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Joe Biden thinks it is immoral not to facilitate irreversible sex change operations on children. It is a sign of the times that some people do not view this as utterly insane. Biden attacks Ron DeSantis, and DeSantis responds:

Here in Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz has purported to make the state a “sanctuary” for those who want to slice off a boy’s genitals or scoop out a girl’s breasts. As I understand it, this means that anyone who wants a child mutilated in such fashion can come to Minnesota and have the irreversible surgery done, even if it would not be legal where that person lives. Remarkably, this is something our governor is proud of.

But what do voters make of it? The national polling data I have seen indicate that Americans are not sold on the idea that confused teenagers should be carved up. We asked this question a week or two ago as part of the Thinking Minnesota poll that will appear in the magazine’s April issue.

This is the question we asked: “Based on what you have seen, read, or heard, do you support or oppose sex change operations for minors, that is children under the age of 18?” These were the results:

10% Strongly Support
11% Somewhat Support
14% Somewhat Oppose
53% Strongly Oppose
8% No Opinion
3% Refused


So in Minnesota, hardly a conservative bastion, 53% of registered voters strongly oppose the genital mutilation of minors. Even among “strong Democratic” respondents, only 24% support such mutilation.

So what is going on here? Why have Democrats made sex change operations on minors, an unpopular cause if there ever was one, a hill to die on? One possible answer is that the Democrats want to create as many physical and mental cripples as possible, so that, being unable to cope, they will permanently be dependent on government. That is a plausible theory, except that the numbers involved here are so small that they can’t possibly make much difference, electorally speaking.

So we are left in the realm of ideology. Somehow, the Democrats have so twisted themselves into knots that they believe (and try to force the rest of us to believe) that permanently destroying a child’s body, with respect to gender, is an admirable thing. This must be one of the sickest moments in the history of politics. Let’s hope the voters make themselves heard at the next election.

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