Monday, April 17, 2023

The Liberal Media Will Probably Love How This Nashville Flower Shop Responded to the GOP

The Liberal Media Will Probably Love How This Nashville Flower Shop Responded to the GOP

AP Photo/Jonathan Mattise

Liberals and conservatives are miles apart on what happened at the Covenant School on March 27. This recent flower shop’s decision to decline GOP business is emblematic of the media bubble where liberals reside. To recap, a transgender killer, Audrey Hale, a woman who identified as male, killed six people. Three were children, a heinous act of violence that led to the March 30 storming of the state capitol. Based on the Left’s rules, this is an insurrection, an act of brazen domestic terrorism which would have prompted a federal response if we were playing fair. The FBI arrested hundreds for merely trespassing on January 6.

The Tennessee GOP went down the only road of accountability offered to them, expelling three Democrats for their role in the mayhem. Two were dismissed, and one barely survived, but the Nashville Metropolitan Council quickly reinstated the two who were removed. The liberal media have welcomed this development since they can attack the GOP because they were generally stuck regarding the details of the shooting, meaning it couldn’t be weaponized against conservatives. The killer was transgender, and Hale used an AR-15-style weapon to commit the attack. If Hale were a biological white male, this would have wall-to-wall coverage. 

Where the two different worlds regarding news reporting present themselves are the stories that tried to claim that the transgender community was the real victim. The rioters who stormed the capitol in Nashville claimed Hale as one of those murdered in the attack; she was the shooter. Other news reports didn’t mention Hale, while some claimed Audrey was “gunned down” by police. Hale was killed when confronted by law enforcement because they were fired upon. Hale got what was deserved. 

This brings us to a local Nashville flower shop that refused an order from the Republican Party, which was holding a fundraiser in the area. It is 100 percent their right to refuse any customer, but while the press will celebrate these actions for obvious political reasons, other businesses who do the same but based on religious grounds are branded as Nazis (via Washington Free Beacon): 

Owners of the FLWR Shop published on Instagram their letter to the RNC, which detailed their reasoning for denying service to the GOP fundraising event, Fox News reported. 

"We immediately declined this ‘opportunity,’ and we want to take this moment to publicly clarify our stance," the FLWR Shop wrote in its letter. 

"We will not be accepting any of your money," the shops owners wrote. "The blood of the 3 beautiful babies we lost in Nashville is on that money." 

The store also suggested that others "say no to taking money or jobs from the Republican party" until they change gun laws. 

The FLWR Shop nevertheless claimed not to discriminate against conservatives, saying "we respect their views and appreciate their business," but that "at this moment I cannot ignore the work that the RNC has done to create this tragedy and so many others just like it." 

Again, Hale, a transgender, committed the assault, not the GOP. But you all knew the dichotomy here regarding private businesses. These reasons for declining the GOP's flower arrangement is fine, but a bakery must produce a cake that might go against the owners’ beliefs.

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