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Why a Denver School Shooting Is About to Be Smothered by the Liberal Media

Why a Denver School Shooting Is About to Be Smothered by the Liberal Media

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There was a school shooting in Denver, Colorado, on Wednesday. A 17-year-old student shot and wounded two administrators at East High School. You can hear the pre-packaged pro-gun control narratives being drafted and ready for distribution. Out of the two victims, one was described as in serious but stable condition; the other was in surgery. Gunfire erupted on campus around 10 AM (via NYT): 

A Denver high school student whose past behavior had prompted school officials to require that he be searched before entering the school shot two school administrators on Wednesday morning and then fled, the authorities said. 

The shooting happened before 10 a.m. at East High School, when the two administrators were patting down the student in an office area separate from other students and found a gun, according to the Denver Police Department. The student fired several shots, injuring both administrators. 

The two men were transported to an area hospital, where one was in critical condition and the other in serious and stable condition, Chief Ron Thomas of the Denver Police Department said at a news conference. The suspect, who has not been caught, was identified by the police as Austin Lyle, 17. They said he was wanted on the charge of attempted homicide. 

The chief said that the suspect, a student at the school, had a safety plan in place that required that he be searched before entering the school each day. It was unclear what kind of behavior might have prompted the safety check requirement, or how many other students were on the safety plan. The school district did not immediately respond to inquiries on Wednesday. 

The suspect has been identified, but the New York Times left out his race, which is key because it speaks to why this story is never going to see the light of day after this week. CBS News has a more in-depth profile of the shooter (via CBS News):

A 17-year-old student shot and wounded two administrators at his high school in Denver on Wednesday, and the victims were taken to area hospitals, officials said. Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas said the student fled the scene after the shooting at East High School.

Police identified the suspect Wednesday afternoon as Austin Lyle, 17, and posted his picture on social media. The chief didn't identify the suspect during a press conference earlier because he is a juvenile. 

The suspect was described as a Black male who is 5 feet, 5 inches tall, weighs 150 pounds, and has black hair and brown eyes. He was believed to be associated with a 2005 red Volvo XC90 with Colorado license plate BSCW10. 

According to police, the suspect was last seen wearing a green hooded sweatshirt. Mayor Michael Hancock had earlier said the sweatshirt had an astronaut on it. 

He’s black, so you know countermeasures and orders to move on to other things in the news cycle have been handed down. Second, I don’t think an AR-15 rifle was used in the attack. Not white and no AR-15—it’s the one-two knock-out punch for these stories. Nothing can be used against the GOP or Donald Trump, so this shooting will fade, much like the recent Michigan State shooting, which left three people dead. The shooter was black and didn’t use an AR-15 rifle. The coverage lasted less than a week before everyone moved on, which is not how things should be but how the media operates regarding these tragedies.

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