It’s odd watching the Left, Democrats, and media work so hard to protect and even defend the only person who called for protesters to literally go into the Capitol on January 6th. You’d think the guy they have on video doing such a thing would already be behind bars and yet … he’s getting interviewed by 60 Minutes.

And somehow those of us asking WHY he’s not being held accountable are the bad guys.

Oh, and they’re especially mad at Tucker Carlson for picking on poor ol’ Ray.


Just wow. We get it, we shouldn’t expect much from 60 Minutes because you know, they are 60 Minutes, but to paint Ray as some victim whining about Tucker Carlson ruining HIS life? Give us a break. We’d like to introduce Ray to the people sitting in jail cells whose lives have really been ruined by this so-called ‘insurrection’.

You know, the one he’s on video encouraging?

*cough cough*

Thomas Massie called it out:

What he said.

But he says Tucker Carlson is trying to ruin his life and stuff.

They didn’t.