Thursday, April 13, 2023

Jail Him, Or They Lose

Jail Him, Or They Lose

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They’ve tried literally everything short of ordering a hit on him, and he still stands. They have exhausted every avenue, option, and possibility, and they are left with a bag of nothing.

They tried a fake dossier, a made-up narrative that the media put on repeat. They accused him of a high crime for a transcript of a phone call. They accused him of advocating violence when his words said precisely the opposite. Now they are trying to say he obstructed justice when he, in fact, followed the request of the FBI to the letter. Now they are trying to say that another phone call is evidence of a felony when again, his exact words prove otherwise. Now they have indicted him for something that if a crime is even evident (and clearly it is not), the statute of limitations ran out years ago. They tried to argue he avoided paying taxes, only for the record to show he followed the tax code with precision. They want to argue now that he intends to defraud the government of what he owes in taxes, even though during his four years in public office, he refused his $400k salary and returned it in full to the government coffers.

No elected leader has been more maligned, lied about, and attempted to be neutralized as they have with former President Trump.

I was reflecting on some things over this somber holiday weekend. I am intrinsically interested in relooking at history and seeing what lessons we learn from it. Hence my thoughts scurried to the 2016 cycle, where this imminent fear of Trump created this panic in America’s political left. The ensuing desperation dragged them into the utter gutter of criminal political action. 

You may have forgotten that there were 17 primary rivals of President Trump. Even in the field of 17, it was obvious that the GOP had undergone a complete transformation. The establishment-backed candidates did the worst. Jim Gilmore, John Kasich, and Jeb Bush were all decent governors, but they represented something the base of the party began rejecting before Trump.

Three Tea Party candidates ran in that cycle: Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. With two of those three winning states in the primary journey. Eventually, Cruz bowed out after Indiana, which did not happen until May 3. But in losing that state the last statistical possibility to defeat Trump was removed.

The interesting thing about the 2016 cycle was that Cruz had built the most impressive Presidential campaign organization in my lifetime. He had people literally on the ground in every county of the nation. And he had raised impressive amounts of cash to go with it.

But Trump did things very differently; much leaner, more cost-effective centralized rallies cost far less than what candidates had been used to. In the end, Trump spent a bit less than a dollar for every vote he secured, while Jeb Bush broke the bank on how costly his acquisitions were.

This mattered for a very important reason. It signaled to the left that Trump’s support was an unstoppable groundswell. Nearly eight years since he drew as many people, if not more, than he did in that arduous campaign cycle of 2016.

The politics of the Tea Party were the forerunners of America First, and from that standpoint, when adding up the Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and Paul votes in the primary, it’s easy to argue that the party already was “America First” in substance, only the label would trail until Trump’s arrival in the White House. (Important note: Cruz, Rubio, and Paul have all gone on to serve as vital allies of Trump in the Senate, with each of them steering their respective committees to America First priorities.)

The truth is, as Trump called out fake news, it wasn’t that he was showing America something they hadn’t seen. They had known or suspected journalism malfeasance gaslighting them for years. Trump affirmed what they saw, thought, and felt.

He did that on nearly every policy he touched, in nearly every foreign affair, energy, national defense, and economically related policies he implemented. He was so effective that it drove desperation to get rid of him at all costs by his opponents even deeper.

America is an America First nation. We want our economy to work, we want our energy to be abundant, and we’ve had it with “trusting” the “smart people” on the important stuff. The elites don’t like it because it means they can’t continue to gaslight and control us.

And they don’t like him because he keeps reminding us that it’s not about him; it’s about the nation and what is best for us and our children.

He is being severely attacked in an unlawful and genuinely dishonest fashion. If the Biden crime family could throw him in a gulag, he’d already be there.

The silly people who don’t have one-tenth of the organization or one percent of the money that Cruz raised for 2016 should go have coffee with him. 

There’s an apparent reason why Cruz, Rubio, and Paul aren’t running for President. Like Nikki Haley, they are in their prime. Like Ron DeSantis, they are young. Like the Mikes (Pence and Pompeo), they saw firsthand the good that can be done in a Trump administration. 

It took a pandemic and mass blanket ballot distribution, Zuckerberg drop boxes, and vote mules to cause him to lose re-election when he received the most votes of any incumbent in history.

America has also seen an administration that is more committed to pronouns and surgeries for minors (behind their parents’ backs) than they are to the welfare of our entire nation’s future.

And the only way the anti-American forces would defeat him (hence the people) would be to jail him.

A task they will fail at in a humiliating fashion.

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