Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Don's Tuesday Column

          THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   3/03/2023

Scott Adams, MTG right…for them

First: The “big picture” news that the Department of Energy’s intelligence division concludes a “lab leak” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, or WIV, as the likely source of the COVID-19 virus, also confirmed by FBI director Christopher Wray (“we knew for some time”).

It’s another “conspiracy theory” that was fact, not theory. The rightly-demonized “gain of function” research, which manipulated viral elements for the ostensible purpose of developing vaccines against said “franken-viruses,” was a real thing. The factual budgetary transfer of boatloads of money, under “Doctor” (treats no patients) Fauci’s legislatively unauthorized direction, had no small part in creating the virus. Pandemic deaths are partly on his hands.

Our own intelligence agencies spoke (quietly, among themselves) of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP or China’s) biological weapons program over a decade ago. The only remaining question: Pandemic as a lab leak or intentional act? The “wet market” scenario was illogical from the start given 1) no similar “naturally occurring” viral outbreak could be found; and 2) the early 2020 discovery, by American scientists, of evidence of viral manipulation by Chinese scientists.

How long must Americans wait for despicable, disreputable, even diabolical, media/government/W.H.O-sycophants to issue their “mea culpas” for allowing crass ideological, and political, venom to guide their demonization and ridicule of the “lab leak” advocates?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a public “we’re so sorry” for sarcastically doubting, and insulting the intelligence and patriotism of, President Trump, Senator Cotton, and numerous scientific experts asking reputable questions, and making reasonable claims over Wuhan’s culpability. Try “I/we take it all back.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) said she wants a “national divorce” of “Red/Republican” states from “Blue/Democrat” states. Cue feigned and real outrage from the same Leftist cadre driving many states, counties and cities to apply economic or travel sanctions to Red states—a de facto “divorce” over abortion, so-called “transgender” issues, voting integrity/rights, etc. They started it.

Many (myself included) on the conservative, Trump, Make America Great Again side say that “splitting” the United States of America into two ideologically distinct countries, is counterproductive and just wrong. It’s not unlike disputes over voting integrity: We must perform the laborious work to gain legislative power in every state possible and, more importantly, at the federal level, to pass legislation applying to all states for verified in-person voting, and insurmountable barriers to cheating.

Just as that strategy would nullify election fraud-inducing “mail in” voting—and turn a nearly “season long” process back into a day or two of national decision-making—Constitutional means must be used whereby Republicans can rein in the federal behemoth, regulatory bureaucracy, and creeping agency autonomy. Return power to states and citizens. Keeping rogue leftist states like California from imposing one scheme after another on other states could restore the “United” part of America.

The Daily News comics page appears to have dropped “Dilbert” out of a group-think, politically correct corporate decision over cartoonist Scott Adams’ urging White people to “get away from” Black people. While it seems racist on its face, people are allowed, even encouraged, to weigh what Adams explained led to his rant over the issue.

A Rasmussen poll, while limited to a small sample, showed 47 percent of Black respondents not agreeing with the statement “It’s OK to be White” (they either “Disagree” or “Don’t know”); 53 percent did “Agree.” I’m in the “one principle” camp: There should be one, colorblind standard on such issues, such that, if the races are reversed, conclusions are the same.

If it would be racist for a White person to say “It’s not OK to be Black,” then it’s equally racist for a Black person to say “It’s not OK to be White.” By that standard, those 47 percent of Black people are likely racist, if they “don’t know” if it’s OK to be White. To Scott Adams, that 47 percent qualifies as a “hate group.” Would you would call 47 percent of Whites a “hate group” for thinking it’s not OK to be Black? That’s the point.

Adams also cited 1) the seemingly endless videos of young, mostly male, Blacks beating up Whites, Asians, etc.; and 2) the overwhelmingly-Black looters and “smash and grab” retail thieves caught on security and personal cameras. Anecdotal evidence is, the saying goes, evidence of anecdotes. To deny reality, however, is head-in-sand refusal to even discuss preventing an obvious phenomenon.

FBI statistics—showing the overwhelming preponderance of Black-on-White vs. White-on-Black violence—don’t lie; the “Pollyanna” approach that says systemic racism drives Black violence and crime is delusional.

You can no more deny anti-White racism than anti-Black racism, but the statements and videos of Black academics and “leaders” denigrating Whites and White-majority America over race prove the point—hate is no respecter of skin color. I’ve personally experienced it.

Radio host Ken Hamblin, “the Black Avenger,” related how his father admonished him that, if he saw a group of young Black men or boys gathered on a sidewalk or street corner, to walk quickly in the other direction. By that metric, neither Hamblin’s father, nor Scott Adams, is a racist. Go to scottadams.locals.com to keep reading Dilbert.

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