Sunday, March 12, 2023

McCarthy Skewers Media for J6 Footage Hypocrisy

McCarthy Skewers Media for J6 Footage Hypocrisy

McCarthy Skewers Media for J6 Footage Hypocrisy
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Democrats are panicking and weak-kneed Republicans are outraged, but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is defending his decision to give Tucker Carlson access to the video evidence of the events of January 6. And he clearly isn’t shy about calling out the media and the Democrats who claim to be triggered by it.

The media has falsely claimed that Tucker Carlson downplayed Officer Brian Sicknick’s death by showing evidence that the was up and walking around — as opposed to the false narrative that Sicknick had been killed by rioters — and that Carlson was “whitewashing” the Capitol riot.

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When asked on Tuesday if he regretted giving Carlson the footage, McCarthy said no.

“I said at the very beginning: transparency. What I wanted to produce for everyone was exactly what I said, so people could look at it and see what went on that day.”

McCarthy hit all the right points, including that the January 6 committee was one-sided, only sharing footage that fit their preferred narrative. He noted that he worked with Capitol Police to ensure there were no security issues with the footage being released. McCarthy also pointed out that questions of security were hypocritical because CNN exposed the secret location members were taken to that day. “I don’t even know, from the point of view of security, if we can ever be taken there again,” McCarthy lamented.

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