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The Democrats are Down to Begging Their Enemies to Keep Their False Jan 6 Narrative Alive

The Democrats are Down to Begging Their Enemies to Keep Their False Jan 6 Narrative Alive

The Democrats are Down to Begging Their Enemies to Keep Their False Jan 6 Narrative Alive
Townhall Media

The Democrats have assumed quite a few different kinds of attitudes over the course of the last year and all surrounding one topic; the events of January 6.

First, they were horrified and scared of being harmed, then they were righteously furious, then they were stoically pursuing justice. Their noble quest to bring the guilty to justice over an attempted “insurrection” was one of epic proportions and they would stop at nothing to right the wrongs and protect the country from the murderous and treasonous machinations of Trump and those who consider themselves MAGA fanatics.

But then midterms happened. The Democrats lost their majority in the House and things began to fall apart, the most important of which was their narratives surrounding the events of January 6 and the lies that Democrats had clearly built around them.

Newly minted Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy decided to hand over all the footage the government had of that day to America’s most-watched cable news commentator, Tucker Carlson. Even before Carlson began airing what he and his producers discovered, the left went into meltdown mode and attempted to pre-empt the release of the footage with damage control of all shapes and sizes.

The attitude toward January 6 began to change once again.

First, they were indignant, then they were angry, then they were fearful, and now they’re desperate.

So desperate, in fact, that as my colleague Duke reported, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer got up and accused Carlson of lying through his teeth about the nature of the January 6 event despite the fact that Carlson was literally airing footage the people could see for themselves. Schumer wants you to believe him, not your own eyes and ears.

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But it didn’t stop there, Schumer called on Rupert Murdoch and Fox News to stop Carlson from airing the footage to the people.

Schumer might look like a man full of indignation who only has the best intentions for the people of the US of A, but when you peel back the curtain you can see a sad, frightened old man begging the people he denounces constantly to aid him in keeping a narrative they’ve spent untold time and money on developing afloat.

Here’s the bottom line:

Nearly everything the Democrats have told us about that day has been lies. They lied about who died that day, what certain politicians did, and how credible certain witnesses were, and on top of all of that, there are people still wrongfully in prison. All of this is so that a narrative made to make Democrats seem like they’re the stoic defenders of America and Republicans the treasonous villains who can’t be trusted.

Democrats and their media lapdogs know for a fact that when this narrative false apart and the truth is exposed, it will do untold damage to the way the public sees them. They’re desperate to keep it together in order to save face, but I say this is the opportunity Republicans have needed to bury many of these fakes, liars, cheats, and anti-American players dressed as politicians and activists.

This means that the ball is in the Republican court.

Mark my words, if Republicans fail to go all the way with this and come up short of discovering the real truth behind the Democrat’s lies surrounding the January 6 as well as other events, then there is no Republican Party. It is a pretender that either needs to be flushed of its worst players or it needs to completely die so it can be replaced with a new party.

There should be no question about the direction Republicans should go. They should investigate the truth, name names, and let the prosecutions and arrests begin. They should show absolutely no mercy because the people deserve, not only the truth, but justice against the people that have wronged them while getting rich in the process.

When 2024 comes along, Republicans should have so much ammunition in their figurative guns that once a majority is seized in the Senate and the Executive Branch is retaken, the shredding of the Democrat Party should leave them devastated for decades. The echoes of it should stop and give Democrats pause for the foreseeable future and make them think twice when they believe corruption is the best path to take.

Republicans have what they need, they just need to do something they’re famous for not doing; acting on what they have.

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