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Not the German government, which continues on a collision course with reality. But Germans have figured out that the green dream is turning into a nightmare. This report is on a survey of Germans done by forsa:

An overwhelming majority of the German population is of the opinion that a successful energy transition is not realistic. According to a Forsa survey, 88 percent of respondents share this view.

88 percent! That is stunning.

The Germans have less and less confidence in the Federal Government’s plans for the energy transition. Only ten percent still believe that renewable energy systems such as photovoltaics and wind power can adequately meet the country’s energy needs.

In 2011, 39 percent of respondents were still optimistic and 61 percent skeptical.

Even among the supporters of the Greens, skepticism now prevails, reports the world.

A majority of 59 percent of respondents continue to support the use of natural gas as an energy source in Germany. 57 percent are in favor of a continuation of nuclear energy.

The German government’s green dreams promise to destroy that country’s economy:

The industrial unions IG Metall, IGBCE and IG BAU fear hundreds of thousands of job losses and site closures due to the high electricity prices in Germany in international comparison, especially in energy-intensive industries such as the steel, chemical or building materials industry.

So far, Germany’s government is persisting in its green delusions, but a collision with reality is inevitable. The question is what will be left of Germany’s economy when the green dream is finally abandoned. For more on the unfeasibility of generating and storing enough wind energy to power an economy, see this post by Francis Menton, which focuses on the U.K.

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