Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Don's Tuesday Column

         THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   4/04/2023

        Conclusions, delusions, obsession, projection

The “indictment” (you can “indict a ham sandwich,” the saying goes) of Donald J. Trump by radical leftist, criminal-leniency-endorsing, “twinkie” (Dan Bongino’s reference to Bragg’s obesity) Manhattan D.A. Bragg—pushed other stories away.

Disappeared: Revelations of plainclothes agents, including FBI, among the Jan. 6 crowds—seen and heard inciting protesters to enter the building—and prominent among the demonized Proud Boys. “Prosecutor admits DC police officers acted as provocateurs at US Capitol on Jan. 6,” by J.M. Hanneman (theepochtimes.com, searchable by title). Conclusion: it was partly a “fed-surrection.”

Americans were redirected—like the White House press after a barely-cognizant Joe Biden battles the teleprompter—from politically-sainted Dr. Fauci getting caught in emails, and on American Masters, peddling more “snake oil.” His beatification by taxpayer-subsidized PBS included softball queries, and zero follow-ups or challenges to easily disputed assertions. Shared delusions?

“Does the man behind our disastrous federal pandemic response have any regrets? Yes! The tongue-bath film reveals that he regrets not demanding useless lockdowns and universal masking sooner. ‘Maybe I should have done that,’ he muses. ‘Yeah, I was wrong.’ That sums it up.

“Even now, when all available data confirms that nothing — nothing — Fauci did made the slightest difference against the virus, the man is still convinced his only failing was being too soft on his recalcitrant subjects . . . er, the American people” (“Fauci on film is still flinging fear-mongering flim-flam,” nypost.com). I’ve taken hits for criticizing Fauci; I stand vindicated.

Rasmussen polling found 6-in-10 voters saying the “government’s pandemic response caused them to have less (vs. more) trust in public health officials.” Fauci fools few; similar numbers distrust media.

He denied picking participants in a Feb. 1, 2020 conference call that discussed whether COVID-19 originated from a lab leak. Emails obtained by a House Subcommittee prove to this writer that he made sure no one who doubted the “natural, animal” origin was heard.

Fauci’s obsession over discounting, even censoring, the now-certain but then-credible lab leak theory— “gain of function” research that he funded through EcoHealth Alliance—suggested culpability. You cannot listen to his endless blathering, avoiding definitive answers, without recalling the adage that he “doth protest too much.” Anyone would understandably spin, prevaricate and explain away—like a suspect caught in a web of lies—their role in the mass-killing pandemic.

Diminished in coverage: The mass murders of six innocent—to the point of angelic beauty for the three 9-year-olds—Christians by a deranged woman pretending to be a man who suffered from mental disorders, likely associated with “gender dysphoria” (whatever that is) and the drugs commonly handed out for “treatment.” Testosterone is in the steroid category, known to induce anger; I cite the phenomenon of “‘roid rage” among body builders of both sexes.

Anti-2nd Amendment fanatics shamelessly project guilt on inanimate objects—guns—which have never in history jumped off a store shelf; and aimed, pulled their own trigger and fired at someone. The female murderer acquired guns in a marginally legal way, given that the federal form only asks if the buyer was committed to an institution over diagnosed mental/emotional conditions. She was under psychiatric care and deceived the system. It relies on the honesty of the buyer.

She deceived her parents over how many guns she possessed; had they known, they might well have alerted authorities. The woman, 28, attended Nashville Christian school, harbored resentment about it, and made a map of the floorplan. It was an utterly evil act by an evil person deluded by society, authorities and drugs to act out of pure, demonic hate. Lies about the victimization of “transexuals” contributed.

Guns were her weapons of convenience, while hiding her conditions from the background check system. She could have lethally used a vehicle (multiple mass murderers have done that), knives (mass deaths have resulted from fanatical, knife-wielding assailants, absent guns), or deadly chemicals, gasses or explosives.

Law-abiding, stable gun owners, by definition, aren’t murderers and have zero need for laws that further impose on their rights as free Americans to buy, loan, trade or bequeath weapons—guns, knives, etc.—as they see fit. She passed up another target because of its hardened doors and armed security.

The police response 1) proves that when law enforcement timely enters an active shooter location, they can kill the killer and save lives; and 2) proves the ineffectual responses in Stoneman Douglass, Columbine, Uvalde and other schools. Nashville’s non-SWAT officers were well-trained, efficient and necessarily deadly. If only the school had a locked gun safe for trained personnel…we’ll never know.

Other “transexual” mass shootings/murders occurred in Aberdeen, Maryland (3 dead, 2018); Colorado (1 dead, 8 wounded, 2019); Colorado (5 dead, 18 wounded, 2022); and now Nashville.

More mass delusion, psychosis and projection: Violent anti-gun fanatics did “insurrection-ary” protests and occupations in Tennessee; violent “transexual rights” activists did the same in Kentucky. Many held up seven fingers to indicate that they included the dead, murderous woman-pretending-to-be-a-man as a victim—what sick morons.

Last week, an inadvertent “auto-correction” turned “LGBXYZ” into “LGBTQ.” I don’t recognize the other varieties of “identification,” only males and females free to choose their partners.

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