brankin said.

To paraphrase, they need cash plus mandates, so that consumers don’t have a choice. Until now, governments have been happy to make those promises. But now, voters are starting to get their turn.

California Will Fine Schools That Ban Books About Race, LGBTQ+ Issues

California Will Fine Schools That Ban Books About Race, LGBTQ+ Issues

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

On Monday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed a bill into law that will fine schools that ban textbooks based on their teachings on race, sexual orientation and gender identity. 

The legislation, AB 1078, will punish school boards that choose to reject these kinds of textbooks for their students. Newsom called the measure “long overdue,” according to NBC News.

“From Temecula to Tallahassee, fringe ideologues across the country are attempting to whitewash history and ban books from schools. With this new law, we’re cementing California’s role as the true freedom state: a place where families — not political fanatics — have the freedom to decide what’s right for them,” Newsom said in a statement

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Newsom said that Republicans are pushing “extremist book bans” and described it as “discriminatory.”

In a video signing the bill, Newsom said that it’s “remarkable that we’re living in a country right now in this banning binge” and said that school boards are “banning books, banning free speech, criminalizing librarians and teachers.”

Townhall previously reported how Newsom announced that his administration will fine a school district $1.5 million after its school board voted to reject state-endorsed curriculum that includes a biography of a gay rights leader. 

In an interview this week, Nicki Neily, the president of Parents Defending Education, said that “saying that a sexually explicit book doesn’t belong in an elementary school is not the same as burning a book in Berlin in 1933.”

“We’re seeing activists on the left, teachers unions, politicians really try and muddy the water intentionally to confuse parents,” Neily. 

This week, it was announced that Newsom would debate GOP Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is running for president in 2024, in November.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

California Could Be Energy Independent

California Could Be Energy Independent


Visualize for a moment jet aircraft, ships, mile-long trains, and other transport vehicles operating with solar or wind power. It’s difficult to imagine, isn’t it? That’s because it’s a pipe dream ginned up by green energy activists in the climate industrial complex. They contend that we can maintain a prosperous lifestyle with a zero-emissions power infrastructure.

When President Joe Biden cancelled offshore oil leases, halted the Keystone pipeline, shut down development in Alaska’s North Slope, and released millions of barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in Louisiana and Texas, he made a strategic blunder.

Mr. Biden has sold valuable oil to other countries and imported oil from nations that hate America. Why would he benefit our adversaries, such as China and Iran, when the United States has some of the largest natural gas and oil reserves in the world? We also have plenty of the minerals that are used to make electric vehicle batteries.

Since Mr. Biden took office, fuel prices have remained persistently high due to his rejection of energy autonomy. Some might argue that the federal government wants hostile regimes to run out of petroleum before America does, which would give it leverage in the energy business.

Mr. Biden, along with Gov. Gavin Newsom, have blamed oil companies for high gas prices, but they have made it difficult for oil firms to explore and extract due to excessive regulations and taxes on these companies. A reliance on OPEC member countries such as Saudi Arabia instead of domestic production can also trigger price uncertainty and supply chain volatility. Punishing domestic oil companies with lawsuits and picking winners and losers in the marketplace aren’t sound economic policies.

Climate fanatics ignore the fact that safety standards for drilling, fracking, and refining have vastly increased over the past 40 years. Moreover, we now have cleaner fuels, catalytic converters, and industry pollution controls that have improved air quality tremendously. Indeed, energy industries have likely done more to clean up the environment than the bureaucratic Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Mr. Newsom wants vehicle companies to stop producing internal combustion engines by 2035 and the state to eliminate fossil fuels by 2045. This is impossible, because nuclear power has been reduced in California, while solar and wind power can’t provide enough to power a large grid. His goal of carbon neutrality is fueled by a belief that climate change (global warming) is generated by fossil fuels and other human activities.

Human activity likely has some impact, but there are many divergent views on climate change, and the science isn’t settled. Several scientists, including Bjorn Lomborg of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, have articulated the flawed scientific methods utilized by climate alarmists. These activists can’t even agree on whether the earth is cooling or warming, and their dire predictions have never materialized.
Recently at the United Nations Climate Ambition Summit, Mr. Newsom railed against major oil companies and their alleged greed. He also plans to visit China this fall to discuss climate change and offer some solutions. What he doesn’t realize is that attempting to collaborate with the Chinese Communist Party on energy issues is like spitting into the wind.

Communist leaders will promise to pursue alternative energy sources while they continue to build coal-fired power plants and import colossal amounts of oil. They will also manufacture more batteries for electric vehicles as well as solar panels, while using slave labor to extract minerals from underground. China continues to be the planet’s largest polluter, as I witnessed firsthand on two visits a few years ago.

Perhaps Mr. Newsom has forgotten that manufacturing is carried out most effectively using fossil fuel power. Indeed, the recycling of spent batteries, panels, vehicles, and wind turbines would also be powered by oil products.

Moreover, don’t wind turbines hinder wildlife activity and take up land that could be used for farming? Aren’t climate activists concerned about the disposal of electric vehicle batteries and solar panels that are built with toxic chemicals? Are they unaware that thieves are already stealing the plug-in cables at charging stations?

Both California and the rest of America could be energy independent if common-sense policies were implemented. Why is California importing up to one-third of its energy needs from other regions? It has plenty of land and offshore natural gas and oil reserves to tap, refine and distribute, which could lower fuel costs and maintain a buoyant economy.

Mr. Newsom ought to reactivate the oil leases and encourage the clean extraction and refining of California’s fossil fuels. Realistically, clean natural gas and petroleum products will be needed to power the economy well into the future. While it’s fine to make use of hydroelectric, nuclear, solar, synfuels, and wind power, none of these sources can power just about anything the way that fossil fuels can.

While it’s important to keep the environment healthy, climate change hysteria goes way overboard in pushing for a minimalist lifestyle for everyone despite the progress of the last century. In addition, key players in the green movement fail to practice what they preach as they routinely leave mighty carbon footprints in their wake.