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Has It Already Backfired?

Has It Already Backfired?

Townhall Media

Thursday evening the news was released smack in the middle of the afternoon drive news cycle.

For maximum effect the disgraced Manhattans DA office confirmed the former President Donald J. Trump would be facing an arraignment on charges stemming from a new hot off the presses indictment.

Already likely the worst kept secret in Manhattan for the better part of the last two months, this move gave the media, rivals and opponents to the former President, and most significantly the current administration,a moment to clink their glasses and raise a toast to the fact that they had finally gotten him.

Now what?

A conviction in the casenot even on the radar screen yetthe nation learned that the indictment would remain under seal until a judge unseals it at an arraignment on Tuesday. 

Ok. So that gives the blood seething media an additional five days  to speculate, foment, and shock the American people (based only on innuendo, not fact) about how serious this is. While supporters of the former President call it historic the Bragg-backing corrupt press used the same term.

Sure the American people are using it to describe what they view is the absolutely tearing asunder the presumption of every person being innocent until proven guilty. They certainly do when former speaker Pelosi claimed the court process would allow Trump to  prove his innocence. But this action was also reminding his supporters of what weve witnessed throughout history in rogue tyrants, dictatorships, and marxist outposts for decades: jailing the opposition. Those who applaud this coming arraignment are told by the media that because Trump is such a powerful figure that they must let no person believe he is above the law. Yet I have heard nearly every prosecutor I know, can ask, or get on the record that believe this case is so weak that they would never bring it against the likes of you and me.  

In a world where the District Attorneys office has made it its full time obsession to turn felonies (murder, rape, theft) into misdemeanors, and after already passing on this particular casetwice, they decided that now is the time when the nation needs to be put through this divisive and maniacal charade.  

I would like to point out that if the case is as weak as describedheld together by chicken wire and rubber bands (to quote former AG Bill Barr)then the fact that they are bringing it against Trump means they will look to bring it against you in the future. 

The problem for them isthats where all the big show stopping moments ended. 

And now with in essence 2-3 days to go, what has the dog and pony show produced?

When registered Democrat legal professors Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley pronounce an obligation to side with Trump based on the facts, and neither of them voted for him, what more does one need to understand?

In just under twelve hours after the announcement Team Trump had already raised an excess of $5,000,000. 

Within minutes a unified voice in Congress from Republicans in the Senate and House began releasing statements from members of both chambers, roundly condemning the action.

Trump rivals who are likely to run or what have been mentioned as considering running against him, began defending Trump publiclysome of whom are definitely not on the same terms with their former boss. 

Ron DeSantis who had not worked for the former President actually got on the record pre-defying what he sees is a corrupt DA offices coming extradition demand. 

On Saturday new polls began being released. Every poll published this far lacks a result where the majority of Americans believe that any of this sad drama is legitimate. 

If were honest DA Bragg knows all of this, hence the importance of announcing the indictment but not the actual charges. Somewhere deep inside he knows this chicken wire and rubber bands case may get thrown out. 

And after doing so the impact on the figures in the matter will be sizable.

Bragg may get disbarred.

But he helped Trump raise millions for his campaign, rallied his base behind him, helped independents and democrats find their way to him, and even landed his character into the opening sketch on Saturday Night LIVE that was anything but harsh.

Even with a 98% chokehold on the media narrative these things are happening. I mean some will even argue that the raw momentum of all of these facts got Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene her first interview on CBS 60 Minutes.

If Bragg is successful at jailing a former Commander in chief then we will have lost America. A land of equal protection, justice, fair play, and innocence until proven otherwise will be a thing of our past.

But if Trump is successful in fighting back against the corruption then he may inspire a new breath of hope for people who love America everywhere.

My bet is Bragg gets disbarred.(And the law abiding people of New York will rejoice.)

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