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How Pronouns Can Kill Kids

How Pronouns Can Kill Kids

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What does identity have to do with a deranged shooter callously gunning down Covenant School children — three nine-year-old kids, murdered by a twenty-eight-year-old sexually confused woman wielding a 9mm carbine? 

Three kids and three adults were murdered in cold blood because we play fast and loose with gender pronouns. 

Be careful Googling “gender pronouns” because you’ll be met with an array of obtuse results that tangle half a millennia of ordered, English syntax and lexicography into a Gordian Knot. But, this is no creation inspired by the gods, it’s just another postmodernist mess, more akin to an infant playing with your collection of smart phone charging cords — all drool and bumbling, little sausage fingers. 

Gender pronouns are inscrutable, but that’s really the whole point. The bane of the American left is meaning, and they’re engaged in total war. It’s an asymmetric conflict which rages over a battlefield tiled with dictionaries, each strategic objective is a fundamental component of meaning. Snipers stalk within tailored haberdashery — the ghillie suit of the language assassin. The left understands very well that if they control language, they control thought. 

Why do you think they burn books with such relish? And, are desperate for you to recite their definitions as if they sprang organically from the synthesis of your own conscience and reason? 

Assenting to someone’s gender pronouns isn’t a matter of politeness, or an easy means to avoid conflict, nor is it a matter of affirming someone’s preference. Bending the knee to the gender pronoun gods is affirming a lie. It’s a denial of what we all know intuitively, what classical philosophy recognized as the natural law — that there are only two sexes/genders extant among humans on this planet. 

To deny something so primal, so fundamental is intellectually and spiritually suicidal — you host and propagate the worst kind of lie, the kind you tell yourself. In doing so, you cripple your ability to reason, suffocate conscience, and unmoor yourself from reality. Moreover, having accepted the irrational, you become complicit in the self-destruction of those within your power to rescue. 

The lies we tell ourselves are the most destructive. Jesus made this point during his Sermon on the Mount. “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3) The “poor in spirit” are those who understand and acknowledge the human condition, one of original sin and desperate need for redemption. Many in his audience were outwardly righteous, but were inwardly consumed with the deception of self-righteousness. The consequence of this lie is missing out on the kingdom of heaven. 

This fundamental self-deception about the nature of man has resulted in some of the most thorny problems that face America today. The left’s presupposition is that mankind is essentially good, perfectible by means of benevolent dictatorship. Indeed, all of government overreach is a product of this philosophy.

Its effects have produced our current identity crisis — it provides the fertile soil from which springs the irrational thought that one’s identity is merely an act of self-affirmation, a mechanism of perfection by experimentation. Identity is reduced to whim as the individual strives to realize his or her best self through a never ending, schizophrenic metamorphosis. The immutable laws of biology are subsumed to the capricious application of a pronoun. 

Pastor Cary Schmidt delivered some powerful remarks on this subject a few years ago, and illuminated the meaning of Christ’s statement, “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it.” This seeming paradox was expounded by Schmidt who described the deep wisdom of Jesus who, two thousand years ago, recognized the dangers inherent in defining the psyche apart from the creator. 

As meaning evaporates into the ether of self-expression, the natural constraints of respect for created life decompose. Moreover, the same system that preaches self-actualization obtusely demands affirmation from everyone else in society. When that affirmation isn’t forthcoming, the non-compliant become mortal enemies of the psyche, morbidly self-centered and obsessed with satiating its own desire to create meaning and identity. And, as we saw at The Covenant School, those who are already morally and spiritually adrift may lash out with homicidal rage.

Of course, not everyone who applies a fictional set of pronouns to themselves acts out violently. But, the destruction of meaning removes all the guardrails. At the very least, it destroys the natural comity that exists between people who see themselves with the inherent dignity of beings created in God’s image. 

Teaching people they’re merely malleable sacks of meat, subject only to a mechanistic and capricious universe, lays the groundwork for barbarism and brutality that resulted in the death of three nine year old children and three dedicated educators. Meaning isn’t just the plaything of leftwing radicals and language isn’t theirs to manipulate. 

Take a stand for rationality. You may just save a life.

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