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Is This Why Transgenderism Is Exploding in American Public Schools?

Is This Why Transgenderism Is Exploding in American Public Schools?

Is This Why Transgenderism Is Exploding in American Public Schools?
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When Audrey Hale shot her way into Nashville’s Covenant School on March 27 and murdered three adults and three nine-year-old children, attention immediately focused on her “manifesto” as possibly having the answer to the anguished “why?” question.

Hale was clearly a seriously troubled young woman who had previously attended the school. She was also undergoing gender transition drug treatments, a fact that made the contents of her manifesto even more intensely of public interest. Such treatments are typically associated with a psychological condition known as “gender dysphoria.”

Local authorities initially said the manifesto would be made public in due time, but then the FBI got involved in analyzing the documents that collectively constitute vital evidence in the case.

When the Tennessee Firearms Association and a former local sheriff filed suit seeking to force the release of the manifesto, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) officials clamped down and refused to do so, pending resolution of the litigation.

Is there a connection between Hale’s actions and the side effects of transgendering drug treatment? The manifesto may shed light on the answer to that question. Rep. Andy Ogles (R-Tenn.), whose district includes the Covenant School, thinks there should be an investigation into the possibility of a connection.

I think it certainly warrants some sort of investigation and or hearing into the matter. These are powerful drugs; they have side effects that can clearly be dangerous, if not deadly. And so I think it does call into question whether or not these drugs should be on the market and certainly consideration of the question of should there be further guidance and warnings and stipulations given as to when they are administered or prescribed.

The Tennessee tragedy also focused heightened public awareness of the extent to which the transgenderism movement has achieved a widespread presence in the national media, political and cultural conversations.

Writing for the Capitol Research Center (CRC), Kali Fontanilla describes her experience during a recent debate with a public school teacher and transgendering advocate:

At one point in the debate, I mentioned that students identifying as trans are a rising trend amongst young people, particularly teens. One of the left-leaning teachers who identifies as trans, surprisingly agreed with me. “You’re seeing trends, and I am, too. Last semester when I was teaching, I had a trans kid in every classroom, and I was like, whoa! When I started teaching there was none!”

Fontanilla then provided a graphic demonstration of just how deeply the transgendering movement has penetrated American society:

Historically, gender dysphoria only affected a small percentage of children, less than 0.01 percent, and almost all the cases were boys. Today, the U.S. has seen an estimated 1,000 percent rise in gender dysphoria over the past decade, and the UK has reported a more than 4,000 percent rise in girls demanding gender ‘treatments.’ And 70 percent of ‘sex reassignment’ surgeries were done on girls. And now this teacher admits to having a trans student in every classroom.

A recent viral clip exposed by Project Veritas echoes the same observation. The assistant superintendent of curriculum for the East Meadow School District was secretly recorded admitting, “After the pandemic, we had an explosion of trans kids!” I saw this rise in trans-identifying students during my tenure as a public school teacher in California. As the leftist teacher in the Vice debate described, I saw it go from one trans student per school to one in every classroom.

How to explain this explosion in American public schools?

Fontanilla points to social media pressures as one partial explanation, but much more important are public school teachers and administrators and the Far-Left advocacy groups funding the movement’s training and propaganda resources, especially the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Ever heard of HRC’s Thrive Conference? Odds are you haven’t, but the influence of this program is undeniable. Every year, Thrive trains thousands of “youth-serving professionals, including teachers and counselors, on how to ‘create safe, inclusive, and welcoming environments for LGBTQ+ youth.'”

According to Fontanilla, the materials provided by the Thrive event include comprehensive lesson plans now used in thousands of public school elementary and middle school classrooms.

“Lesson titles for some of their kindergarten–2nd-grade lesson plans include ‘Jacob’s New Dress: Understanding Gender Expression;’ ‘They, She, He, Easy as ABC: Understanding Names, Pronouns, and Gender Expression;’ ‘Chimera Butterflies: Non-Binary Animals;’ and ‘I am Jazz: Understanding Transgender Children.’”

Here’s something to think about: Every minute of classroom instruction that is devoted to teaching second-graders about “understanding gender expression” is an hour that is not focused on improving their reading and math skills, the two skills that are the essential foundation of all subsequent learning.

It’s tragic enough that thousands of young American boys and girls are being led to undergo drug treatments and surgical procedures that leave them with irreparable physical mutilation. American society in general is profoundly harmed when generation after generation of public school graduates lack even the most basic knowledge and skills.

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