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Stop Lying: Watch How the Nashville School Killer Case Destroys Left's Myth About Guns

Stop Lying: Watch How the Nashville School Killer Case Destroys Left's Myth About Guns

Stop Lying: Watch How the Nashville School Killer Case Destroys Left's Myth About Guns
YouTube / Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

No sooner had word emerged that a Nashville Christian school had been attacked by a mass shooter on Monday than the Left began dissembling about guns again. The shift from “thoughts and prayers” to “grab the guns from law-abiding gun owners!” occurred at hypersonic speed. And it was all wrong.

To save time, here’s a simple request by people who believe in the right to bear arms, which is explicitly guaranteed in the United States Constitution and is a God-given right. Stop lying. Try. It’s not that hard, and someone’s life depends on it.

First, let’s acknowledge that gender dysphoria is a real and treatable mental issue and obviously experienced by this 28-year-old biological female, who lived with her parents, and who police called a “she” even though the media insist we call her a “male.” She’s dead now, and her feelings won’t be hurt anymore by someone telling the truth about her. She can’t be defamed. And, obviously, “dead-naming” her is no longer an issue.

Think about this and many other after-effects of these lies. Imagine how this kind of “misgendering” will show up in crime stats. Males do the overwhelming number of mass shootings. It’s a fact. Will this wanna-be man show up in the crime stats as a male or female now? How does that help society understand the mentality of mass shooters? We need to stop lying about that too.

But here’s today’s lesson for the Left. You’ll want to commit this to memory, so pay attention as I explain this in words of one syllable.

YouTube / Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

Repeat after me: good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.

And I can prove it.

First, who was called when the shooting broke out? That’s right, cops. Cops are called because they have guns. And let’s say something about these police officers who selflessly and bravely ran up the stairs to the sound of gunfire. They passed at least one body of a child without flinching and continued running to stop the monster. And they quickly dispatched this killer — unlike the cops in Uvalde, Texas. Watch the bodycam footage below.

You know the sad cliché: when seconds matter, cops are only minutes away.

And the killer knew it too. I repeat: the killer knew it too. This murderer knew this peaceful Christian school she’d attended as a girl years before was a gun-free zone, as are most schools in Tennessee.

During the news conference Monday after the shooting, Police Chief John Drake told the truth about this killer. It’s a near-universal truth about mass shooters.

It was the only school that was targeted. There was another location that was mentioned , but because of a threat assessment by the suspect — too much security — decided not to in another area of Nashville. So we’re continuing with that investigation as well. [emphasis added]

We know this because, like so many mass killers before, the killer left a manifesto that expressly stated she had another target in mind, but there were too many people with guns there.

The killer was dressed in camo, a tac vest brimming with what was likely ammo, and tactical gloves. The troubled killer, who was undergoing mental health therapy and was possibly suicidal, chose the school because there was no one with a gun who would fight back and put her down.

The Left needs to be relentlessly, but gently, corrected and acidly, but calmly, castigated for using the false and deadly trope that fewer guns mean fewer shootings. They couldn’t be more wrong.

As we’ve learned from the Crime Research Center’s John Lott, the defensive use of a concealed handgun stops 34% of all kinds of attacks. This is contrary to the view of the FBI, which claims only 4%. The FBI generally keeps pretty ship-shape crime stats but has omitted from their stats cases that Lott has included in his.

But even if the Left doesn’t like his stats, in this case, good guys with guns defeated a killer. Indeed, the killer could have been stopped sooner had one adult in the school been armed.

It’s an indisputable fact.

Stop lying.

Warning: the video is graphic.

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