Thursday, March 30, 2023

We’re Fighting the Transgender Cult — And Winning!

We’re Fighting the Transgender Cult — And Winning!

We’re Fighting the Transgender Cult — And Winning!
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In a shockingly short span of time, what was once a rare and taboo phenomenon limited to adult men has metamorphosed into an accepted and celebrated mainstream movement targeting children. LGBTQ predators have insidiously infiltrated Hollywood and public schools, making it increasingly arduous to shield our children from the clutches of this toxic cult that preys upon them with remarkable efficiency.

According to recent polls, there has been an unnatural increase in the number of young people identifying as part of the LGBT community, with a disturbing percentage claiming to be transgender. The unmistakable trend of young people identifying as transgender is clear evidence of a social contagion that threatens to lead impressionable youth towards a treacherous path of gender dysphoria. This perilous journey can inflict irreparable harm upon their mental and physical well-being, highlighting the urgent need to address the insidious influence of transgenderism in our society.

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As scary as all of this sounds, there is hope. Republican governors nationwide are standing up to the transgender cult and protecting children in their states. Just this week, the Republican governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, signed into law a bill that prohibits minors from receiving “gender-affirming care,” despite facing backlash and threats of legal action from left-wing civil rights organizations. Similarly, Iowa’s Republican governor, Kim Reynolds, signed a comparable bill into law.

Five other states have passed similar laws aimed at safeguarding children from being subjected to dangerous medical treatments and procedures. Furthermore, over 100 bills targeting the transgender movement are currently under consideration in various states across the nation, as reported by the ACLU. These bills include measures to protect parental rights in education, prevent boys from participating in girls’ sports teams, and safeguard the privacy and dignity of girls by barring biological males from using their private spaces such as bathrooms and locker rooms, among other provisions. These legislative efforts highlight the growing concern and urgency over protecting our children from the insidious influence of the transgender cult.

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As much as I fear the pervasiveness of the transgender cult, I also feel hopeful that there are enough people out there willing to speak out and fight against it. Yes, it has seemed like an unwinnable fight at times, but look at what’s been happening. Republican leaders across the nation are fighting for our children’s futures and are enacting laws that protect their health and welfare while also standing up for the rights of parents to raise their children.

The transgender movement will continue to push for the indoctrination and recruitment of children to lead them down a dangerous path with irreversible consequences. However, as we resist and stand up against this harmful movement, more individuals will see that they are not alone and join the fight to protect our children from the trans cult’s insidious influence.

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