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Arresting Donald Trump

Arresting Donald Trump

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For much of the last two months the rumors have swirled. On Saturday the former President acknowledged it. On Tuesday it may happen.

As I said on That KEVIN Show this has been one of the worst kept secrets in the modern era.

What happens if they do? What happens if they put handcuffs on a former President?

If you’ve watched social media this weekend the reaction has ranged. Trump supporters have asserted flatly that it insures his re-ascendancy to the White House. Trump haters are mixed with some gloating “we finally got him!” Some are accusing him of attempting to start a civil war. They say this because he merely said “protest” in his post on Truth Social that went viral.

Between the gloating and the accusing there appears to be a good deal of panic on the left about the outcome.

But why?

If the evidence was so strong, why the fear of the American people?

The answer is simple. The “evidence” is non-existent and they already know in a deep place inside themselves that the American people are fair-minded. They understand that Americans are watching the next iteration of a witch hunt that has been long in the making and thwarted via self destruction at every point where they were convinced they had stopped him.

It never had to be this way.

But the left hates America, and when someone comes in and shatters the facade that allowed that hatred to fester, then put simply, he becomes the number one problem. 

So they slowly dripped Russia Collusion for years—only to have the truth revealed that it was his opponent who had worked with Russia to collude against him. 

They impeached him for a PHONE CALL with a transcript that clearly showed he committed no offense. Of course the current *the president was caught clearly on video bragging about the bribery and corruption he exercised with the same country.

They used the cover of a virus outbreak and a pandemic to bamboozle policy, change state voting standards across many states, allow what were later deemed to be unconstitutional dropboxes, erasure of ID requirements and signature matching  and other means to gin up the “turnout” and rig an election to get him out. 

They impeached him a second time (after he was out of office — which is constitutionally unfounded) to say that he caused a deadly insurrection — when the only person who died on the day in question was one of his supporters. 

They subpoenaed his tax records and fought to make them public—only to realize that he had paid everything he owed to the letter of the law.

They went after his kids as though they were criminals on the run, though they have yet to indict one of them for an accusation of criminal wrongdoing. It should be noted that the son of the current *the president has evidence of likely financial crimes, corruption of a certain public official, and tawdry crimes like sex with a family member and more on a laptop that sits in their possession. Yet nary a word.

They sent now disgraced FBI goons to rummage through his home, his son’s possessions and his wife’s underwear. All of it for naught.

So if the rumors are true, here’s what they are boiling it down to: he wrote a check to his lawyer, and recorded that payment in his ledger as a legal expense. They are also saying that if you twist the definitions of things far enough it may have violated campaign finance laws.

That’s it.

After overturning every nook and cranny in the life of Donald Trump it comes down to a ledger entry description.

The crimes they accuse him of are misdemeanors or the lightest level felony possible. They don’t carry jail time.

They will be prosecuted by an embarrassing excuse of a District Attorney who is a fully funded George Soros puppet. A prosecutor who on day one of his job declared he would no longer prosecute a variety of serious and frequent crimes that citizens need protection from.

But he will prosecute an “inaccurate” ledger entry.

He will likely lean on a “star witness” who is a known liar, and go to jail for doing so.

The reason Trump’s opponents are so nervous about the outcome here, is that the evidence of a crime—nay even any wrong doing at all—is thinner than the lip gloss that Stormy Daniels wears.

Wealthy public figures are often subject to dishonest attacks. I personally know multiple such figures and to a person they’ve told me they’ve all paid nuisance payments to legally get the harassment to stop.

Trump’s opponents know it too.

Arresting Donald Trump gives them a momentary seeming victory on the battlefield between the America Last and America First forces.

But when he is vindicated—and to be clear he always has been—he will have won the war.

As he often said on the campaign trail, “They are coming after me (Trump) because I am fighting for you (the American people.)

It’s true.

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