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Minnesota Governor Tim Walz means to get in on the gun control action with bills incorporating “extended background checks” and “red flag” provisions. Democrats control the political branches. What’s the problem?

In the video below Walz aims his fire at Republicans in the Minnesota Senate, where Democrats hold a one-vote advantage. Some translation is required here. I take it from Walz’s rant that one or two Democrats haven’t yet fallen into line. Now what? The Minnesota Reformer’s sympathetic story frames it this way:

Walz said Republican senators will have a political “day of reckoning” if they vote against the gun control laws, running down GOP opposition to free school lunches, abortion rights and rights for trans people: “You voted ‘no’ on food for children. You voted ‘no’ on protecting women’s rights to make their own choices. You voted to demonize our children for who they are and their identity. You vote ‘no’ on this one — you’re getting a pretty good record built up,” Walz said.

As the kids say, LOL.

JOHN adds: Tim Walz is one of the most dishonest people in politics. Let’s deconstruct this:

* “[P]rotecting women’s rights to make their own choices” means abortion on demand up to and including the moment of birth. American Experiment’s polling, which will be published in Thinking Minnesota in the next week or so, finds that this position is endorsed by just 28% of Minnesotans.

* “[Voting] to demonize our children for who they are and their identity” means voting against a trans “refuge” bill that would allow children to come to Minnesota for sex change operations even if such an operation would be illegal in the state where they live. Our polling finds that Minnesotans oppose sex change operations on minors by 67% to 22%. (By the way, that bill has not passed the Minnesota Senate and I am told that it probably won’t, which is why Walz accomplished the same (likely illegal) thing with an executive order.)

* “[Voting] ‘no’ on food for children” means opposing a bill to provide free lunches (and I believe breakfasts, too) to all school children, regardless of need. In other words, the state taking over the parental responsibility for feeding children. We haven’t polled this one, but I am pretty sure “no” is a safe vote.

In short, Walz and his minions in the legislature are ramming a far-left agenda into law, contrary to the wishes of most Minnesotans. No wonder some Senate Democrats are skittish about voting for more gun control laws.


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