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Your Tyranny in America Weekend Update: All the Despotism That's Fit to Print

Your Tyranny in America Weekend Update: All the Despotism That's Fit to Print

Your Tyranny in America Weekend Update: All the Despotism That's Fit to Print
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While all eyes are focused on the tyranny taking place in the Donald Trump witch hunt, it’s easy to lose focus of some other examples of fascism taking place under our noses.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Democrats’ maniacal obsession with arresting President Trump is nothing short of American Stalinism. Lavrenty Beria, Josef Stalin’s Director of the Soviet Secret Police, — and responsible for thousands of executions — is believed to have coined the phrase, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” Trump is currently facing four investigations and has weathered roughly 39 investigations and lawsuits since he announced his run for the presidency.

As we watch our kangaroo courts in their feeding frenzy to “get Trump” — one of the few people willing to confront the rise of communism in the U.S. — there is more bolshie nonsense taking place in our country.

New York Wants the ‘Right’ to Quarantine Anyone They Want

New York State’s Attorney General is quietly appealing the New York Supreme Court smackdown of the bolshevik-like Rule 2.13, which allowed New York’s Commissioner of Health to forcefully quarantine anyone she deems a health threat, wherever she wants, for as long as she wants.

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Rule 2.13 contains the following commie-licious applesauce:

Whenever appropriate to control the spread of a highly contagious communicable disease, the State Commissioner of Health may issue and/or may direct the local health authority to issue isolation and/or quarantine orders, consistent with due process of law, to all such persons as the State Commissioner of Health shall determine appropriate. (emphasis added)

I’ll repeat that New York’s leading law enforcement official Letitia James — supported by Gov. Kathy Hochul — wants the state to have the right to quarantine anyone it wants, wherever the state decides, for as long as the state desires, even though a judge declared it all “unconstitutional.”

Think it can’t happen here?

Now would be a good time to remind you that “free” Australians — including children — were forcefully locked up for merely associating with people who had COVID-19, though they did not have the virus themselves.

It’s also important to note that the power-starved Hochul unhesitatingly declares a state of emergency whenever she breaks a nail on her cloven hooves.

Hochul declared states of emergency absurdly — and prematurely — over monkeypox, which all but disappeared — and when polio was discovered in a Long Island sewer (but not in a human).

Why is Hochul so trigger-happy to declare a “state of emergency?” I have an idea:

FASCISM-O-RAMA! Every time Hochul declares a state of emergency, she gives herself somewhat dictatorial powers, such as the “right” to close our businesses and restrict travel, the ability to override laws, the power to declare “microcluster zones” with their own set of quarantine rules, and, oddly, the ability to issue no-bid contracts, as she did by handing one of her biggest donors the contract to produce COVID tests for more money than others were bidding.

“This unconstitutional power grab must be stopped in its tracks. If Rule 2.13 is allowed to stand, I guarantee that we will see more frightening intrusions on our civil liberties in the years ahead,” New York State Assemblyman Chris Tague (R-102nd district ) released in a scathing statement. “I am calling on the Governor and the Attorney General to accept the court’s ruling and stop this waste of taxpayer resources on this futile fight.”

Remember, whether we are talking about men dressing in skirts, flavored vodka, or fascism — fads start on the coasts and work their way inward. We have communism in Seattle, Portland, and all of California on the West Coast and New York fighting to steal our rights on the East Coast. No matter which state you’re in, this unconstitutional blitz against our rights will eventually find you.

“Gee KDJ, it’s the weekend. Do you have any good news for us?” I do!

A federal appeals court clown-slapped *President Joe Biden’s “vaccine” mandate for federal employees.

SCIENCE-O-RAMA! The vaccines clot shots do not keep us from catching or spreading the Bat Stew Flu. Forcing people to inject a useless “vaccine” into their bodies is vomitously wicked.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, based in New Orleans, ruled on Friday that President Joe “totally showered with his daughter” Biden can no longer force those employed by the federal government to bend their knees and raise their sleeves in the name of “science.” The court upheld an earlier ruling that blocked Biden’s executive order forcing the “vaccine” on federal contractors and employees.

That means Biden is still pushing federal workers to take a shot that we all know doesn’t work. It’s almost like Biden is pimping the shots so that his donors in big pharma can continue to make mad stacks.

Biden issued his dictatorial vaccine mandate in September 2021, forcing all federal employees — as well as members of the Armed Forces — to get the vaccine useless shot or face punishment, including termination.

Feds for Medical Freedom — a group of over 8,000 federal employees and contractors — filed a lawsuit against Biden, stating that the mandate violates Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act by not allowing for religious exceptions to the “vaccines.”

While I believe religious exemptions should be taken seriously, I’m also fond of just saying no to medical tyranny. My body, my choice, right?

The Biden vaccine mandate is — for now — not enforceable.

Bonus Freedom!

An assistant high school football coach in Washington state was fired in 2015 for praying after football games.

Coach Joe Kennedy did not force others to pray. Whether his team won or lost, he just wanted to give thanks to the Almighty. Bremerton High School fascists decided that just wouldn’t do and fired him.

But the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision that his firing violated his 1st Amendment rights, (gee, I wonder which three justices thought it was cool to fire a man for private prayer).

Kennedy will return to his team for the 2023 season. The school also has to pay Kennedy a cool $1.7 million for its unconstitutional skullduggery.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Light a cigar, patriots; all is not lost. Enjoy the weekend and hoist that Betsy Ross flag. We’re Americans; we got this.

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