Friday, April 14, 2023




Joe Biden is in Ireland, where he had a senior interlude with an Irish kid, and told a few lies. But much more important is the geopolitical context, as Nile Gardiner writes in the Telegraph:

President Biden’s insulting decision to prioritise Ireland over the UK on his visit to mark the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement should have come as no surprise. It is just as unsurprising as his decision to skip the coronation of King Charles III. Biden, like Barack Obama before him, has shown nothing but contempt for Great Britain and the Special Relationship.

Biden began his presidency in 2021 by removing a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. …

Biden’s insult towards Churchill and his memory set the tone for his presidency. His approach towards Britain, traditionally America’s closest friend and ally, has been sneering, arrogant and disrespectful. With deep roots in Ireland, Biden’s track record as a US Senator and Washington politician for half a century has been one of unyielding support for the Irish Republican cause. As recently as 2017 he was photographed with Gerry Adams and erstwhile IRA fugitive Rita O’Hare.
…[T]he harsh reality remains that America today is led by a petty and at times vindictive president, who thinks nothing of lecturing Britain over its Northern Ireland policy, and issuing stark warnings to Downing Street that a US/UK trade deal will not be on the agenda unless it plays ball over Irish issues and the EU.

An additional factor shaping Biden’s treatment of Britain is his intense animosity towards Brexit, and his adoration of the European Union. In a grovelling speech to the European Parliament in 2010, Biden declared that Brussels had “its own legitimate claim” to be “the capital of the free world,” a ludicrous assertion that surely no one even in the European Commission actually believes. Over a decade later as president, Biden has shamelessly appeased the EU and its powerhouses of Paris and Berlin, while often treating London with barely disguised menace and disdain.

Yes, Joe Biden is a senile bumbler. But we shouldn’t take that as an excuse. He is a deeply hateful character whose prejudices are damaging to American interests.

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