Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Tucker Carlson Releases January 6 Footage and You Can See Why Dems Wanted to Bury It

Tucker Carlson Releases January 6 Footage and You Can See Why Dems Wanted to Bury It

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson did it. He released the unedited footage of the January 6 riot, part of the 41,000 hours of footage given to him by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. News of this disclosure sent liberal America into full tantrum mode because they knew all the false narratives about that day would be eviscerated. Carlson wasted no time, dispensing with the ongoing myth that this day was worse than 9/11 or the Pearl Harbor attacks. It was, at times, chaotic and violent, but we knew why Democrats didn’t want this footage released. It was mainly a tedious exercise. 

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people entered the Capitol Building only to sightsee, take local newspapers off tables, and walk around their building. They revere the institution, protesting because they thought the 2020 election was stolen. Whether they’re right or wrong is irrelevant; you can hold incorrect opinions. Just ask any Democrat. And yet, this event was weaponized by the Department of Justice to carry out retribution on behalf of the political class. We have scores of people imprisoned for mere trespassing, serving sentences that escape most violent criminals nowadays. 

Carlson spoke about Jacob Chansley, the “QAnon Shaman,” who was sentenced to nearly four years for the terrorist act of walking around the Capitol Building. He was escorted by Capitol Police, who had multiple chances to arrest him and didn’t. They’re even caught on camera trying to enter some of the rooms that were locked. Yet, this man was treated like Timothy McVeigh, with some liberal blowhards calling for his death; they felt he should have been shot by police. The footage shows that the police helped some of these people.

The clips of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) fleeing from the building, which was used by Democrats to denigrate the Missouri Republican, were exposed as edited footage. He was one of many members escorted away by police, and he wasn’t the first to bolt; he was at the tail end of the pack shown in the unedited footage. 

The shoddy nature of these narratives constructed to score political points against Republicans and give the DOJ cause to ruin the lives of people with whom the current administration disagrees was exposed as soon as Officer Brian Sicknick’s death was ruled to be natural causes. This came months after the media smeared the protestors for killing this man. It was the first domino to fall and a major clue that everything that had been reported by liberal outlets about January 6 was wrong. Months later, that suspicion has been confirmed. 

And, of course, the liberal media meltdown will probably soak up most of the week. NBC News already fired a salvo, with the headline “Tucker Carlson, with new video provided by Speaker McCarthy, falsely depicts Jan. 6 riot as a peaceful gathering”: 

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday released new security footage from the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, using video provided exclusively to him by Speaker Kevin McCarthy to portray the riot as a peaceful gathering.

Carlson acquired the tapes as part of a deal for McCarthy to win the speaker’s gavel. When McCarthy was struggling to gather the votes to lead the House, Carlson used his program to list two “concessions” he could make to win over far-right Republicans. 

“First, release the January 6 files. Not some of the January 6 files and video — all of it,” Carlson, the most-watched host on cable news, said after McCarthy faced three failed votes. “So that the rest of us can finally know what actually happened on January 6, 2021.” 

In the two months since McCarthy won the gavel, he has granted both. Carlson announced in late February that McCarthy had given him exclusive access to 44,000 hours of security footage from the deadly riot before unveiling some clips of the footage on his show Monday night. 

Carlson focused Monday’s segment on promoting Trump’s narrative by showing footage of his supporters walking calmly around the U.S. Capitol. He asserted that other media accounts lied about the attack, proclaiming that while there were some bad apples, most of the rioters were peaceful. “These were not insurrectionists. These were sightseers,” he said. 

More to come, as Carlson will probably expose more about January 6. Should some people have gotten arrested, indicted, convicted, and sent to prison? Sure, but this list of enemies, including cancer-stricken grandmas, reeks of prosecutorial overreach, an allegation I’m sure will be proven correct in due time.

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