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Riley Gaines is a champion swimmer, one of America’s best. She has spoken out eloquently against men competing in women’s sports, in part because she and other women were traumatized by being forced to share a locker room with “Lia” Thomas. If you haven’t seen her, you should check out this video:

But logic at this level cannot be allowed on college campuses. Last night, at San Francisco State, Gaines was attacked by a “trans” or pro-“trans” mob that tried to kill her. She was assaulted–slugged–by a man wearing a dress. Police officers got her into a locked room where she was held prisoner by the mob for several hours. These are among the many videos of the horrific scene:

A few observations:

* Ms. Gaines is to be commended for her courage and eloquence. Will any member of the Democratic Party support her? I haven’t seen it yet.

* All of the members of the mob should be identified and criminally prosecuted. But in San Francisco, that is probably too much to hope for.

* San Francisco State has a long history of radicalism and violence. Should that university be closed down? At a minimum, it needs drastic reform.

* Last night’s event was sponsored by Turning Point USA. Thank goodness for Turning Point, which does more than anyone else to bring sanity to our diseased campuses.

* The “trans community” has shown itself to be prone to violence, to an unacceptable degree. Perhaps this is confirmation that what we are talking about here is mental illness. In any event, that group needs to get its house in order, and liberals need to stop lionizing it unless and until “trans” activists demonstrate that they can behave in a civilized manner.


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