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Study Confirms Trans 'Social Contagion' Theory

Study Confirms Trans 'Social Contagion' Theory

Study Confirms Trans 'Social Contagion' Theory
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A study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior confirms the common-sense conclusion many observers of the “transgender” hysteria have long drawn regarding the sociogenic nature of deviant sexual identity.

The findings were interesting on several fronts: “gender transition” is driven by social pressure; females are by psychological disposition more susceptible to the “trans” social contagion; and mentally ill youth were more likely than non-mentally ill to “transition.”

From the study’s conclusion:

Results of our study are generally consistent with other recent research about the current surge of gender dysphoria among youth with onset during adolescence or young adulthood. Natal females were affected more often than natal males… There was evidence of immersion both in social media and in peer groups with other transgender-identifying youths….

Youths with a history of mental health issues were especially likely to have taken steps to socially and medically transition…
Parents tended to rate their children as worse off after transition.

Matt Margolis reported on a similar study with comparable results last year.

Relatedly, consider this account from an Austin, Texas, public school teacher who claims that no fewer than 20 out of her 32 fourth-grade students “came out” to her after undergoing a week of LGBTQ+++™ propaganda.

Most perniciously of all, the researchers in the social contagion study found that when parents or teachers turned their mentally ill children over to mental health professionals for help, “parents reported that they had often felt pressured by clinicians to affirm their child’s new gender and support their transition.”

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It wasn’t a perfect study methodologically, since it relied on surveys of parents and is therefore subject to some degree of subjectivity. However, it was a robust survey of 1,655 parents of affected youth.

At the very least, it’s one more reference point that paints an increasingly clear picture of what is going on with children’s mental well-being (or lack thereof) and the surge in alleged transgenderism.

These findings square with previous reporting I have done on the seemingly unconnected yet very statistically real correlation between autism and transgender identity in children.

Woe to us who ever underestimate the power of collective psychosis and groupthink. This is a lesson we should have learned as a society early on in the context of the Salem witch trials.

The groomers know what they are doing.

As this groomer explains with anarchic glee, his goal is to “confuse straight people and instill chaos.” Sewing chaos is “my identity,” he explains.

These are profoundly damaged people who are so deeply wounded and hopeless they would rather inflict their pain on society to at least not be alone in their misery. Roping children into lifelong misery is their ultimate passion.

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