Tuesday, March 14, 2023

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     THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   3/14/2023

Dem’s greatest fear: you, informed

An ignorant populace is a despot’s best ally; they’re easily manipulated with selective, biased information to stir emotions and produce outrage that benefits the authoritarian’s goals. When you add in misinformation (partly true), disinformation (wholly untrue) and mal-information (propagandistic falsehoods)—all state-approved, -advocated, and -disseminated—you’ve created pliable, persuadable, even gullible government-aligned citizens.

A corollary group of “useful idiots” are the cult-like consumers of leftist, progressive, quasi-Marxist ideological pablum that pretends to be erudite, insightful, even intellectual. That group—left/liberal (however intelligent) followers of all things “woke”—provides a cadre of friends, associates and even family whose ears and sensitivities detect any departures from their ideology.

One departure is a forgivable error; twice is cause for corrective lecture; more than that earns intense “concern,” watchful alarm or, ultimately, shunning and rejection lest such deviations infect “correct” minds.

George Orwell’s “1984”—penned in 1949 about a fictional “whole of society” authoritarian thought and activity control—was inspired by the failed Nazi socialism of Germany and the tyrannical Communist U.S.S.R. It remains a cautionary tale of despotic manipulation of classes of people, ignorance of the past, serving agendas of the ruling class.

We now have examples of “deep state”-instigated, -advocated, and -enforced narratives spread by a supposedly objective news media, private sector social media, and shadowy actors in think tanks, legal firms and political operations:

1) The years-long, ad nauseum, persecution/prosecution of President Donald J. Trump encompassing phony charges of collusion with Russia (2015 forward), an innocuous phone call with Ukraine’s leader, made-up stories about “bounties” on soldiers, tax improprieties, pandemic mishandling, a call to Georgia’s governor over election improprieties, and despicable accusations that Trump inspired the J6 “insurrection.”

2) The all-but-confirmed source of the COVID-19 virus as a lab leak from Wuhan, and the financial culpability of NIAID head Anthony Fauci for funding the “gain-of-function” research that created the virus. The government/medical/media cabal enforced the “naturally occurring” narrative with disgusting charges of anti-Chinese racism, threatening funding of virological experts.

Together with “Trump derangement,” which made everything about the pandemic “Trump’s fault,” the vaccine/mask/lockdown mandates got people killed. Efforts and resources were diverted away from protecting the vulnerable (not healthy, young or middle-aged), doctors were dissuaded from prescribing known effective treatments for the sick—treatments costing a fraction of the untested-but-profitable vaccines—and untold damage, disease, addiction and death were inflicted on children, workers, businesses and the elderly.

3) The “Twitter files” confirm of all of the above. They prove that ideologically leftist social media—implementing federal law enforcement and national security agendas aimed at Trump, pandemic mandate (and election) doubters, and Hunter Biden laptop exposure—were accessories to those agencies. Just spoon-fed disseminators of “deep state” propaganda, while censoring contrarians.

4) For most Americans (outside the leftist cult described above), seeing portions of the thousands of hours of unseen footage from inside the Capitol on January 6, 2021, will cast reasonable doubt on the “insurrection” narrative of the “deep state” cabal: Biden/Pelosi Democrats, aligned cable/network news, and social media stenographers.

True images of polite, respectful Trump supporters—casually wandering through halls, interacting with police, picking up after others—showed, as Tucker Carlson described, “sightseers.” No one, including this writer, has ever justified or failed to condemn those who damaged any part of our nation’s Capital, accosted or fought with police, or behaved as a riotous mob, in-or-outside that cradle of our government.

Violent protesters deserved prosecution and punishment. However, we are elsewhere harangued over “excessive force,” inequitable sentencing, and prosecutorial indiscretions; it defies belief that nearly 1,000 protesters actually committed violence. Objectively, convictions for “parading” or “trespass” merit little more than wrist slaps, especially considering the hundreds of dropped charges over truly violent, property-destroying, police-injuring protests that accompanied Donald Trump’s inauguration.

I would give the “QAnon shaman,” Viking horn-helmeted Jacob Chansley, 30 days in jail just for the bizarre costume and the “performance art” we’ve had to watch, but not 3+ years for obstructing a proceeding that had already been postponed. Proving one thing, he announced via bullhorn that President Trump wanted everyone to go home, a tweet available to Trump haters who refused to acknowledge his admonition to the hundreds of thousands at the rally to go “peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol.

Truths about J6: Despite many injuries, no police were killed—Officer Sicknick sustained no injuries, but had a fatal stroke the next day; 2 Trump supporters died at police hands, one shot and one beaten to death; Antifa agitators were caught on camera changing into “MAGA” gear to blend in and riot; undercover agents were recorded showing their credentials to uniformed officers; lawyers have identified numerous plainclothes agents, some instigating attacks;

The protest, violence, damage, prosecution, and the orchestrated (by an ABC producer) “J6 Committee” spectacle—approximates the “Reichstag fire” in Germany. Hitler used that pretext to implement tyrannical, violent measures aimed at securing his dictatorial regime. Democrats have lied endlessly a) about Jan. 6, as proven by Carlson’s exposé of previously known (but hidden by Dems) camera footage; b) about Trump’s role.

Pelosi and the D.C. Mayor refused National Guard troops, it’s on them. Ask me, I’ll “bring the receipts.”

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