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Poll: Biden Approval Rating Declines to All-Time Low

Poll: Biden Approval Rating Declines to All-Time Low

Poll: Biden Approval Rating Declines to All-Time Low
AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File

A new CNN poll via SSRS sheds some interesting light on the Brandon administration’s apparent electoral decline, beyond the extent to which it had already declined since his assumption of the Oval Office in 2021.

Most notably, his approval rating has fallen to a new low of 35%, down from an all-time high of 59% in January 2021. (It’s possible that some poll out there at some point put Biden at lower than 35% approval, but, if so, I haven’t seen it.)

Via CNN:

Just a third of Americans say that Biden winning in 2024 would be a step forward or a triumph for the country (33%). At the same time, the survey finds a decline in favorable views of Biden over the past six months, from 42% in December to 35% now. And results from the same poll released earlier this week showed Biden’s approval rating for handling the presidency at 40%, among the lowest for any first-term president since Dwight Eisenhower at this point in their term.

Within his own party, 60% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters say they back Biden for the top of next year’s Democratic ticket, 20% favor activist and lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and 8% back author Marianne Williamson. Another 8% say they would support an unnamed “someone else.”

Furthermore, a solid 42% of Biden supporters polled said they could be persuaded to vote for someone else in the primary.

Compare Biden’s squishy base of support to Trump’s. The former president, whatever one thinks of him as a person or candidate, objectively commands a nearly unshakeable loyalty from his own respective base that, in my view, is going to make running a coup on him in the primary a nearly impossible task. But that’s a tale for another day.

As Biden’s mental facilities decline along with his poll numbers, it’s difficult to imagine what tricks his handlers are going to pull out of the hat to turn the ship around between now and November 2024.

If they could abandon him for the next puppet they might — although the Deep State likely enjoys very much having a dementia patient as its theoretical boss. But even if they were inclined to get rid of him, the Democrat Party’s problem is that the obvious replacement, Kamala Harris, does even worse in polling than Brandon. Worse, they can’t do anything about their Harris problem because replacing her would engender a non-stop barrage of Social Jutice™ Huffington Post and Buzzfeed thinkpieces decrying the racist usurpation of a sacred lady Person of Color™.

It’s a total mess, and one is forced to wonder what the unseen technocrats directing the Party were thinking when they put Kamala on the 2020 ticket as VP.

Are You Ready for a 'Scientific Redefinition' of Biological Sex?

Are You Ready for a 'Scientific Redefinition' of Biological Sex?

Are You Ready for a 'Scientific Redefinition' of Biological Sex?
Bojan Cvetanović, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

One of the sanest arguments against the idea of humans choosing their own gender is the complete lack of scientific evidence to prove it.

Indeed, as a mammal, human reproduction is fairly straightforward. You’ve got your egg. You’ve got your sperm. And when the two come together, you got life — theoretically, at least. Males cannot produce eggs, and females cannot produce sperm, although it’s believed at some point in the future, it may be possible to artificially make that happen.

Females who refer to themselves as “male” are born with a vagina and a uterus and will never, ever, ever produce sperm, while males who refer to themselves as “female” are not and can never, in six million years of hominid evolution ever bear children.

This is the science of sex. Anything else — any other pretense or imagining — is fantasy.

But wait, now steps forward a brave pioneer, anthropologist Agustin Fuentes of Princeton, who claims that several animals whose reproductive biology differs considerably from that of mammals prove that the notion of “binary sex” is false.

Among these animals were sex-changing fish, hermaphroditic worms, and a single-sex species of lizard.

Washington Examiner:

Fuentes then went on to argue that although mammals are less “freewheeling” as they exhibit physiological processes such as pregnancy that are limited to “ova-producers,” human sex is not binary because numerous biological and social characteristics of a person, ranging from homemaking ability to athletic prowess, are not fully correlated with whether they produce ova or sperm.

What does “homemaking ability” have to do with gender? Some of the best chefs in the world are men.

Scientifically, this makes about as much sense as saying humans are not warm-blooded because some humans have red hair. However, logic doesn’t matter because basic concepts of binary sex are incompatible with fashionable gender ideology and the policies supported by LGBT activists. Therefore, the basic idea of biological sex is increasingly under attack as anachronistic, bigoted, and unscientific for good measure.

This entire theology is based on the simple notion that there is no such thing as gender because we — some scientists — claim there is no classification for those who only produce sperm and those who only produce ova. It’s a false characterization to artificially create gender from these clearly delineated biological sex roles.

To say that this overturns the idea of biology is an understatement. But that’s what some scientists are trying to do.

Yet, nowhere in these or similar calls to arms against biological sex, often purportedly made in the name of accurate and precise discussions of biology, does anyone adequately explain how there is a meaningful biological difference between a menstruating person and a woman or offer a biological description of “nonbinary” for anything other than perhaps a fungus or alga.

Instead, like Fuentes, the authors of such pieces usually present a small ark of animals and other organisms with aspects of their reproductive biology that may seem bizarre to most people and act as if these are newly discovered exceptions that completely abolish antiquated rules that still shape our understanding of biological sex.

Indeed, I remember studying about hermaphroditic worms and a single-sex species of lizards in high school biology class 50 years ago. Back then, we saw them as exceptions to the binary dynamic and not a representative sample of mammalian transgenderism.

The problem is that biologists refuse to push back against this nonsense knowing that any opposition will be crushed as the autocrats in control of their scientific discipline would ruin their careers if they persist in opposing the transgender heterodoxy.

It will be very difficult to dislodge this ideology. We’re going to have to hope that common sense and reason will once again prevail and the scourage of anti-science gender biology will fall.

Target Funneled Millions to Org That Wants to Secretly Transition Kids Without Parent's Permission

Target Funneled Millions to Org That Wants to Secretly Transition Kids Without Parent's Permission

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Over the past few weeks, Target has taken a hit to the gut, losing long-time devoted customers after rolling out merchandise geared towards children promoting transgenderism and satanic rituals. 

In the latest scandal plaguing the company, a report revealed that Target shelled millions of dollars to a left-wing organization encouraging schools to help students change genders and asking educators to help them hide it from their parents. 

The organization GLSEN— formally known as the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network— has been promoted by Target for nearly ten years, paying the group over $2 million. 

GLSEN works nationwide to inject the progressive ideology into classrooms which work to push the LGBTQ agenda onto children with pamphlets on gender transitioning without the knowledge of parents. 

“[The local education agency] shall ensure that all personally identifiable and medical information relating to transgender and nonbinary students is kept confidential,” the group’s guidance states. 

The guidelines also say that teachers and staff must not disclose information that may reveal a student’s “chosen” identity to parents. 

But wait, there’s more. The Far-Left organization not only encourages kids to guess their biological gender second, but it also has found ways to subtly inject the woke ideology into courses such as math, calling for math problems to use “they/them” pronouns. 

One lesson plan states that schools should include a “variety of choices” when referring to a student’s gender, such as “agender, genderfluid, female, male, nonbinary, transman, transwoman, and other.”

GLSEN is a group founded by teachers who “knew that educators play key roles in creating affirming learning environments for LGBTQ youth.” 

Thousands of consumers have vowed to boycott the retailer over its “pride” themed lines, including “tuck-friendly” bathing suits, making Target lose over $9 billion in just six days. 

The term “go woke, go broke” has never been more true than now. In addition to Target’s devastating sales loss, Anheuser-Busch suffered nearly a $19 billion loss, with shares down 14 percent amid nationwide boycotts of Bud Light over its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Combined, the two companies lost $28 billion in market value.

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MAGIC! Presto-Chango, See Which Democrat Attack Transforms Into 'Republicans Pounce!'

MAGIC! Presto-Chango, See Which Democrat Attack Transforms Into 'Republicans Pounce!'

MAGIC! Presto-Chango, See Which Democrat Attack Transforms Into 'Republicans Pounce!'
AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File

“Republicans Pounce!” is the prestidigitation the Mainstream Media performs when they want to distract you from what Democrats are actually doing. Never mind the left hand reaching into your pocket to lift your wallet. Focus instead on the right hand pointing at the pickpocket that the press insists isn’t there.

And so we come back once more to the Left’s War on Gas Stoves and Politico’s latest “Republicans Pounce!” article to make you believe it isn’t happening.

There’s just so much to unpack in Kelsey Tamborrino and Alex Guillén’s brief, 12-word lede that I barely know where to begin.

Here it is: House Republicans are relighting the flames of their gas stoves culture war.

Local Democrats in various cities actually are banning gas stoves (and sometimes gas furnaces) in new construction, and New York has banned both in most new buildings, statewide, starting in 2026. I can’t wait to see what happens to upstate homeowners’ utility bills during the first deep cold snap when they’re trying to heat 3,000 square feet with electricity.

Gooder and harder, New York.

Anyway, with all that going on, it’s easy to see a time when local and state Democrats pass laws requiring that existing homes switch to all-electric before existing owners will be allowed to sell them. And given that today’s local and state Democrats will become tomorrow’s congresscritters, cabinet officials, and even presidents, it’s impossible to take seriously when Presidentish Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm deny that anyone is coming after your gas stove or your gas furnace.

Just this week, Congresscritter Cori Bush (CPUSA-Mo.) played the race card as part of her effort against gas stoves. “I wish my Republican colleagues were as concerned about Black and brown communities on the frontlines of our climate crisis as they are about an appliance,” she said in a hearing on Tuesday. “St. Louis ranks among the highest across our country in rates of asthma, with rates significantly higher for Black residents than White residents.”

Gas stove fumes cause more harm to black people because reasons.

I just assume all these people are on China’s payroll. If not, then I assume they’re getting paid off by electric appliance makers, solar panel manufacturers, etc.

Politico dismisses all these legitimate concerns as a GOP “culture war” meant to inflame Neanderthal passions against Democrats just trying to do the good work of preventing gas stoves from murdering black children in the night.

“Efficiency advocates say the attack on DOE’s proposed rule — which includes no outright ban on gas stoves — is based on a willful misunderstanding of the facts,” write Tamborrino and Guillén. Those so-called efficiency standards, like Biden’s impossible new CAFE restrictions on gas-powered cars and trucks, are intended to make it nearly impossible to afford gas appliances or buy a new gas car.

So it’s a neat trick Politico is trying to perform here. The MSM has gone from claiming that the gas stove ban:

  • Is just a figment of paranoid Republican imaginations.
  • Is maybe a good idea, ackshully.
  • Is needed because gas stoves are literally killing children.
  • Is still just a figment of paranoid Republican imaginations because, pinky swear, we’re just trying to make gas stoves safer.

Left unsaid is that the new and improved gas stoves will be improved so much that the only people who will still have them are the rich and celebrity chefs with special carve-outs from the law.

Meanwhile, I’ll glumly prepare for the day that the all-electric kitchen I was so happy to leave behind just as soon as I could afford a nicer place to live becomes the Democrat-mandated norm.

I guess I’m just crazy and pouncey like that.

House GOP Negotiators Hold the Line on Debt Ceiling With a 'Hell No' to Getting Rid of Work Requirements

House GOP Negotiators Hold the Line on Debt Ceiling With a 'Hell No' to Getting Rid of Work Requirements

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

We are now just about a week away from the June 5 deadline that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has recently issued--as an update to the June 1 date--before the nation heads towards default. President Joe Biden, after rebuffing House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's (R-CA) attempts at negotiations for over three months, is skipping town for the long holiday weekend while the White House gaslights with reckless abandon. Republicans are doing their part, though, which includes McCarthy's negotiators. 

One of them, Rep. Garret Graves (R-LA), provided an update to reporters on Friday afternoon that shows they are holding the line, at least on the most basic, no-brainer ideas.

Graves strongly denounced opposition from the White House on work requirements, expressing "if you're really going to fall on the sword for [work requirements], versus actually negotiating something that changes the trajectory of the country, for spending, I mean, that's crazy to me that we're even having this debate today." 

When asked by CNN's Manu Raju if House Republicans would be willing to drop work requirements, Graves responded in no uncertain terms with an "hell no, hell no, not a chance."

This reform proposal was one of seven mentioned in a memo to House Republicans earlier this week from Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) in which he reminded his colleagues of the importance of "making clear we are unified to hold the line."

Democrats, meanwhile, are in disarray over how negotiations are going, especially when it comes to the more progressive members. They're also facing regret for how they've handled it, including when it comes to not raising it last year when they still controlled the chamber. 

When it comes to the White House's opposition to work requirements, House Republicans warn could impact other benefit programs. As The Hill reported:

Rep. Garret Graves (R-La.) argued the Democrats’ staunch opposition to tougher work requirements will threaten the recipients of other federal benefit programs. He characterized overall progress as “slow.” 

“Their efforts actually put in jeopardy those very benefits to senior citizens like Medicare and Social Security, because they’re refusing to negotiate on work requirements,” Graves said as he emerged from the office of Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) after 7 p.m. Thursday evening. 

“I mean, this is just a crazy calculation on their part,” he added.

Graves emphasized that work requirements are not the only barrier to a deal, but rank among the most significant. 

“We have a lot of hangups, but that’s one of the bigger issues that we’re dealing with,” he said.

Multiple polls show that work requirements enjoy strong support from the American people. Further, a Fox News poll shows that Americans will blame President Biden over Congressional Republicans 47-44 percent if the nation defaults. And, a CNN poll conducted around the same time shows that most Americans, at 60 percent, support the Republican plan of raising the debt ceiling only while cutting spending. 

Raju had also caught up with another negotiator, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), who defended the Republican position and the need to raise the debt ceiling while cutting spending.

Don's Tuesday Column

         THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   5/30/2023

       The Rest of the Story…

We “of a certain age” have fond memories of commentator extraordinaire Paul Harvey, who set the standard for radio news and opinion with his tag line: “And now you know…the rest of the story.” Rush Limbaugh, love him or hate him, emulated the flawless delivery of thoughts distilled into 12 or so minutes of riveting, often compelling, facts and opinion (excepting golf and NFL). It was a time before podcasts and streaming content; your ears had to be there at noon (Mr. Harvey) and noon Eastern (Rush).

Rush’s entire show contributed to providing Americans with “the rest of the story” from the 80s through his final broadcasts, February of 2021. He remained a thorn in the side of the liberal-left, as it morphed into the Marxist Progressive/Socialist movement we currently battle for the soul of this nation.

They endlessly sought to “cancel” Rush, in whose shadow rose a near-army of advocates for Americanism, conservatism, and liberty-worshipping citizens who came to realize: 1) they would no longer be left alone to pursue their economic goals or their children’s education, and 2) they may not be interested in the politics of the activist left, but the activist left was very interested in forcing its agenda on them.

The “rest of the story”—begun last week over the Durham Report which should, if justice remains in Washington, bring prosecutions, convictions and removal of politicians from office—is the sordid, corrupt and nearly treasonous tendrils of the Trump/Russia hoax.

The “Trump colluded with Putin’s Russia to steal the election” was hatched, absent a scintilla of evidence, in the corrupt bowels of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the summer of 2016 for the crass purpose of distracting from Clinton’s illegal private server containing 30,000 unprotected emails. Had those emails been examined—if James Comey had done his job—the evidence would have led to Barack Obama’s blackberry, also unprotected.

Everyone—from Clinton to the CIA’s Brennan, and Clapper, Rogers and other denizens of the FBI and DOJ—including Obama and Biden, knew there was nothing to the hoax and no legitimate predicate for FISA warrants, spying, wiretaps, investigations, Special Counsel and/or impeachments. Six years of hysterical, guilt-assuming, news media and Democrats’ personal/political war of destruction of legitimately elected President Trump was nothing short of treasonous in effect.

The policies, decisions, appointments and legislation of an opposing party’s leaders are fair game for even lying, underhanded opposition. It was an abomination to knowingly use fabricated accusations, which actually relied in part on a Russian national, to undermine President Trump’s electoral right to hold office.

Memorial Day lessons must be remembered. Everything that can be said has been said regarding the ultimate sacrifices of American men on battlefields from the Revolutionary War through the Middle East. Women have been heroic in their own ways. Immigrants have defended this nation as waves of foreigners proved their allegiance to their new homeland. Descendants of slaves, and Blacks persecuted under the Jim Crow and segregation era, nevertheless enlisted with pride.

Columnist Joe Guzzardi provided a touching tribute to a fallen soldier of the Vietnam War. He bemoaned the commonly accepted narrative of futility and defeat in that distant Southeast Asian quagmire. A war’s conclusion in victory or defeat (or neither) shades our perspective on military sacrifices.

You could read a book on the Vietnam War every week for years. I’ve gleaned several ways that that war could have been a “win” for America and South Vietnam, not the least of which would have been by honoring the commitment our leaders made to simply replace military assets used by the South defending their nation. We also promised that American bombs and aerial attacks would back them up against continued ruthless, China-supported aggression.

At little risk of American lives, it would have shown the Communist dictatorships of the world that their domination of neighbors would not be tolerated. Congressional Democrats bear the responsibility for the fall of South Vietnam to the bloodthirsty hordes of the North—and for the millions of Vietnamese condemned to “reeducation” death camps, and for the sad preventable deaths of the “boat people.

Osama bin Laden said that America’s abandonment of South Vietnam showed us to be a “paper tiger.” North Vietnamese internal communications revealed that 1) the Viet Cong were never a popular revolutionary force, but were despised thugs; 2) counter-insurgency operations that protected rural villages were effective at winning “hearts and minds” and were a bulwark against Viet Cong intimidation in the mid-1960s;

And 3) President Nixon’s bombing of the North not only succeeded in driving them to the Paris negotiations but also could have likely forced the North into surrendering their war of aggression which had no hope of winning on the battlefield while America backed its commitment to the South (see #1 above).

No, Mr. Guzzardi, quagmire, defeat and futility were imposed from Washington, D.C. and, while all lives lost on battlefields are tragic, the sacrifices of the 58,220 names etched on the Wall were ultimately for a cause lost by antiwar Democrat fanatics in Congress—not by the grunts, swabbies, devil-dogs and fly-boys.