Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Democrats Are Terrified Of An Educated And Informed Public

Democrats Are Terrified Of An Educated And Informed Public

Derek Hunter

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

It’s a strange time in the United States, where one political party is actively engaged in a series of actions to keep as many people as possible ignorant. Ignorant not of one particular event, study, or story, but of so many topics that reality itself” is what they’re ultimately attempting to obscure. It’s evil, honestly, and it begs the question "What are Democrats so afraid of?” The only answer is simple: an informed public.

Communists in the old Soviet Union were terrified that their citizens would discover how well people in the free west were living. There were no bread lines, there were options – lots of options, for everything. This reality worried the communist leadership and would have confused their subjects, much like Bernie Sanders in 2015 lamented the idea that there were too many choices for deodorant and shoes. “You don't necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or of 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country,” he famously said. 

The great thing about capitalism is you can have both choices and charity. Options matter, and an educated public, free from government tyranny, make choices about those options that is best for them rather than a faceless bureaucrat thousands of miles away imposing what they think is best for you. 

The only way that second prospect gains any traction is ignorance. Ignorance of history and how that model has failed every time it’s been tried, and ignorance of information where people are kept in the dark about reality and, therefore, draw manipulated and pre-selected conclusions and act accordingly. This is where Democrats live.

I’ve known Tucker Carlson since we met back in 2008, and I never noticed the horns. Granted, I’ve never touched his head, but next time I see him I will pat it down since I need to know if I’m hanging out with the Devil, as I’ve been told by Democrats, and, while it would be awkward to run my hands through his hair, it beats patting his ass to check for a tail.

What was his sin? Providing more information to the American public on something Democrats do not want us to have more information on: January 6th. He played more video, un-Democrat-approved video, of people in the Capitol building. He exposed truth that contradicted what Democrats have gotten so much political mileage out of, thereby exposing them as liars, both by commission and omission. 

You’d think this would be a big story – Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th committee manipulated the public, weaponizing Congress and its subpoena power to influence an election. The Democrats were Putin without invading Ukraine. 

Nope. The media – the people who throw out their shoulders patting themselves on the back over their “speaking ‘truth’ to power” tramp-stamp tattoo – had no interest.

Rather than demanding answers from Democrats, who so obviously lied that even Stevie Wonder could see it, the press-credentialed class were incredulous toward Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy for releasing the footage. Journalists upset over the public gaining access to more information, which used to be what they lived for. No questions for any member of the committee, Pelosi, or prosecutors who put a guy away for 4 years claiming he was some sort of violent ringleader, when new footage proved he was escorted by police alone and confronted exactly no one. Cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal is a figure worthy of sympathy and support – hell, he’d have a show on MSNBC right now if he were out of prison – but Jacob Chansley needs to spend every second of his sentence in prison because he dressed weird and upset Liz Cheney, Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin. 

To call the press the flying monkey army of the DNC is to insult fictional flying monkeys. 

But it’s not just January 6th the left is circling the wagons to keep people ignorant of, it’s everything. Not a single Democrat asked any serious questions designed to gain information about the origins of COVID at a hearing this week. Those who bothered to show up did all they could to protect Tony Fauci’s reputation. Not a single Democrat expressed any concern for government bureaucrats pressuring social media companies to censor American citizens because they found what they were saying to be inconvenient or wrong. None gave a damn about the express violations of the First Amendment, not one. 

It’s not that they do not care – indifference isn’t nefarious, and what Democrats are doing is evil – it’s that they benefit from the lies and ignorance. Most of the left-wing attacks on Tucker and conservative media aren’t on substance – Democrats don’t engage in substantive arguments, they simply dismiss with contempt and move on, preaching only their ignorant choir – they are designed to prevent people from consuming unapproved information. They couch it as “We watch conservative media so you don’t have to” but it’s really “We watch conservative media and lie about it in the hope you never do it yourself.” 

Make up your own damn mind. I encourage you to flip on MSNBC every once in a while, if only to keep up with what the enemy is doing. Like visiting a zoo when you’re likely never going to run the risk of being trampled by an elephant, you should at least know what one looks like and is capable of. And when it comes to politics, Democrats are capable of anything. There is no bottom for them, no line they won’t cross. And the only way that works is with an ignorant public. Explains the schools in every left-wing stronghold in the country, doesn’t it?

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