Saturday, March 18, 2023

Antifa Tried to Overrun UC Davis Building Where Charlie Kirk Was Speaking

Antifa Tried to Overrun UC Davis Building Where Charlie Kirk Was Speaking

AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

Violent antifa protesters were arrested at the University of California – Davis campus on Tuesday after clashing with law enforcement officers and students outside a building hosting an event with Salem radio host and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

The demonstrators, clad in black and many using umbrellas to conceal their identities, smashed through windows, tossed eggs, used pepper spray, and blocked people from entering the building.

According to UC Davis, one officer was injured.

"Outside the UCUC, about 100 protesters gathered and for brief times blocked the main event entrance and the pathway to the entrance," the school said.

"One officer sustained an injury when he was jumped on from behind and pushed to the ground, and two people were arrested and taken to Yolo County Jail for allegedly painting graffiti on an exterior wall of the University Credit Union Center, or UCUC, where the event was held."

Regarding those arrested, the school said one person who was “not affiliated with UC Davis,” was taken into custody and charged with “misdemeanor vandalism and resisting arrest,” while the other individual was charged with “vandalism, resisting arrest, and threats on a police officer."

The incident comes after The Sacramento Bee ran a piece falsely claiming Kirk has "called for the lynching of trans people." While the story was eventually updated Tuesday evening, it had already been widely disseminated. 

The school's chancellor also posted a "bizarre" video arguing Kirk is a "well-documented proponent of misinformation and hate and who has advocated for violence against transgender individuals.” He went on to say the school would closely be watching what Kirk said to see if he presents "a clear and present danger to the campus."

In response, Kirk said he may sue.

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