Tuesday, April 4, 2023

What Did You Do in the Color Revolution, Male-Identifying Parental Unit?

What Did You Do in the Color Revolution, Male-Identifying Parental Unit?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

It is prudent not to believe in conspiracy theories about our garbage ruling class because its members are generally too stupid to pull them off. After all, the only enduring success it has achieved has been failure. Those of us blessed with being kids in the 70s, 80s, or 90s got in at America’s peak, but great America is gone, and it’s been all a downhill ride to decrepitude and the death of the American dream since. This current lot, led by that semi-animate dust puppet in the White House, has been feeding off the corpse of the golden goose they killed. They are not elite; they are cultural scavengers.

And now, desperate to maintain the power and prestige they did not earn, they seek to disenfranchise and oppress us. Understand – they are fine with their bizarre weirdo minions murdering us, with unarmed little Christian kids collateral damage in their culture war. But the rest of us are armed – thank goodness, because in the future historians may begin their lectures “Yet, thanks to the wisdom of the Founders in making sure the Second Amendment was in the Bill of Rights, the  conspiracy to wring the freedom out of America failed.”

And it is a conspiracy, though it’s not being executed by some well-tuned, complex machine but, rather, a collection of pinkos, perverts, and potential Pol Pots that are acting in semi-concert to undermine everything the country should be about. They call this kind of campaign a “Color Revolution” when it happens overseas. It’s always got the same elements. A manufactured consensus about the rightness of the (leftist) cause. A committed coterie of hardcore activists with eager media coverage trying to make an angry minority appear to be a majority. Shaming and social controls keep the weaker elements of the opposition from acting. Lawfare, where possible – who cares if the statute of limitations ran or it’s not even a real crime? It’s not about the law. It’s about power. Build a sense of inevitability about a takeover and then…take over. 

It’s all about “democracy,” in the sense that “democracy” has been redefined to mean “The left always wins,” like “racism has been redefined to mean “It’s mandatory to hate unapproved people because of their race.” One thing about it is that the ideology cannot be argued or reasoned with – you cannot explain when a color revolution is bad or not democratic or anything because nothing matters except power for the people behind it. It is force without actual force – color revolutions are designed to win by preventing using force to protect the institutions. It browbeats the target into surrender. 

And it survives when the target does not surrender, like that guy in Belarus who turned the army on the street protests. When the target holds firm, it wins. When it does not, it loses. That’s why Benjamin Netanyahu’s equivocation in the face of the manufactured resistance to the very judicial reforms his government was elected to enact might be his downfall.

And we have one here, though it is not the result of some complex plan being intricately executed. There are a lot of moving pieces, and we are lucky that this attempt to disenfranchise normal people permanently is only synchronized in the most rudimentary and loosest sense. No master puppeteer is holding the strings, making his unknowing marionettes dance. No, it’s a bunch of uncoordinated individuals, a mass of unrestrained ids, all acting individually. There’s a DA in NY pressing some ridiculous indictment that, somewhere along the line, will get tossed into the trash. But in Nashville, some militant trans creep murdering kids, and the resulting trans rioting and regime media excuse-making generate a negative public opinion. That’s the problem for the left – there’s always some mutant going too far because of the incentive system that rewards too far. We are at the point where the left has found itself having to make common cause with freaks who want children to watch drag queens and to castrate kids to cater to their Chardonnay-guzzling mommies’ delusions. Normals are recoiling instead of shrugging. Pretty soon, one of these pervs will come flat out and say what is so far unsaid – that they think not only should adult freaks be able to have sex with kids but that parents should not be allowed to prevent it. And the left will agree.

They always push too far and too fast, spoiling the broth of the frog boiling pot. In fact, we have wised up to this rainbow color revolution. We are prepping for the worst-case scenario with record purchases of guns and ammo. We are refusing to play along with the regime’s crusading fantasies by refusing to join the woke military. We elect folks who refuse to be woke and will fight it, even in places like Virginia. 

But we need to do more. We need to crush them. We need to pass laws that restrain the ability of the left to wield power – do what DeSantis did and breach corporate sweetheart deals, fire Soros prosecutors, outlaw CRT/DEI in academia, and enact constitutional carry. The key is to know what time it is, to be based, to see their incoherent and uncoordinated plan, and be ready and willing to fight it. If indicting a presidential candidate on bogus charges does not motivate you to stop trying to live the lie that is cliches such as “rule of law” and “the norms,” then you are useless. If you think the answer to Chinese booty vids is to give this regime even more power to control online speech, you suck. Return to South Carolina with Con Inc puffballs like Lindsey, Trey, Nikki, and the rest of Team Useless. 

The color revolution is here, even if it is hardly a coordinated campaign. The only response to this power grab, one that would leave you at best a disarmed, disenfranchised serf, is to meet it with power of our own, ruthlessly and adeptly wielded. Get in the fight. Don’t be the guy who has to tell his kid that he shoveled Schiff in Louisiana in the Color Revolution.


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