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Electric Vehicle Mania

Electric Vehicle Mania

Jeff Davidson

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

Buying an electric car is all the rage among vast segments of our affluent population. They are self-described ecologically aware people; they are saving the planet from dreaded carbon-based fossil fuels. They are putting the money where their commitments are! You likely have a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or relative who is gung ho about their recent purchase.

Of late, however, we've learned of electric cars underperforming in cold weather, with tires wearing out in record time and others literally starting on fire, which is difficult to contain. In a recent most revealing article, the Wall Street Journal reports that government data regarding Tesla's performance efficiency has been severely doctored by... wait for it... the Biden Administration. Concurrently, Hertz is selling off its entire line of EVs.

No Friend of the Ecology 

Western nations' environmental and climate change policies have been driving the electric car industry for many years. Literally, thousands of articles have been published that marvel at the wonders of EVs. Indeed, the speed at which these vehicles have been touted as vital to protecting the Earth is stupefying. 

Industry proponents, Sierra Club members, and everyone who professes to be interested in preserving the environment has, perhaps unknowingly, allowed the technology to race ahead faster than our understanding of what is actually occurring. 

The lithium mining required to make electric car batteries is hastening the upset of the ecology at a rate equal to or even greater than that of gasoline-powered vehicles.

It’s vital to understand that lithium mining is not an established industry. It's relatively new on the horizon. As such, its negative impact on the environment is not fully understood. For example, lithium mining on the scale required to populate countries with electric vehicles poses risks to local water supplies. 

Not in Our Backyards

Strong advocates of electric cars have little concern about the net effect of lithium mining, perhaps because it doesn't happen in the U.S. Much of the extraction occurs in Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina. Too often, strip mining occurs in nations that have little or no environmental regulations. 

The companies who profit from lithium mining are free to operate with impunity, and they know it. There is no oversight, no council, no jurisdiction, and no government, which, at least for now, is going to seek them out and haul their leaders before the nations' respective ruling bodies. 

According to some forecasts, by 2030, approximately 125 million electric cars will be zipping along our highways. Would buyers who have gone ahead with the purchase, for economical as well as socially conscious reasons, feel good about themselves if they knew that lithium mining was potentially destructive to local water supplies? 

Would they be equally eager to purchase if they knew that the world simply lacks the sufficient amount of lithium required to produce batteries for the forecasted number of electric vehicles on the road?

Risks in Plain Sight

For many years, U.S. environmentalists have railed against the drawbacks of fracking. Yet, lithium mining poses far greater environmental risks. The Biden administration is solidly behind the electric car movement, but then what kind of analysis has the administration taken on this and other vital issues?

By and large, electric car proponents within the U.S. never visit or see the countries from which lithium has been extracted. They don't know about the water shortages, the potential for biodiversity loss, soil degradation, damage to delicate features of the ecosystem, and, ironically, potential increases in global warming.

In those communities abroad where significant lithium mining occurs, the potential for air contamination rises. As time marches on, such communities will become impoverished, certainly in the health of their residents, if not economically, as the vital resources are drained and eventually depleted.

Apply the Breaks?

Perhaps the EV movement is due for a time-out. Recently, retired U.S. military officers expressed concern that the industry will be over-reliant on China. So, maybe we need to slow down, engage in greater research, take a broader view, and determine the best path if electric cars are the wave of the future. Falling in love with technology without understanding its full ramifications is a recipe for disaster. 

The Earth is increasingly interconnected, which we all know and which Leftists know. Shall we pretend that the interconnectedness does not apply to the manufacture of electric vehicles?

I Don’t Really Care Who The Nominee Is

I Don’t Really Care Who The Nominee Is


AP Photo/Evan Vucci

There’s a lot of in-fighting in the Republican Party right now, as there is during every primary season. Camps form around various candidates and non-candidates, with wishes being cast for every camp, including many that just seem insane – honestly, is there anyone remotely associated with the GOP who is NOT named Cheney, who thinks Liz Cheney should run anywhere aside “out-of-town” or on a treadmill? 

Personally, I don’t care. I have my preference, but I have been and will forever remain firmly committed to the “anyone but the Democrat” vote, first and foremost.  

I do take some comfort in knowing the nominee will not be some people. As insane as it seems, some people in Iowa voted for Asa Hutchinson (191 lost souls, to be exact), and even fewer voted for Chris Christie, who’d dropped out of the race the week before. 

As shocking as that seems, Ryan Binkley got more votes than Hutchinson and Christie combined by more than a factor of three – with 774. Why or how, I have no idea. If he had somehow won the nomination, I’d vote for him with as big of a smile that I could slap on my face as possible. 

Why? Not because I’m unprincipled – I don’t honestly know what Binkley stands for, nor do I care – it’s because I am principled, and my principles tell me that any Republican is better than every Democrat. There’s no wiggle room on that. 

Is that to say there aren’t any good Democrats out there? Yes, actually, there aren’t any good Democrats out there. There are some Democrats who aren’t as bad as others, but ultimately, that’s like defending Fidel Castro by saying, “At least he’s not as bad as Hitler!” 

All Democrats are terrible; some just suck a little less than others. Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, for example, is semi-rational on the issues of supporting Israel and at least acknowledging the need for border security, and what Joe Biden has done is not that. Would Dr. Oz have been better as a Senator? Yes. By leaps and bounds? Probably not, but better is better.

So, it doesn’t matter to me who, after all the mess of the primary, legal battles and whatever else happens (because, honestly, would anyone be surprised if ten different Earth-shattering events happened between now and summer?) I’m for the Republican nominee. 

Donald Trump? I’m in.

Nikki Haley? I’m in.

Ron DeSantis? I’m in.

A pile of wet newspapers? I’m in.

Obviously, I’d be more excited at the prospect of some more than others, but every single one of them is better than Grandpa-Showers-With-Daughter and his Willie Brown side-piece running mate.

This rule goes for everyone on the ballot, by the way. I don’t care who is running for Congress or mayor or school board; any Republican, no matter who they were endorsed or opposed by, as long as they’re the nominee, is better than any Democrats. 

I’m for the candidates who oppose open borders and won’t even associate with the party that supports it. I’m for the candidate who stands against child sexual mutilation. I stand with the candidates who look at graphic depictions of sex in books in elementary school libraries and recoil in disgust against people who’d buy their kid's adult-child how-to sex drawings in the name of “celebrating diversity.” 

If what you stand for would’ve gotten your ass kicked ten years ago by an angry parent and no jury, at least back then, would’ve convicted them, I’m against you. And while there are some Republicans who are not as strong as they should be on these issues – looking at you, Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio – they are few and far between, whereas the embrace of perversion over education is a pillar of the Democratic Party now.

If you have the support of “educators” with a compulsion to tell children about their sex lives or who seek validation for their mental delusions from children, I’m against you. And I will always be against you.

I’m not alone; I’m not unique. So, whoever you support or support in this process, get the anger that is necessarily instilled in us out of your system and get ready to beat the hell out of the Democrats. Every candidate’s supporters can be very obnoxious; some simply have no idea or ability to turn it off or tone it down. Ignore them. This fight is bigger than some random douchebag on Twitter who will never kiss a girl; this is about saving the country from the rotten destruction within the Democrats.

I’m happy to have the fight over the direction of the party; it’s a fight I think needs to be had, but not until the left is vanquished. After that, the game on. Until then, focus on our real enemy.

Offshore Wind and the Stress on Commercial Fishermen

Offshore Wind and the Stress on Commercial Fishermen

By Craig Rucker

January 25, 2024

Congressional Republicans are sounding the Mayday alarm this weekend to the grave challenges commercial fishermen face resulting from the Biden administration’s offshore wind agenda.

Offshore wind development is placing enormous stress on the American commercial fishing fleet, which may not survive these challenges. A trio of coastal lawmakers, Reps. Andy. Harris (R-Md.), Chris Smith (R.-N.J.), and Jeff Van Drew (R-N.J.) will explore offshore wind farm interactions at an upcoming hearing, which their colleagues and the public should heed.

President Joe Biden casts himself as a friend to American workers, but his poor treatment of fishermen and their communities puts the lie to this claim. Biden’s plan to produce 30 GW of offshore wind energy by the year 2030 is based solely on political goals, not any true scientific investigation of our ocean’s offshore ecosystems. The science is unresolved. Coastal economies are forgotten. Energy and food security questions are ignored. And that’s just for starters.

There are many significant gaps in our understanding of offshore wind’s interactions with all facets of the marine environment, as an exhaustive research document from the Responsible Offshore Development Alliance (RODA) reflects.

What will the well-documented wind-wake effect do to ocean primary production – the upwelling and downwelling of the ocean – which is the building block of marine food webs? What of European modeling that shows increased sea surface temperatures relative to offshore wind turbines? Those models indicate said warming mimics the effects of climate change, and could extend up to 60 miles past lease areas? Would that hurt the ocean?

Wind turbines in the UK (such as the Thanet wind farm) have created continuous sand sediment plumes underwater that extend for miles and destroy fishing grounds. Could that happen in the U.S.? How do electromagnetic fields that subsea cables generate affect fish migration? Could it affect species development?

We don’t know the answers to these questions, and the administration has not made even a good faith effort to do the science required before leasing began.

Despite the uncertain science, the administration is speeding ocean industrialization along to the benefit of foreign entities and governments. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) offers a 30% tax credit for projects that begin construction before 2026 as a way to turbocharge offshore wind development.

Nearly all the lease holders are multi-national entities, in some cases majority-owned by foreign governments. For example, administration officials in November trumpeted federal approval of two offshore wind farms south of Long Island, Empire Wind 1 and Empire Wind 2. The developers behind these projects are British Petroleum and Equinor, a Norwegian government-owned energy company. 

These projects, and others like them will undermine and perhaps destroy, local commercial fishing fleets coastwide. We know from experience that offshore wind infrastructure is not compatible with their fishing gear. Radar scatter and false targets create such dangers that fishermen cannot safely access lease areas, if entrance is allowed at all.

But instead of the Biden administration removing commercial fishing grounds from offshore wind lease areas first, industry backers in the U.S., such as Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), have crafted bills to instead compensate fishermen for lost catch.

But that doesn’t solve the problem. Fishermen don’t want a hand-out. Cutting checks for destroying a sustainable heritage industry is technocracy at its ugliest.

That approach will also force us to rely more heavily on farmed and wild-caught seafood from places like Russia and China with non-existent environmental and public health oversight. Didn’t the pandemic teach us that domestic food production and national food security matters?

Put simply: the Biden administration is offering tax credits to foreign-government-owned energy companies and/or foreign developers (or their U.S. subsidiaries) who will put US commercial fishermen out of work, seed dysfunction in US coastal fishing communities, risk destroying the ocean’s productivity, and replace a sustainable domestic wild-caught high protein food source with subpar and sometimes unsafe foreign products.

Unfortunately, so far many Republicans have missed the boat on this poignant story about the systematic destruction of our nation’s oldest industry at the hands of the Biden administration and Democrats’ offshore wind policy. But if they replace fishing with another resource user type, like logging, farming or ranching, they have probably lived it in their own state.

Reps. Harris, Smith and Van Drew have been relentless in uncovering the multiple conflicts that offshore wind presents to our coastline and this country. Their colleagues and the public at-large needs to understand quickly what Joe from Scranton’s administration is trying to do to this iconic industry, our wild-caught seafood supply, our nation’s safety, security and the ocean itself, before it’s too late.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024




The Department of Defense has identified the three American soldiers killed in Jordan. They were by an Iranian proxy using a drone. More than 40 other service members were injured in the attack on Tower 22.

The three soldiers killed are Sgt. William Jerome Rivers of Carrollton, Georgia; Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders of Waycross, Georgia; and Spc. Breonna Alexsondria Moffett of Savannah, Georgia. All three were assigned to the 718th Engineer Company, 926th Engineer Battalion, 926th Engineer Brigade, Fort Moore, Georgia. The DoD announcement adds these details on those killed:

Sgt. William J. Rivers, 46, served in the Army Reserve as an interior electrician. Among his awards and decorations are the Army Achievement Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and the Army Service Ribbon.

Spc. Kennedy L. Sanders, 24, served in the Army Reserve as a horizontal construction engineer. Her awards and decorations include the National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and the Army Service Ribbon.

Spc. Breonna A. Moffett, 23, served in the Army Reserve as a horizontal construction engineer. Her awards include the National Defense Service Medal and the Army Service Ribbon.

Adam Smith famously observed that there is a great deal of ruin in a nation. President Biden and his team are testing the limits. Query whether there is also a great deal of disgrace in a nation. Witness the witless Karine Jean-Pierre’s comments on the killed service members. She perfectly represents the White House on whose behalf she speaks.

The Liberal Media Is Getting Slaughtered

The Liberal Media Is Getting Slaughtered

I wish I could say it’s a proper market correction because people were tired of their lies and fake news narratives being published, but it’s not. It might partially be due to that, but the ad bubble burst, and those days will never return. The liberal media is bleeding all over, with some newsrooms being decimated over revenue issues. As Axios wrote this morning, it’s a “bloodbath.”

We saw the first signs of this in the early 2010s when news outlets began curbing local beats. Again, the gravy train was at its high point then, so most companies probably thought they could tread water, shifting all their energy to national news stories. Alas, nothing lasts forever. The LA Times has gutted one-third of its newsroom, with another 100-plus layoffs being announced on Tuesday. Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and The Washington Post stare at disaster. While the revenue issue is the first blow, the unionization of staff writers and employees at these outlets isn’t helping (via Axios): 

Media cuts were so severe last year that most industry observers weren't expecting such intense cutbacks in 2024. But an ongoing bloodbath is decimating news outlets nationwide. 

That's fueling a new round of conflict between unions and management as tensions run high. 


Business Insider yesterday announced it was eliminating 8% of its workforce, months after a union strike over a contract impasse. 

The L.A. Times this week laid off about 120 journalists (more than 20% of the newsroom), after cutting 74 newsroom positions in June. Two top editors resigned, less than two weeks after executive editor Kevin Merida stepped down Jan. 9. 

TIME on Tuesday told staff about an unspecified number of layoffs across editorial, tech, sales and TIME Studios. 

The Washington Post lost a whole newsroom's worth of talent at the end of last year through a buyout offer aimed at eliminating 240 jobs. 

Condé Nast saw hundreds of union workers walk off the job Tuesday to protest hundreds of previously announced layoffs impacting approximately 5% of staff, or roughly 300 people. 

Sports Illustrated's newsroom was gutted by sweeping layoffs after its parent company, The Arena Group, failed to make a $3.75 million quarterly payment to the group from which it licenses the Sports Illustrated brand. 

Paramount CEO Bob Bakish warned employees yesterday that the company is planning a fresh round of layoffs. 

The New York Daily News editorial union walked off the job yesterday to protest "chronic cuts" by its owner, private equity firm Alden Capital. 

Forbes' newsroom union began a three-day walkout yesterday, arguing management was union busting. Its CEO announced layoffs later that afternoon hitting roughly 3% of the company. 

With interest rates high, the publication added these companies cannot take on new debt to bridge any shortfalls to buy time to figure out how to stay afloat. For the woke kiddos who thought they could pull off a Marxist renovation of America’s news industry, sorry, but it’s not happening. 

And while I do feel bad for when most people lose their jobs, these corrupt liars can languish in a sewer. I’ve never seen a class of folks view themselves on par with first responders regarding essentiality. Even worse, some viewed themselves as knights protecting the tenets of freedom and democracy. The Washington Post’s ‘democracy dies in darkness’ perfectly captures that sentiment. 

They also viewed non-liberals with scorn that oozed off the pages. ‘Learn to Code’ was created by them to mock the scores of coal miners who were about to lose their jobs thanks to Obama’s war on coal. Now, they’re getting a taste of their own medicine, and it’s delightfully satisfying. 

We all see you drowning, liberal media. But no one cares.

You Need to Know What the Media Doesn’t Want to Tell You

You Need to Know What the Media Doesn’t Want to Tell You


AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

What any administration highlights is probably important, but what they try to hide is usually more important. What don’t those in power want you to see and why? Finding that information and dragging it into the sunlight used to be what journalism at least pretended to be about. It isn’t anymore. They’ve gone from people claiming to “speak truth to power” to people who repeat whatever certain powerful people tell them to repeat. But you need to know what they aren’t showing you.

These Democrats in the media are desperate to hide from you the truth about the Biden family. That they have more LLCs than most small towns, yet they produce nothing, they offer no goods or services, and still have had millions upon millions of dollars filter through them. How? Why? We don’t know because the only people within earshot of the President would never even consider asking. 

They don’t care, for example, that Joe Biden claims the $200,000 from his brother or the $50,000 check from his junkie son Hunter just happened to coincide with large sums of money coming to them from overseas entities for reasons no one can figure out. Joe said it was to replay loans, so the press dutifully repeated that and moved on, but why didn’t the White House provide proof of those loans? 

If Joe got back $200,000 from his brother for a no-interest loan, there should be a record of Joe giving his brother $200,000, right? Of course. Same with Hunter’s “loan.” Yet, no proof has been forthcoming, nor has it been asked for. The entirety of the press has simply moved on. No questions asked.

It’s good to be a corrupt Democrat.

Hunter’s laptop is another example. Everyone knew it was his, but the president lied and the lie became what was presented as truth. No one questioned it. You had 51 sell-outs from the “intelligence” community join in the lie, likely for money – directly or indirectly – and face no consequences when their lie was exposed. 

It was such an unbelievably stupid lie, too. Which is more believable: a junkie forgets to pick up something they dropped off for repairs because that’s what junkies do, or a foreign government created the most elaborate hoax ever, loading a laptop with thousands of doctored photos, videos, emails and text messages with enough truth to be believable, but not true at all, that they did it on speculation that a crusty old man might run for president one day? 

The liberal narrative was always laughably absurd, but it won the day because the liberal media doesn’t exist to give people information, it exists to give people impressions and marching orders. It exists more to hide the truth than it does even to make a profit. Do you think either MSNBC or CNN is living up to their potential earnings or audience share by being the Goebbels wing of the DNC? 

It's not just scandals, though, it is everything. 

Take this report from this month’s jobs numbers from CNBC. The headline read, “U.S. payrolls increased by 216,000 in December, much better than expected.” Good news, right? Well, not if you read the story.

It opens, “The U.S. labor market closed out 2023 in strong shape as the pace of hiring was even more powerful than expected, the Labor Department reported Friday.  December’s jobs report showed employers added 216,000 positions for the month while the unemployment rate held at 3.7%.” That’s all well and good, I guess, but if you keep reading you come to what should be a bigger story, and should add questions to everything you just read.

It continues, “Payroll growth showed a sizable gain from November’s downwardly revised 173,000. October also was revised lower, to 105,000 from 150,000, indicating a slightly less robust picture for growth in the fourth quarter.”

Wait, what? That’s a big “miss,” isn’t it? The jobs numbers for November were reported as being 199,000, that’s a “miss” of 26,000 jobs. For October, the over-reporting was 45,000 jobs. That’s a difference of 71,000 more jobs than really were created in just 2 months.

With that kind of miss, why would anyone believe December’s numbers, or at least not view them with some skepticism? They don’t because the story isn’t reported that way, the truth is obscured, at best, and simply lied about, at worst. 

The Democratic Party, and therefore the media, does not want you to see the whole picture because it doesn’t help them. If you see the whole picture there’s a good chance it will lead to questions, and questions are dangerous to the left. Obedience is what they demand and foster, questioning is the antithesis of that. That’s why it doesn’t happen, and they why they try to destroy or discredit anyone who dare do it. 

But you need to know what they don’t want you to know, you need to question everyone in power. And you should never trust anyone who discourages doing just that, starting with everyone who holds a press pass.

Don's Tuesday Column

         THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson   Red Bluff Daily News   1/30/2024                        Crazy-fornia, pro-spending, anti-freedom

Updates on EVs and COVID vaccines below. An ongoing theme in this space can be summarized by Joel Kotkin’s insightful “California: where freedom goes to die—Gavin Newsom has turned the Golden State into a woke dystopia. California was once a byword for liberty and opportunity.”

Between mandated “gender-neutral” toy sections; wanting billions from people having no connection to slavery, for distribution to folks unconnected to the suffering of slavery; legislated medical speech controls; indoctrinating the young over a non-existent “climate crisis”; and the thinly-veiled tolerance of lawless, drug-injecting, public space befouling homelessness—there is nothing for any other non-Democrat-ruled state to emulate. It’s opposite to the “model for the nation” that Newsom proudly proclaims.

Our (7 cents per kilowatt/hour) bill in Oregon for a modest electric home with a gas water heater that provides floor heating, is less than $50. Our vacant home in Red Bluff, with nothing but two refrigerators running in the winter, costs, at 35 to (now) 42 cents per kwh, close to $200 a month. That’s a whole lot of economic freedom lost to the government-mandated “green energy” nonsense that drives PG&E’s rates.

The “bullet train” budgetary fiasco; the open invitation of “California for all” for illegal immigrants getting Medi-Cal; the (Democrat-caused) crime and inflation that has driven the San Francisco toy store that inspired the “Toy Story” movie out of business;

“Now California Dictators Want to Control How Fast Your Car Can Go,” by Victoria Taft, refers to SB 961. It would “require certain vehicles, commencing with the 2027 model year, to be equipped with an intelligent speed limiter that would limit the speed of the vehicle to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit.”

More on the Electric Vehicle market adjustment, a spreading boondoggle: “Evidence EVs are a fading fad is ‘rolling in fast’ as Tesla, GM and Ford slash prices” ( “EV doubters like Toyota bet on hybrids, and now look prescient.” It cites the “bread maker machine” fad (we have one and still like the fresh-baked bread surface holding a week’s worth of butter), which faded in favor of just buying bread off the shelf.

It’s asked “Are plug-in vehicles the bread maker of our day?” In spite of government-subsidized technology and Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial talents, “it appears that consumers still prefer to drive to a gas station for a five-minute fill-up than to retrofit their garage and suffer the range anxiety that comes from hunting for a charging station in the parking lot of an abandoned shopping mall.”

At, an article laments (last May): “Why Do So Many EV Chargers Across the Nation Not Work?—Two years ago, 14.5 percent of EV drivers said they were unable to charge at a public station. Now it’s 21.4 percent. For the nation to meet its climate goals, a reliable EV charging station network is vital.” I get the irony of anyone thinking that the planet’s climate will be even infinitesimally affected by even a complete conversion of America’s entire rolling stock of gas and diesel vehicles to battery-run power. Get real. Gas works.

More cautionary articles on COVID and the vaccines—which can protect some people while being completely unnecessary for others. “The CDC Knew About the COVID Vaccine and Risk of Myocarditis, but Forgot to Send the Memo” (By Jennifer O'Connell).

“The Epoch Times exclusively obtained an alert from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which was supposed to be issued to state and local officials, showing that the connection between the COVID mRNA vaccines and myocarditis was indeed valid. The alert was dated May 21, 2021, months after VAERS reported its first finding of a link between the vaccines and heart inflammation in December of 2020.”

“COVID Vaccines Could Trigger Vasculitis, Damaging Multiple Organs,” ( “Several case reports indicate the COVID vaccines may be associated with vasculitis, a condition that inflames and damages blood vessels.” Also, “Repeated mRNA Vaccination May Hamper Recovery From COVID-19: Study—There is also a risk of autoimmune disorders and inflammatory diseases following repeated COVID shots.”

“Epidemic Forecasting Models Overestimated Potential Infection Numbers Amid COVID-19 Lockdown Debate,” (Naveen Athrappully). “The Imperial College London’s model predicted 40 million deaths in the first year of COVID-19 while the real count is 6.9 million deaths altogether.

“A new study has shown that flawed epidemic modeling techniques can lead to overestimating the number of people who could get infected during a pandemic—resulting in unnecessary measures such as lockdowns and mass vaccination campaigns.” Referenced is a peer-reviewed study, published in the Journal of Physics Complexity on January 9. We need to insist that genuine scientific research and data be returned to the public realm without thinly-veiled agendas in service to top-down, government power-centric, control policies.

To wit: “'Disease X': the New and Improved COVID Meant to Scare the Liberty Out of You,” by Kevin Downey, Jr. ( Don’t think the architects of the pandemic response are chastened over their mistakes; they would do it all over again, complete with lockdowns, school closures, liberty-destroying mandates on businesses, churches, bodily autonomy, etc. Despots gotta be despotic; tyrants gotta be tyrannical.