Friday, April 14, 2023

If They Are Not Calling You a Fascist, You’re Too Damn Soft

If They Are Not Calling You a Fascist, You’re Too Damn Soft


Vivian Jones/Tennessean

Look, they are always going to call you a fascist, but if they are not screaming about what you are doing as loud as their high-pitched voices can go, you are not going against the left anywhere near hard enough. They will insist that any use of conservative power – whether by a Florida governor elected with a 20-point margin or a Tennessee 3-1 supermajority – is illegitimate authoritarianism in their Marxist narrative. This is why we conservatives, instead of caring about the lies that we are “fascist” or “authoritarian” or – of course – “racist,” should use the volume of their howling solely as a metric of our success.

They scream loudest when it hurts the most. 

When we take away their ability to groom kids in schools.

When we cut off the power of their corporate co-conspirators.

When we use the judicial system to stop their (actual) fascist power grabs.

When we buy guns and ammunition to protect our lives and liberty.

When we hold them to their own rules and toss out insurrectionist representatives who obstruct legislative proceedings.

That last one, from Tennessee last week, is instructive. A trio of Marxist mutants marched into the well of the legislature straight from commie central casting with a bullhorn to co-opt the session and demand disarmament of normal people in the wake of some trans weirdo murdering six Christians. The legislature, in a rare showing of GOP testicular fortitude, decided to try to expel them. Two got booted. The woman groveled and begged and, in a remarkable demonstration of the wages of stupidity and weakness, some of the invertebrate Republicans gave her a pass. She did not get kicked out. Instead, she showed her gratitude for this act of mercy by waddling to the nearest microphone and calling their failure to dump her “racism.”

I supposed we should be glad they got rid of the other two, but when are Republicans going to learn that when they show weakness, the other side will take it as a sign of…weakness?

This part is not for the based among you. You already know. It is for the not-yet-based who look at this all and sense something is wrong but are unable to articulate it. Let me help. The left never attacks on substance. It instead labels any legitimate exercise of power by Republicans as a moral crisis. Argue about the facts regarding guns? No, it’s all “You want to murder children!” Let’s leave aside that it is the left’s catspaws who are capping kiddies from womb to school room – the point is that you cannot argue with them. Argument presumes that sufficient facts and evidence will change the opinion of the listener. But this is not true here. “You Republicans are bad and so is anything you do even if you won an election” is not a position susceptible to argument.

So, stop arguing with them. 

Start crushing them. Use the power you have been entrusted with to root them out of the institutions, bar their bizarre obsessions like abortion and castration, stop the racial spoils system, protect our kids, and prevent them from gaming the system to take unearned control via rigged elections.

Yes, they will yell and scream. Measure the intensity of their yelling and screaming to assess whether you are hitting them where it hurts. They know they cannot generate the votes in places like Tennessee to confiscate your guns or stop laws that bar the mutilation of delusional children. If they had the votes, they would make these things mandatory. They would not hesitate for a second, your rights be damned. When they lack power they try to manipulate us with our “principles,” and when they have power there is no pretense of principles. 

That’s the game. In the blue states, there are no guardrails for the left. In the red states, they try to impose guardrails for the right. But we do not have to accept that. What they must do where they do not have power is prevent the majority from passing conservative laws. The only way to do that is to get us to stop ourselves from passing them. And they sometimes succeed – look at all the red states where Republican votes are what dooms school choice. Understand that the target for their moaning is us. They seek to paralyze us, until they can take power and then they will never allow themselves to be paralyzed. That’s why we need to exercise the option of not caring what they say. Ever.

And why should we care? It’s meaningless nonsense. Do you imagine that they are not going to call you racist? Or fascist? Or some other slander? That’s never going to happen. They will never stop lying about you. Look at the saps who granted Jabba the Putz clemency. They went out on a limb for her because they imagined they were being “fair” and she got up there and smeared them as heirs to the Democrat KKK. 

They hate you. 

They want you disarmed, disenfranchised, and (increasingly) dead.

Act accordingly.

Stop caring if they lie about you – revel in it, because if you are their primary target, it is because you have identified yourself as a looming threat to their power. These despicable calumnies are medals you should wear proudly because they mean you are hurting them.

To prevail – and we can – we must ruthlessly exercise the power we have been entrusted with by the voters. We must do it forthrightly, without apology, and without succumbing to moral blackmail by moral illiterates.

These are the New Rules. The stakes are high. These are not opponents who might win an election and make some tweaks around the margins but not significantly affect your day-to-day life. They are totalitarians who are bent on playing out their personal psychodramas on you and your kids. 

These are bad people. And there is no higher compliment than to be hated by bad people. So make them hate you even more.

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